A Pride of Cops

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Federal Police: With a rainbow flag to the CSD in Munich


The federal police have announced that they will set an example for diversity on Christopher Street Day in Munich next weekend. Among other things, they will have their own stand at the CSD and hoist the rainbow flag on the buildings of the Federal Police Headquarters in Munich. “The Federal Police are as diverse and colorful as our society — and we show it. It is important to me that we can make a contribution so that people — especially from the LGBTI community — can feel safe. No matter where, no matter when,” emphasized the President of the Federal Police Headquarters in Munich, Karl-Heinz Blümel on Tuesday. [Safe from WHAT? The Federal Gestapo? The “New Germans”? From Corona or the jab? What does that rag protect you from?]

That’s why they want to show with their own stand that there are also members of different sexual orientations in the Federal Police. It’s about setting a sign of solidarity with “colleagues of different sexual and gender identities.” [And what about Solidarity with ALL Native German people for a change? But that would mean that they have nobody that they can easily beat up and terrorize.] “The community is represented and visible in the police force through LGBTI colleagues.” During the two-day CSD celebrations, the Federal Police also want to use the stand to provide information about “hate crimes against LGBTI people and other groups in our society”. [I can already guess which groups that will be: the ones with the politically and correctly induced CLOUT.]

Rainbow flag: not the first time present with the police

Another sign is planned with the hoisting of the rainbow flag at the office buildings. “The presence at the CSD (Christopher Street Day) as well as the raising of the rainbow flag are a sign of solidarity with all people who are affected by discrimination and exclusion due to their sexual identity.” [Yep, and straight people need not apply.]

The rainbow flag had previously flown at the Federal Police building in the Bavarian capital on the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia on May 17th and on the commemoration of Christopher Street Day on June 28th. [And what about their phobia of traditional families? The cornerstones of each and every successful society. Those they are allowed to destroy unhindered and with the blessing of the corrupt state.]

Afterword from the translator:

This so-called “Rainbow Flag” is nothing more than a symbol of perversion and a corrupt political system in its final convulsions — at least I hope so — and every day it seems to be getting more and worse. Is there something in the air? In the water? Or is it in the syringe? one might ask. I’d have to answer NO to that, because this mental rot comes out of the “politically correct” early education system and finally through a good dose of academentia into politics. This clearly shows that learning confers no guarantee of virtue, because the evidence stands before us.

Per me si va ne la cita dolente,
per me si va ne l’etterno dolore,
per me si va la perdua gente.

(Through me you enter the city of sorrows,
through me you come into eternal pain,
through me you join the lost people.)

— Dante Alighieri

…has been written throughout Western education in invisible letters over each and every kindergarten, school, college and university.

10 thoughts on “A Pride of Cops

  1. As if anyone needs any further proof that when the time comes the police will not be on your side.

    I’d say that they’re the spiritual heirs of Ernst Rohm, except that Rohm was a pretty brutish street fighter who loved mixing it up with communists and likely was only ever the top in his liasons, while that goon squad in the photo look like eager bottoms except when they are beating defenseless protesters and grandmothers with their batons.

    • Ernst Rohm was a queer.
      When he got arrested that night, with all the other higher SA members, they found him in bed with a guy.
      Not that that was unknown by Adolfus, they were ‘friends’ after all at the beginning.

      • It’s even worse than that, depending on how deep into the rabbit hole you want to go.

        Hitler and Roehm were soldiers together on the Western Front in World War One. There were rumors that Hitler, like Roehm and others, engaged in homosexual acts with fellow soldiers, and had a stable of “nancy boys”.

        After Hitler rose to power, it was necessary to silence anyone who knew about what went on in the trenches. Some witnesses were allegedly paid off, and others were killed. Roehm was said to be the last former comrade who had the goods on Hitler and had not yet been brought under control. His possession of that knowledge is supposedly what allowed him to amass so much power in the NSDAP. The Night of the Long Knives was reportedly engineered, at least in part, to silence the final major witness who could incriminate Hitler.

        • You may have steered away from such things in your life but I swear when I read “After Hitler rose to power, it was necessary to silence anyone who knew about what went on in the trenches.” I heard Beevis and Butthead laugh.

  2. It is getting to more than tiresome what now being done in the name of every gay man and lesbian with this. True – many allowed (by silent) the bringing in of so-called ‘transgender’ persons and then the even more rotten ‘queer’ (which is always the far-leftist who just happens to be Not be ‘straight’.

    This man’s advice – resist this – they will consume and yet demand even more. It’s madness. As for those gay men and lesbians who stood silent by as this herd became the “LGBT-whatever’, well – this happened on your watch. Now join with the those who can see this as rot that attacks you as well as all of society. No civilization can long survive the attack from this.

  3. Maybe Zelensky could stop by with the Right Said Fred dance troupe to pick up cash and arms from Germanistan.
    It would be so fabulous, sporty and simply divine.
    Set up a bathhouse not too far from the HQ for enrichments.

  4. The function of police is to ensure public order and catch criminals, and not to promote an ideological or political agenda.

  5. Islam will take care of all that and police is not going to stop them. This upcoming bloody maelstrom has been deliberately concocted, and not by opposing powers. If not the stupid airheads filling public space with their revolting perma-presence, someone in the higher-ups KNOWS what’s going to happen sooner or later because the trajectories of the forces involved are as clear as the law of gravity. Don’t ask me for theories, I don’t have one anymore.

  6. There will be a day when The Germans will have to decide on whose backsides they want to continue to kiss, the alphabet people or the muzzies. At that point things will get very interesting.

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