Can Swedish Culture-Enrichers Be Racists?

No, of course they can’t. Only white people can be racists. Everybody knows this simple fact.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

SD: “Xenophobia is the worst kind of racism we have”

Xenophobia is the worst kind of racism we have — “because it is practised by people who have been given hospitality in our country, but who respond to that hospitality by behaving badly towards Swedes.” This is what MP Pontus Andersson (SD [Sverigedemokraterna, Sweden Democrats]) said to Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson (S [Social Democrats]) in the Riksdag.

During question time, Pontus Andersson pointed out that not a single person has so far been convicted of hate crimes with anti-Swedish motives — despite the fact that anti-Swedish sentiment is widespread today.

He therefore asked Morgan Johansson whether the minister intends to initiate a change in hate crime legislation to clarify the possibility of convicting people with anti-Swedish motives for hate crimes.

However, the Minister of Justice replied that the legislation is clear enough as it is. According to Johansson, an offence that has as its motive to offend a victim because of his or her Swedish background can already be considered a hate crime.

“The legislation is not unclear on this point, and therefore does not need to be revised,” he said.

Mr. Johansson referred to statistics from Brå [National Council for Crime Prevention] showing that only one percent of reported crimes with xenophobic or racist hate crime motives in 2020 concerned Swedish nationality. However, he admitted that there is probably a “large underreporting”.

Pontus Andersson was clearly disappointed with the minister’s response.

“Xenophobia is the worst kind of racism we have, because it is practised by people who have been given hospitality in our country, but who respond to that hospitality by behaving badly towards Swedes,” he said.

The SD member mentioned youth robberies, which, according to Brå’s statistics, show that 66% of thieves are born in another country or have two parents born abroad. At the same time, 77% of the victims have a Swedish background.

“This suggests that robbers with immigrant backgrounds systematically seek out young people who look Swedish as possible victims. In the increasingly common form of humiliation robbery, the figures look even more serious.”

He cited an example of an 18-year-old who was robbed by two Africans.

“Not only was he robbed, but they forced him to take off his clothes, beat him, peed on him and called him “you f***ing disgusting bitch, you whore.” The boys were convicted, but not of hate crimes. Now let’s imagine that the roles were reversed, that it was two blond Swedish guys who robbed a dark-skinned guy, who beat him up, forced him out of his clothes, peed on him and called him “f***ing disgusting” and an ugly word about darkies. In such a scenario, there is not a shred of possibility that they would not be convicted of hate crimes.

But when it is a Swede who is subjected to this, it is not considered a hate crime, Pontus Andersson noted.

“And that’s the problem with today’s legislation,” he said.

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  1. “Remember, with the left, the point is never the point, and the revolution is ALWAYS the point. That one statement explains everything from Feminism through abortion to global warming, acid rain, Racism narratives, Islamic immigration, multiculturalism, and any narrative that forces us to move the culture to the left in favour of a global government and the destruction of the Nation-State.” — Vlad for VladTepesBlog

    • Well ain’t they going to be shocked when nature finally rears her head with a vengeance?

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