Terror in Tarragona

A would-be mujahid in Catalonia was arrested by Spanish anti-terror police before he could carry out his planned jihad attack.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from El Periódico de Catalunya:

A jihadist who planned an attack in Catalonia is arrested in Tarragona

The man, in an advanced state of radicalization, consumed Islamic State videos related to martyrdom

A 32-year-old man has been arrested by the Catalonian State Police in Mora d’Erbe (Tarragona) after unleashing radical Islamic proclamations, preparing himself to travel to Syria in order to join a jihadist organization, and, according to his own claims, to commit a violent action in Catalonia prior to leaving the country.

The Catalonian State Police have reported that the investigation was initiated in August of 2021. The investigators maintained that he had become violent and that he made statements in favor of jihadist terrorist organizations. The detainee, in addition, had expressed his intention of committing a violent action in Catalonia prior to traveling to Syria to fight and support the jihadist organization. The detainee is charged for a crime of jihadist self-radicalization. Coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office of the National High Court and supervised by the Central Criminal Court number 3, the police proceeded to his arrest last Thursday, June 9.

According to the police, the man consumed videos with jihadist content related to Daesh (ISIS), in the majority of cases related to “martyrdom”. The police agency stresses in its report that the work carried out in this case by the officers of the General Investigation Headquarters “made it possible to neutralize the threat posed by the detainee.”