Malmö: Caught in the Culture-Enriching Crossfire

On Friday two groups of rambunctious “Swedish” “youths” in the city of Malmö got into a disagreement, and by the time their issues had been settled, one person was dead and another was severely wounded.

The badly wounded victim was a passerby who just happened to be in the shopping center when the squabble broke out, and got caught in the crossfire (it sounds like Chicago or Philadelphia to me). In the following video, Malmö Police Chief Petra Stenkula answers reporters’ questions about the violence in Malmö.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the incident from Samhällsnytt (also translated by Gary Fouse):

One of the shooting victims in Malmö was a female passerby

August 20, 2022

One of the two persons shot Friday in the middle of the Emporia Shopping Center in Malmö was a woman who was just passing by when a criminal migrant opened fire with a gun.

Criticism is now directed at the government, which maintained that the risk for third parties of being in the way of immigrant gangs’ bullets is, “very, very small,” and for the fact that deadly shootings are breaking record after record under the rule of the Social Democrats.

The woman is now being treated in the hospital for serious gunshot wounds and is likely to suffer lifelong injuries. The 31-year-old man who was also shot and later died was, like the shooter, a non-Western migrant and involved in serious criminal gang activity.

The arrested suspect is reportedly only 15 years old. He will, therefore, under the Swedish rules for reduced sentences for youth which the Social Democrats pushed through and chose to continue to maintain, be sentenced to a very short prison sentence or eventually only juvenile custody.

The sitting Social Democrat single-party government and the earlier red-green coalition, which also included the Environmental Party, have received scathing criticism for what many consider their left-liberal, lax criminal policy and lack of concern concerning armed, immigrant-related gang crime.

2022 new record year for number of shooting deaths

The number of gang shootings resulting in death during the last two years of the mandate period during which the Social Democrats have ruled the country has broken one record after the other, and 2022 is on track to be the year with the most murders and armed gang violence ever. Ever more often, these disputes also take place in public places without regard to the fact that there are a large number of people present who risk death or injury.

A number of such cases have also occurred in recent years. In Botkyrka, south of Stockholm, a girl just 12 years old was shot to death in connection with a criminal gang drive-by shooting. She was out walking the family dog. In the Stockholm suburb of Flemingsberg, even younger children were hit by bullets as they played in a sandlot, and criminal gang migrants showed up with weapons in hand.

Social Democrat government brushes off citizens’ worry

Justice Minister Morgan Johansson, who with an emergency call recently escaped being removed by the Parliament for his incompetent manner of carrying out his duties, has maintained that the risk is “very, very small” for third parties to be injured in the disputes of armed criminal gangs, which during the mandate period in which the Social Democrat government has ruled the country, has broken record after record.

In addition, Mikael Damberg (Social Democrat), who today, despite a lack of relevant academic credentials, was promoted to finance minister, and is also part of the Social Democrat Council, tried to downplay the risk for third parties to fall victim to immigrant gangs’ stray bullets. Damberg believes that since there are still few who are injured and killed mistakenly by criminal gangs in comparison to Sweden’s total population, it should not be seen as a big societal problem.

The same reasoning has been used to dismiss the fact that Sweden today has a permanently heightened level of terror threat as a result of violent Islamism’s stronger hold in Sweden and Europe as a consequence of mass non-Western immigration. These kinds of statistics, however, have been shown to work poorly in reducing people’s experience of insecurity.

Playing games with no cure for people’s worries

“Will I be shot to death the next time I go shopping?”, “Am I next in line to be massacred in an act of terror while I am walking on a pedestrian street, riding on the subway, or watching some event?” Those are examples of nagging questions that many Swedes ask themselves when they leave their homes.

For women, there is also the worry about rape, and for many children and young people, the escalating so-called humiliation robberies. For all of these types of crimes, non-Western migrants are strongly overrepresented as perpetrators.

Police: “Very difficult conflict situation in Malmö”

When it comes to Malmö, where Friday’s shooting drama played out, the Social Democrats have also recently praised themselves for reducing serious armed violence. In that context, they have stressed the “stop shooting” campaign as being successful, where they offer pizza to those charged with the most serious crimes and talk about how wrong it is to kill others.

Beyond the Social Democrats’ rhetoric, however, the initiative has been a big fiasco. Nobody has been documented laying down their weapon as a result of the pizza evenings. On the contrary, a large number of those who participate have been convicted of new violent crimes, and the dinners have served as a forum for gangs to meet and devise criminal plans.

The statistics indicating that armed violence in Malmö has decreased have also been shown to partly be playing with numbers where they choose not to take into account that gangs have regrouped themselves somewhat geographically to reduce the risk of being arrested by police. It has also been pure coincidence that shootings are fewer during shorter selected periods of study.

Admit that police and politicians have lost control

After Friday’s fatal shooting, where a third man was also seriously wounded, police in Malmö admit that the authorities and the Social Democrat government have completely failed in their task of stopping the serious gang violence in the city.

At a press conference on Saturday, the area’s police chief, Petra Stenkula, communicated that they have a “very difficult conflict situation” in the city. She describes Friday’s incident at Emporia as a part of this.

Stenkula said she could not rule out retaliation attacks in the wake of Friday’s fatal shooting. And even if it doesn’t occur just here, according to the area police chief, the public must prepare itself for a high frequency of other similar incidents in the city in the future.

Presently, police are not directing any special calls to the public to avoid certain areas more than necessary or to start wearing bulletproof vests when shopping. That could, however, become the case if the conflict situation further escalates and several innocent people get in the path of bullets.

Mentioning connection to immigration avoided

At the press conference, nothing was mentioned about the connection between the serious gang conflict situation and the immigration policies in effect, or that Malmö today is a city where Swedes in many age groups make up a minority. No reporter was at all interested in posing questions concerning the origin of those involved in the current shooting or the armed criminal gang violence in Malmö in general. State-controlled SVT [Swedish State Television], which reported on the incident, and that a third man was seriously injured, at the area police chief’s press conference, also completely avoided the politically-charged topic, which occupies the highest place among voters to determine which party they intend to vote for in the upcoming election.

TV4 received sharp criticism for saying that the seriously injured woman “was at the wrong place at the wrong time.” You mean that, unfortunately, the woman was at the right place at the right time, and that the only one who was at the wrong place — and even in the wrong country — at the time was the criminal gang shooter.

Video transcript:

00:00   We have a very difficult conflict situation in Malmö right now.
00:04   We had a favorable spring and a favorable autumn.
00:08   And just like the two or three previous summers,
00:12   the conflicts have become more difficult.
00:16   Right now we are in a big spiral of violence in which several murders…
00:22   people have been murdered, family members have lost their family members,
00:28   and the general public feels strongly affected
00:32   by the violence that once again shows its lack of regard here in Malmö
00:37   How big is the risk for retaliatory attacks?
00:40   Right now we judge that not so high.
00:44   But our conflict situation in Malmö is so serious that we have several conflicts.
00:49   So that we cannot rule out that other violent acts will happen,
00:53   even if it does not immediately have anything to do with this.
00:56   But it is clear that when there are these types of people,
00:59   we see that it often turns into a little spiral of violence.
01:04   But we are doing everything to put resources in place to limit and place in custody
01:07   those that we can in these circles to avoid anything further happening.

16 thoughts on “Malmö: Caught in the Culture-Enriching Crossfire

  1. About 5 year ago, I was working in Malmo/Trelleborg for a week, and the day after I left, one of the houses I worked at was showered by a full auto “AK47” fire. (I am just guessing the type of the assault rifle) If things gotten worse since then, well…

    I heard Malmo used to be “the place to go”, in the 1970’s, big hippie culture, sunny beaches, thousands of Czechoslovaks fled to Malmo after 1968 because “it was the best place to go to”.

  2. I’ll believe that the Swedes care about what’s happening to their country when they start voting like they care. Until then they can wear bulletproof vests and cower at home. Perhaps they can call them “rapefugees welcome vests” to continue to avoid the problem.

    Saint Greta at least is safe. Nothing much there to entice a rapefugee, and being that she’s so skinny it would be an exceptionally skilled orc that would be able to hit such a profile even with birdshot.

    • Yes, but there is a plan to solve anthropogenic global warming by connecting St Greta’s halo to the grid.

      (Sorry to repeat a joke here, and I’m not entirely comfortable with satirising an autistic person, but their lack of irony somehow invites it; I expect I’ll go to hell.)

    • If anything from a 80 year old woman to a 10 year old boy is not safe, Greta is not safe. I am 99% certain you have heard of the sexual emergency defense.

      • My comment was meant tongue in cheek.

        Aside from her (lack of) looks and her shrill voice, she likely has plenty of big beefy bodyguards who probably are armed (gasp!).

        It’s a big club, and you and I ain’t in it!

      • And there is something else.

        Some years ago an old german Nazi accused some dutch journalists of disobeying “No meansNo”.
        They wanted to interview him and he said many times NO. They used shotgun mikes and harrassed him till they had him talking.
        He went to court and was told “No means Not NO if a higher interest / the greater good is involved.” Happened in the court of Eschweiler in Germany.

        So I think our “enrichers” will use it. And the higher interest / greater good is the islamization of Europe. And the judges will support them.

        So I think that if something like that happens (and yes, I dont like Greta but I dont want her to suffer such a fate.) she would wake up only a short amount of time and then go back to sleep. I know this, because that happened to my sister. No, she wasnt raped but she suffered the attention of the Turkish T.t Touchers in Berlin for a few months. As long as she suffered this she nearly sounded like a NPD (rightwing) member. But as soon as she was back in Lala Land she was leftwing Central.

  3. I think the second best solution (best is send them back) is to build Combat centers.
    You know a big buildung with bullet- and explosive-proof walls where the “youth” can hunt and kill themselves until they are all dead.
    We should also install some cameras and livestream it.

    I must admit I dont watch TV anymore but if the livestream channel would be like:

    1000-1600 Antifa Göteborg vs Organized crime (human traffickers)
    1700-1800 Göteborg Sunnis vs Göteborg Shiites with ticking time bomb (at precisly 1759 only one or more members of one group may be alive or all are blown skyhigh)

    I would gladly watch TV again and even be willing to pay.

  4. Asymmetric civil war
    by Maria Celander

    Security expert:
    Sweden on the road to civil war
    Publicerad 6 december, 2018

    On the one hand, an impotent and toothless judiciary that plays by old outdated rules. On the other hand, hardened professional criminals with an endless capital of violence.

    International security advisor Olle Fjordgren sees Sweden as a speeding freight train on
    heading for a cliff.

    – We have basically given up and the criminals have taken over. Right now we have nothing to fight against and I can’t see that we could reverse the trend, he tells Ingrid & Maria.

    Olle Fjordgren, international security consultant, is very worried about developments in Sweden.

    Olle Fjordgren, 64, has spent many years in international security work during his long and varied career. He has advised the governments of Pakistan, Ethiopia and Mongolia, had tea with Taliban in the Hindu Kush mountains and swum with sharks in the Red Sea. In other words, he is not a person who gets himself worked up unnecessarily.

    I first interviewed him in 2013, for Dispatch International magazine, and even then he was very concerned about developments in Sweden. Among other things, he said this:

    – Right now we are in a low-intensity asymmetric civil war and the criminals are winning. They have started to call the shots and society is giving in. We must reverse this trend immediately and understand that we are dealing with professional criminals, not with a lack of Ipads or concrete-filled sandboxes.

    Now, five years later, Fjordgren says the criminals are not only winning, they have won in many areas that he believes are rightly called no-go zones.

    – Now we are reaping the harvest of the policy. The political unwillingness to see how bad things are, combined with incompetence and ignorance, has led to Sweden now being very close to becoming a failed state, where the state no longer owns the monopoly on violence.

    This from a person who has seen first-hand what it is like in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Ethiopia. But it’s not surprising, says Olle Fjordgren. In the countries we call banana republics, where the state apparatus is weak or non-existent, all groups are prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones, no one trusts the state to take care of that. In this way, a kind of balance of terror or informal justice is achieved. Now that Sweden as a state is beginning to lose its grip, Swedes are standing helpless like children in the forest, not knowing how to behave.

    – Society is playing by old, outdated rules. The police go around patrolling in the traditional way, but then we have the opposition, the criminals, who play by completely different rules. It’s easy to see that the other side has a completely different attitude to power and violence. They have a level of violence that we can’t quite grasp,” says Olle Fjordgren.

    Locked up for the foreseeable future
    The recipe for combating this, he says, is zero tolerance on the New York model. More resources for the police, add up all the crimes committed, no penalty reductions, stricter gun laws, the three strikes and you’re out principle – in other words, if you commit a third serious crime, you’re locked up for the foreseeable future.

    – The judiciary needs to get these dangerous people incarcerated and off the streets, that’s the only way to tackle the problem.

    The “feel sorry” model, with dalt, coffee and buns, which people like to indulge in in Sweden, is not something he gives much credence to. It’s up to the residents themselves in the outlying areas to get their act together and get out of there, get rid of drugs and crime. Everyone has an individual responsibility for themselves. If things continue like this, Olle Fjordgren sees only one possible development in the long run – civil war.

    • All good advice but about five years too late to solve anything even if the political will was there.

      At this point, the only thing likely to motivate officials, police forces, judges, and lawyers to do their jobs and community organizers, activists, foolish female voters and NGOs from interfering are Mussolini-like methods of violence or worse. “Making the trains run on time” doesn’t occur in a society full of Eloi without some seriously scary motivation to snap them out of the fugue which they are currently in.

  5. Malmö Police Chief Petra Stenkula. That says it all. An aspect of the Big Lie that women can be police chiefs. As dear James Traficant used to say “Beam me up, Scotty!”

    • I agree, in general terms, I have noticed how women can see if you have dirty clothing and old shoes, but when it comes to security they almost always fail to see all possible risks. It could be that they don’t go “violent criminal” as often as men, that they don’t see the routes violence can go.

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