Enough of the Nuisance!

I’ve posted several times (most recently here) about the situation at the asylum facility at Ter Apel in the Netherlands. The following German news video provides a fairly detailed account of recent culture-enriching events at Ter Apel.

MissPiggy has translated the German captions for this video. However, where the audio is in English, translations of the captions have been omitted. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

From the German-language description of the video, also translated by MissPiggy:

In Ter Apel, the Netherlands, a completely overcrowded refugee and migrant camp is causing anger and resentment among the locals. On the other hand, the people seeking shelter in the camp are completely disappointed by the living conditions on site. The camp, designed for 2,000 people, is so overcrowded that hundreds are forced to sleep in the open. Judith Sargentini, national director of Médecins Sans Frontières, describes how 700 people in the camp sleep in the open and cannot take showers or receive medical care.

She says, “When you come here after a long journey as a refugee, you think you find safety, but you find neglect. And that’s how you sleep here. Even if you are healthy, you get sick here.” Local residents, in turn, complain about skyrocketing crime in the area and have now taken to the streets around the camp to protest.

Among them was Eric Wessls, also a resident from the small town, who explains:

“The reason for the protest is that we are fed up with the problems like thefts in stores. People are threatened, people are intimidated, cars and houses are broken into. Enough of the nuisance. And now we see people (asylum seekers) staying outside the asylum center. We say real refugees are welcome, like the people from Ukraine or the people fleeing Islamist terrorism, but these are African young men we can’t tolerate any longer.”

Dutch aid organizations are nevertheless somehow trying to stay in control of the situation and are feeding hundreds of migrants camped outside the overcrowded asylum center. Only the day before, a three-month-old baby died in the camp; the cause of death is still under investigation.

Video transcript:

00:00   Migrant Crisis: Small Dutch town protests migrants
00:03   causing increased crime, violence and unauthorized camping.
00:06   In this town of 10,000 inhabitants, near the German border,
00:09   there are almost 3,000 refugees and migrants.
00:12   The local migrant camp has room for only about 2,000 people.
00:18   About 700 people are forced to live outside without sanitary or medical care.
00:24   For the locals, the conditions are no longer acceptable.
00:36   The reason for the protest is that we have had enough of problems like thefts in shops.
00:41   People are threatened, people are intimidated, cars and houses are broken into.
00:45   Enough of the nuisance. And now we see how people [asylum seekers]
00:49   are camping outside the asylum center.
00:52   We say genuine refugees are welcome, like the people from Ukraine or the people fleeing
00:58   Islamist terrorism, but these are young African men that we can no longer tolerate.
01:11   But the living conditions are also unacceptable for the migrants and refugees.
02:12   International aid organizations are trying to create
02:15   better living conditions and provide medical care.
02:24   Their different cultural origins are also a source of trouble and problems.
02:30   Time and again, violence erupts.
02:55   Food and other basic goods are also scarce. Here someone brings camping mats.
03:34   Local politicians are calling on the government to initiate
03:37   a redistribution of people, as more are arriving daily.
03:40   An emergency decree has been issued forbidding migrants to put up tents,
03:43   but this does not solve the problem.
03:46   The authorities are also completely overwhelmed
03:49   when it comes to processing asylum and deportation notices.
03:52   A long backlog of applications has formed.

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  3. “Brussels will not protect Europe. They do not want to stop the migration, but rather to support it and organize it.”
    — Viktor Orbán, March 2018

    “Europe needs 50 million Africans” – EU

  4. It is my prediction there will be an extra fuel ration given to people who take in immigrants during the winter months. So you can keep your house at 65 F/18 C rather than 48F/9C or possibly ambient outdoor temperature. Does anyone thing they may go back to their country of origin if it sucks enough?

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