All Your Farm Are Belong to Us

The Turkish-German Minister of Agriculture is warning German farmers not to get uppity like their Dutch colleagues have. In Germany, order must be maintained!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Der Spiegel:

Özdemir warns German farmers against radical protests

In the Netherlands, farmers have been demonstrating against stricter environmental regulations for weeks. Dissatisfaction is also growing in Germany — Minister of Agriculture Özdemir is massively opposed.

Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir sees no reason for farmer protests in Germany to be as radical as those in the Netherlands.

The starting positions in the two countries are not comparable, said the Green politician to the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. Farmers in the Netherlands must reduce their emissions by up to 95 percent, while in Germany there are more moderate restrictions on fertilizers. “It’s not like there will be a ban on fertilizers. The farmers can continue to fertilize, but in such a way that we bring down the overall excessive nitrate pollution.” Germany has exceeded the nitrate limit values set by the European Community for as long as they have existed.

In the Netherlands, farmers have been protesting for weeks against planned measures to reduce nitrogen emissions. Nationwide, according to the Dutch government’s plan, it should be reduced by an average of 50 percent by 2030, and by more than 70 percent in nature reserves. According to government calculations, the conditions could mean the end for around 30 percent of livestock farmers. In protest, farmers blocked several motorways with tractors, for example, so that there were several hundred kilometers of traffic jams.

In Germany, at the beginning of July, the Federal Council, in a struggle with the EU Commission for stronger groundwater protection in Germany, decided on stricter limiting values for the application of fertilizers and at the same time expanded the areas covered by the regulation. This is the aim of new federal government guidelines for designating “red areas” contaminated with nitrates. Responding to criticism from farmers that the designation of the affected areas was based on a network that was too coarse-meshed, Özdemir said that he now had to implement things that had been neglected in the past. “This also includes getting the federal states to expand a denser measuring network.”

Afterword from the translator:

When you think that before the Plandemic, in Germany alone seven farms closed their production DAILY, because they could no longer create any income for themselves due to ever-increasing EU regulations, which could also turn you overnight into a felon. An old school friend of mine closed his pig farm (eighth generation) over a year ago because his running costs, through EU regulations, were at that time already €30 more each day than his income from his free-range pigs. Just imagine what those costs are now? This is part and parcel of the depopulation and enslavement plan by these “Elites”, and as “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” said, they need the Romanov treatment.

13 thoughts on “All Your Farm Are Belong to Us

  1. First off, that bloody filthy turk is not German nor will it ever be German, it will always be turk no matter how long they plant their carcass in our western lands. Second, how long is it going to take for these folks to wake the hell up and start doing something? With energy costs through the roof and now shutting down farms so people starve? How long till the anger starts to flow?

  2. Morons. If they start restricting fertiliser then the only country growing food will be Russia so not only will EU be dependant on them for gas, oil next food. Russia will be the only functioning democracy in Europe that can sustain itself.
    Even the USA is relying on Russian fertiliser. It makes it seem like the whole thing is a joke. Russia is “feeding everyone” and everyone wants to destroy them. Literally “biting the hand that feeds them”.
    I would rather be in Russia as they at least seem to be sane.

    • Dont worry.
      Soon they will start a propaganda campaign about “evil” fertilizer / food from Russia and that normal Germans dont want it.

      Heck, I wouldnt be surprised if they would go back to the end of WWII where Russian soldiers went on a raping spree through Germany.

      Can you imagine this being used as a propaganda tool against Russia? Till now it is: You may not criticize the Allied Powers of WWII because they fought against the evil Nazis.

      Then it will be: Remewmber the Russian warcrimes of WWII and hate them. Your 10 minutes of hate start now.

      Unfortunately there are not many women who suffered this still alive.

  3. The fact that no one in the government ever asks “How will we be able to produce enough food?” when dealing with these “emission” issues is telling.
    It isn’t about emissions. It is about reducing food production.

    • With a shortage of gas and coal just how, exactly, do they plan to keep the crematoriums going? Perhaps they’ll burn the personal effects of the starved serfs to power the ovens? Or maybe the plan is to grind the bodies up as meal for the crickets the survivors will receive as their rations? One thing I am grateful for is that the Germans have such extensive experience with industrial scale disposal of human remains; certainly this time won’t be a problem.

    • Precisely. They are not “morons”, or “incompetent”, or “stupid”. Their Masters have goals and the functionaries are beavering aggressively towards them. The Holodomor was not a “mistake” or a “failure of policy”. The functionaries accomplished what they set out to do.

      • If this is really the plan, then this will be much worse than the Holodomor.
        I will never understand why people are trying to destroy a system that (mostly) worked.

  4. Just like in the revolutionary war a shot was fired. No one knows who but my guess it was a nervous and scared as hell revolutionary militia man. Then it went all Sri Lankan to a good result.

    When the next shot is heard it will be global Sri Lankan is what my gut tells me.

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