Gender Insanity

The following report from Germany discusses the “genderqueer” ideology that is pushed on very young children on both sides of the Atlantic.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. WARNING — some of the visual material in this video is vile and disgusting:

Video transcript:

00:00   Due to the Global Rainbow Leftist-Green agenda to drive Gender-Trans-LGBTQ conditioning,
00:05   even amongst the youngest children and as early as possible,
00:11   some children are now completely disoriented. Young children, beginning in elementary school
00:16   or even in preschool, are shamelessly being sexualized by education programs which confuse
00:23   them to such a degree that they are no longer able to discern whether they are a boy or a girl.
00:27   In Western countries, June is especially celebrated as “Pride Month”. It’s a celebration of
00:33   “Queer” people and their pride about what they are, and about no longer needing to be ashamed.
00:39   Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, a-romantic, asexual, or intersex.
00:45   Anything goes, except heterosexuality.
00:49   However, what the “Pride Month”-celebrating media and politicians don’t mention is the fact
00:55   that the Rainbow Agenda doesn’t just question the biological origin of gender,
00:59   but also questions the traditional family with a male father and female mother.
01:07   This insanity is already spilling over onto our children today.
01:10   Already being implemented in pre-schools and elementary schools, these sexual education programs
01:14   are binary gender- and family-hostile. In Spain, for example,
01:19   6-year-olds are being taught to explore sexuality and to construct their own gender.
01:26   For the upcoming school year 2022-23, in line with socialist guidelines, gender will no longer be
01:35   a biological fact. It will be taught that gender is a social construct.
01:41   The ramifications of such government-funded re-education programs are evident in the U.S.A.,
01:48   but already have their foothold in Europe. In particular,
01:52   the Drag Queen story hour, also referred to as DQSH,
01:57   where Drag Queens (men dressed as women)
02:02   read stories to children at libraries, bookstores, museums, schools and summer camps.
02:07   The goal, according to their own declaration, is as follows:
02:11   “DQSH captures the fantasy and playful gender fluidity of childhood
02:18   and offers children glamorous, positive and unabashed queer role models.”
02:25   This allows children to meet people who reject strict gender roles and choose to present themselves
02:32   as they wish. Children are encouraged to see beyond gender clichés and
02:38   to engage in unrestricted self-exploration. Proof that this re-education works
02:45   is openly admitted by a teacher at the Maurice Sendak Community School in Brooklyn.
02:50   In follow-up discussions after story time,
02:55   First-graders were able to recall the amazing lesson they learned.
03:00   For example, “It’s OK to be different” or “There are no ‘boy things’ or ‘girl things’.”
03:06   In 2017, the exact same kind of re-education session took place at the Michelle Obama Library,
03:13   in Long Beach, California, starring the Killer Clown drag queen xochi_mochi, who claims to have
03:19   acquired her stage name due to a misunderstanding about cockroaches. She also has HIV.
03:27   Yes, of course. Role models for children shouldn’t look like this.
03:33   Tranny shows for children are not just presented in schools and libraries, but children are now
03:37   watching shows in gay sex clubs. In Texas recently,
03:43   elementary school children were encouraged to
03:48   dance with and give money to obscenely dressed drag queens.
03:53   Bryan Slaton, the Republican leader in Texas, was just as disgusted as parents were and promised
04:00   to do everything he could to prohibit such events in future for the protection of children.
04:07   The Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, also supports similar legislation.
04:14   To protect children, this global push of the gender, trans and LGBTQ insanity must be stopped.
04:21   Otherwise, gender confusion will retard children’s development, as is the case with a 5-year-old
04:28   from a school in Madrid, who had to ask her mother: “Mama, am I a girl or a boy?”
04:34   following a gender identity presentation. That’s not only sad, but shocking as well.
04:39   It’s a crime being perpetrated against our children, whom we are supposed to be protecting.
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9 thoughts on “Gender Insanity

  1. Throughout history there have been many evil regimes, but I would have never guessed that western civ would so degenerate into mentally harming children.

  2. The true powers running the world want the western way of life to disappear castigating the children ,promoting large scale abortion and large scaling recruiting of young people into anti-family lifestyles is part of the plan.

  3. When my daughter was little, she preferred to play with construction toys rather than dolls, and she was a desperate tomboy – trousers lasted no more than two weeks.
    Now this is a normal heterosexual woman. But in the current situation, she would not be allowed to grow up in peace.
    My husband’s nephew as a child was very sentimental, whiny and slept with soft toys. Now this is a normal heterosexual man. A real ladies’ man. And all because no one brainwashed him as a child.

  4. To my previous comment.
    I’m not well versed in psychology, but it seems that Jung had a division into archetypes. Why would a tomboy girl say that she is a boy when she can be told: “And you, my dear, just like Artemis or even Atalanta! (If a girl can stand up for herself)

  5. Here’s a sane take on the issue from Hadley Freeman, who writes for the Guardian (yes, I know, but she publicly supported a fellow-journalist who agreed with JK Rowling).

    As she says, some children self-harm, but she’s not going to give them a razor.

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