Stormy Weather

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my wife Dymphna’s death, and the future Baron came to visit for the occasion. I didn’t expect our activities to interfere with my normal workday, and they didn’t. Instead, Murphy intervened again and shut me down for about eighteen hours.

In the middle of the afternoon, while the fB and I were cutting flowers to take down to the grave, the wind freshened and an ominous rumbling could be heard in the west as the sky darkened. By the time we got into the car the rain was already spattering down. As we drove to the churchyard, the full violence of the storm hit, with heavy rain and gusts of wind ripping branches off the trees and throwing them into the road. We sat in the car in the parking area by the cemetery and waited to see if the rain would abate. It didn’t last very long, and when it was down to a sprinkle we got out and put the flowers in the big mason jar that I keep by Dymphna’s headstone for that purpose. We said a brief prayer and then left, intending to go out for an early dinner.

I noticed that the electricity was out in the little country store near the church, so I diverted to go back home and power down the computers (which are on separate UPS systems) in an orderly fashion. However, back at Schloss Bodissey the electricity was still on. We returned to our original plan and went out for dinner. Non-halal Indian food — curried goat for the fB, lamb bhuna for me, very tasty.

By the time we returned home the weather had cleared completely, and it was cool and pleasant as dozens of fireflies rose from the wet grass all over the yard. The electricity had never gone out, but even modest storms strain the phone company’s decrepit systems, and the Internet was down. It stayed down for the rest of the evening, so the future Baron and I entertained ourselves by watching Firefly episodes on DVD while drinking a bottle of wine. I also prepared several posts to put up when the Internet came back on, but it stayed down until I went to bed. When I woke up this morning it was back on.

That’s why there was no news feed last night. I’ll collect all the items that were sent in and include them a large news feed tonight. And I’ll be putting up those other posts in due course.

3 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. I thought you had “summer” in your part of the world while we have winter, storms, snow, rain and cold.
    That’s “man made” Climate Change for you and can’t even get that right.

    I’m sitting right now in my study with the fire burning, my dogs in front of it and a pint of my own mulled Port to keep my toes topped up and warm, a big slice of warm Apple-pie and all this while the wind is howling outside and the rain lashing at the window.
    I really love this type of weather.

  2. Hard to believe it’s been 3 years. God bless her soul.

    A not-off-topic side note – I contracted the China flu. If I were a decade older I might not be typing now. Please stay healthy Baron, we all need you.

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