An Actuarial Armageddon

The following video from Epoch Times discusses the growing body of evidence from life insurance companies about an unprecedented excess of deaths since the beginning of mass experimental mRNA treatments intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. The presenter uses the dollar amounts of increased death benefit payouts (which are publicly reported) to estimate the additional number of deaths, a total that is so much of a statistical outlier that it cannot be dismissed as simply a random fluctuation in the rate of death. Since the same phenomenon has been experienced by multiple major insurance providers, we are faced with the near-certainty that there is some ominous unknown cause of death common to all these insurance carriers:

There are several downstream consequences of all this to think about.

First of all, what will happen to all the insurance carriers if the trend continues, and especially if it intensifies, which seems fairly likely? Insurance companies are required to maintain a reserve of funds sufficient to meet the payouts that may be expected, based on careful actuarial calculations about the probability of death within each covered age group. Actuarial methods will obviously need to be revised, and the normal follow-up would be an increase in insurance premiums charged for any newly-written policies.

Alternatively, the companies could refuse to insure the “vaccinated”, or at the very least insist that they pay a higher rate for their polices. However, that seems to me to be a political impossibility — acknowledging the truth about what the vax has done to billions of people would have a catastrophic effect, causing the entire rickety “scientific” edifice surrounding COVID to come crashing down, with unpredictable consequences for governments all over the world.

So the insurance companies will just have to keep on paying out death benefits under the usual terms.

What will happen when they exhaust their reserves? Will they have to file for Chapter 11, and cease the issuance of new policies?

Once again, that seems politically unlikely, so I assume the government will have to bail them out. Create a few trillion more dollars of imaginary money to “recapitalize” the insurance industry, or use some other similar jargon designed to paper over the reality of what’s happening.

Above all else, there must never be any serious investigation of the cause of the statistical anomaly. This means that the data must somehow be suppressed. Maybe the insurance regulators will quietly change the rules, and no longer require that life insurance payouts be a matter of public record. Or even forbid such figures to be made public. Let the government underwrite everything, and then hush up all the damning statistics.

At least that’s what seems to me to be the most likely outcome. But maybe there’s another way for the Powers That Be to handle it.

Or maybe the currency collapse will arrive before anybody has to deal with the problem, and after that it won’t matter anymore.

Hat tip: Steen.

6 thoughts on “An Actuarial Armageddon

  1. The only deaths related to notavax that are of interest to me will be the ones involving Pfizer execs, FDA leadership, and anyone at any company who threatened, ordered, coerced, or otherwise compelled under duress someone into receiving notavax. Hopefully these deaths won’t be accidental either unless it is in the sense of accidentally walking in the path of a rifle bullet or accidentally hanging themselves from an overpass.

    If someone voluntarily took notavax out of fear of the coof, or for free stuff, or to blindly follow instructions from talking heads on tv, or to virtue signal on social media, they deserve whatever consequences including death which they receive. To quote Benjamin Franklin “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”. And hopefully the insurance companies by then will be too broke to pay any kinds of benefits to their unworthy spawn.

  2. A U.S. government agency recently redefined “vaccine”. Formerly, a vaccine needed to provide immunity against a disease; now it need only improve protection against a disease. Details at

    The video here (ignore the ad at 7:40 to 9:00; in fact, just stop watching at 7:40) reports that the COVID vaccine has been associated with (has caused?) an unprecedented 40% increase in deaths of working-age people.

    This information is worthy of the opening act of a disaster movie. How can it be glossed over? Maybe the CDC will need to redefine “death”.

    • Now, that is an innovative idea!

      Maybe a death cannot be officially recognized until a certificate from the afterlife is produced. That would buy some time.

    • Why do you think governments everywhere, including WHO, UN, and all the rest of the known alphabet world, have a sudden interest in “disinformation” boards/watchdogs/etc.

      Nothing to see here and repeat after me, “2 + 2 = 5”, or else.

      We will all reside in the Gulag, and like it.

  3. Unfortunately I think your last point is most likely. The coming financial collapse will mean the public’s attention will be diverted elsewhere and suddenly all those millions of deaths will fade into the background as we await a “better time” to look into those things. That time will never come. Happy little optimist aren’t I?

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