“Nobody is Listening to What I’m Saying”

The following video presentation was recorded by a Swedish doctor and researcher who has encountered significant resistance to her reporting of fatal adverse reactions to the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. She has been stonewalled, vilified, and had her competency questioned.

Many thanks to Ingrid Carlqvist for translating these excerpts, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. The translator includes this summary:

Dr. Ute Kruger is a researcher and senior physician at the regional hospital in Kalmar, Sweden. She has worked in pathology for 25 years and for 18 years with breast cancer diagnostics. Dr. Ute Kruger has studied 8,000 autopsies and is now sounding the alarm in an interview with the Norwegian Association of Doctors and Health Workers. Dr. Kruger has witnessed an explosive increase in cancer and previously never-occurring inflammations in blood vessels in patients — who died after being injected with the mRNA vaccines. She also watched carelessness with autopsies, saw deceased patients who were incorrectly registered as “unvaccinated”; her notifications to the Swedish Medicines Agency were ignored; there was denial by research colleagues, and much more.

Video transcript:

16:50   Another case involved a woman in her 80s.
16:54   A month after vaccination she was paralyzed,
17:00   and I found a hemorrhage in her back, in the neck area.
17:04   I have analyzed several hundred persons
17:08   but I’ve never seen something like this before. In the microscope
17:12   I found an area with a hemorrhage in the spine, an inflammation of the vessel,
17:16   so called vasculitis.
17:20   Apparently the vessel broke because of the inflammation,
17:24   and that was the cause of the bleeding. There were also small hemorrhages
17:28   in the brain. I also found inflammation in the heart muscle —
17:32   myocarditis.
17:36   Then I would also like to tell you about another case where the family
17:40   and the treating doctor suspected that the cause of death might be connected to the vaccination
17:44   against Covid-19. But at the autopsy
17:48   the pathologist could not find anything to support this.
17:52   I got the case as a consultant because the family and the doctor
17:56   did not believe the autopsy report.
18:00   This was a healthy man in his 70s,
18:04   who after vaccination against Covid-19
18:08   got sick and died.
18:12   Here I would like
18:16   to show you a histopathological section from the heart. Up here
18:20   we have the adipose tissue from the heart, the outside of the heart
18:24   and the pink we see is the heart muscle cells.
18:28   What you see is different size cores;
18:32   the heart was also enlarged. It was sick,
18:36   but he had lived with that for many years.
18:40   And the problem here is that there are these light areas
18:44   you can see here a little area.
18:48   And here too.
18:52   And here are scars
18:56   from previous damage.
19:00   And a skilled pathologist would see
19:04   that there are way too many cells lying between
19:08   the heart muscle cells, there is way too much going on in the background.
19:12   And in the next picture …
19:16   you can see lymphoid infiltrates
19:20   i.e. inflammatory cells, the dark spots
19:24   lymphocytes and they are here
19:28   even though they should not be here,
19:32   they have nothing to do here. So to conclude:
19:36   There is part of an older and a new myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart,
19:40   but in the primary report from the autopsy there are
19:44   no points for myocarditis.
19:48   I also see inflammation of the blood vessels,
19:52   thus vasculitis.
19:56   Here I took a sample from the lung, and you can see
20:00   a vessel. This is what it normally looks like,
20:04   but on this side
20:08   in the circle you can see something is gnawing at the vessel
20:12   from the inside. And then you see these
20:16   dark spots again, the lymphocytes.
20:20   Then there are slightly loosened cells, macrophages,
20:24   that eat up the rest.
20:28   So there is a vessel wall
20:32   with pronounced inflammation,
20:36   and there were also hemorrhages in the lung, both new ones
20:40   and older ones, and apparently they came about
20:44   due to the vessels being broken
20:48   due to the inflammation.
20:52   And also you see a clear fresh blood clot
20:56   in a vessel in the heart.
21:00   And I suspect that there are blood clots in many of the deceased’s organs.
21:04   But you need special colorings that I cannot do,
21:08   since I only got the samples sent me.
21:12   And because there is a big discrepancy between my statement
21:16   and the original statement, I have consulted a fellow pathologist
21:20   in Germany who has seen more than twenty
21:24   autopsy cases where the patient died after vaccination against Covid-19.
21:28   He completely agreed with my assessment
21:32   that the death is very much related to the vaccination
21:36   against Covid-19.
21:40   I see three big problems concerning autopsies.
21:44   The first is incorrect and incomplete information from the clinics,
21:48   for example whether the patient
21:52   was vaccinated or not.
21:56   We’ve had several cases where they ticked the wrong box on the autopsy referral.
22:00   There is a box where you fill in whether the patient were vaccinated or not.
22:04   And we’ve been told no, but when
22:08   you look in the medical record, you see that the patient was indeed vaccinated.
22:12   Another problem is that many of my colleagues in pathology
22:16   do not take it for histological examination,
22:20   i.e. they do not make a microscopic examination,
22:24   and if you, for example, have a classic heart attack and you see a
22:28   thrombus in a vessel,
22:32   many say “of course it’s a heart attack,”
22:36   because of the blood clot in the vessel.
22:40   But if you take the histology, you might see
22:44   that there is an inflammation around the vessel
22:48   and that the inflammation actually caused the blood clots
22:52   So if you don’t do the histology you will miss that.
22:56   The third problem is ignorance regarding the assessment of the microscopic findings.
23:04   Moreover, I have the feeling that people do not want to see and interpret the changes
23:07   in their context. Another problem is that
23:12   hardly any other doctor but me, in my milieu,
23:16   is reporting these suspected cases to the Swedish Medical Products Agency.
23:20   So to wrap it up:
23:24   The vaccines against Covid-19 appear to trigger fast-growing cancers
23:28   or porocarcinoma [type of skin cancer] and on the other hand inflammatory conditions in the body,
23:32   so-called autoimmune diseases.
23:36   Maybe this cancer development
23:40   is linked to the inflammatory conditions.
23:44   It’s not unusual that I see inflammatory changes in the cancers
23:48   and in the in surrounding mammary gland tissue.
23:52   And what I’ve described about cancer apparently goes not only for breast cancer.
23:56   I’ve talked to other pathologists
24:00   who these days are seeing an increased number of tumors,
24:04   tumors that were hardly ever seen before.
24:08   I mean rare tumors,
24:12   and that the number of cancer cases has increased in different organs.
24:16   The changes I’m describing that most likely
24:20   are related to vaccination against Covid-19
24:24   are apparently only a fraction of what is happening in the body.
24:28   I can tell you that I feel a bit dejected.
24:32   I studied medicine because I wanted to help people,
24:36   but now I feel like I’m just watching them being killed, and I can’t do very much about it.
24:40   Nobody is listening to what I’m saying,
24:44   and my colleagues are even questioning my competence.
24:48   A younger colleague consulted me about an autopsy report,
24:52   and I showed this person that there was a myocarditis and that
24:56   the cause of death might be linked to vaccination against Covid-19.
25:00   My colleague did not think so, and said
25:04   it was “way too farfetched.”
25:08   Even though it was not my case, I reported it as
25:12   a suspected case to the Swedish Medical Products Agency.
25:16   There I was heavily criticized because I meddled in the cases of others,
25:20   and they even wanted me to retract my report, something
25:24   I refused to do.
25:28   There is a need for more attentive doctors and researchers,
25:32   who do not belong to the group in this picture.
25:36   Thank you for letting my share my thoughts.

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  1. “I’m just watching them being killed, and I can’t do very much about it.”

    — Because most of her colleagues are going along with a Mengele-policy … once again.

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