What the Netherlands Needs is More Culture-Enrichers!

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this editorial from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Cabinet goes crazy: ‘Bring young unemployed French people from criminal banlieues to the Netherlands’

The government cabinet has now gone completely crazy. Minister [Karien] van Gennip [Minister of Social Affairs] has announced that “unemployed French youths from problem neighborhoods” are welcome in our country. Then they can “get to work” in the catering industry or greenhouses. By “problem neighborhoods”, she means this: The French suburbs, a.k.a. ghettoes, where barely-integrated foreigners live.

Over the years, French suburbs have turned into outright ghettoes. Life is scary. Entire hordes of foreign youths sit all day staring ahead, terrorizing everyone on the street, refusing to work, and creating a situation in which the police dare not enter the suburbs.

Incredibly, the government cabinet, through Minister of Social Affairs Van Gennip, has announced that they want to bring this type of youth to the Netherlands. So that they can get to work in the catering industry or greenhouses.


“In France there is really high youth unemployment, especially in the suburbs,” the CDA Minister says in Algemeen Dagblad. “Much higher than we know here. I could imagine that we might invest in the French or, for example, Spanish school dropouts, letting them work here in the catering industry or horticulture. There are Spanish youths working here now in cafés and restaurants.”

This is really crazy. The French ghettoes are known for their sky-high crime rates. It has become Hell there for people who respect the law and want to live in a respectable manner. And what does this cabinet want to do? Bring youths from that sort of neighborhood to the Netherland — that is, youths who grew up in the French suburban culture.


Why would a clear-thinking person want that? It is without a doubt bad for the Netherlands.

Well, Van Gennip also has an answer. Because this woman says she feels responsible for social problems in other EU countries.

“I feel a great responsibility for the one million Dutch people who are still on the margins,” she says. “But if we want to function as one Europe, we must also worry about youth unemployment in other European countries.”

No, Van Gennip, you are not responsible for social problems in other EU countries. You are responsible for the problems in our own country. You have to look after the interests of the Dutch citizen, not those of the French — and definitely not those of the semi- or absolute criminals from the French suburbs.

12 thoughts on “What the Netherlands Needs is More Culture-Enrichers!

  1. What makes them believe that these people actually want to work in the Netherlands, since they don’t want to work in France?

    Or could it be that they want more Drug-dealers in the Netherlands?
    Is that why they offer them jobs in Green-houses – to grow better Marijuana and Poppies – and in the Catering Industry – for better distribution?

    What is it with these utterly witless Politicians, that they are so out of touch with reality?
    Or don’t they care one way or the other what happens, – I rather doubt it – after all they are protected by gun-wielding thugs as are their Families.

  2. That sounds a lot like suicide.
    What the heck are these people thinking?

  3. Its all a part of the ethnic and cultural dilution running full steam ahead. The Dutch women have been leading this as well as all the Left wing parties who are by far the majority , not to mention being spurred on by Strasbourg. Not to mention their contribution of population reduction of over 10 million abortions in the last 4 decades. Its an internal war , a silent one, devastating the whole country and bringing it to its knees with a welcome to all the trash from outside as the prime replacement. All big cities are majority other ethnicities and more are going the same way. At a birthrate of 0.9 % and less , we are already beyond replacement for 40 years. Its bad , really bad. I have little to no respect for Dutch women. They have earned that.

  4. How women have deserted, The Muslim wrecking ball assures that in time the population will be a forced underclass of Muslim converts or deleted.

  5. The European Union started as a common market, then it became a place of common borders, then common security policies, until finally it became a place of common policies in all areas of national citizens in the member states. What started out as a post-war economic environment ended up becoming a massive bureaucracy, and a destabilizing element of state sovereignty.

    The fact that the European Union has spent the decade trying to do a good deed for Middle Eastern countries, receiving many asylum seekers, without consulting European citizens about it, proves that it sees itself above sovereignties, and its policies are state policies as which all members must observe.

    Behind this view that the European Union should be a humanitarian superpower is the Marxist critical theory idea that Europe has somehow become prosperous through the exploitation of other peoples, and this makes it a debtor to poor nations in matters of humanitarian policies.

    That is why Multiculturalism glorifies and exalts the culture of other peoples, above the Culture of European countries, because it is part of the same vision.

  6. It’s terminal naivety.
    When in Copenhagen a couple of years ago, a local guide was very proud of her country for bringing in so many immigrants. The Netherlands is a peaceful, wealthy nation, so why shouldn’t they welcome in people from less wealthy countries to share in the fortune of the people of the Netherlands? That’s the thinking.
    They’ve not experienced the kind of violent criminality and the antipathy towards Westerners and liberal Western society that so many immigrants have. They don’t understand it or believe it. They have to experience it for themselves, and once they have, it’s too late to go back.

  7. If you elect a dimwit you are going to get dumb and dangerous
    God help you Netherlands.

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