Paul Weston: “Wake Up Before It’s Too Late”

In the following video Paul Weston discusses the demonic convergence of catastrophic global events that have been inflicted on us for the past two years or so, and those that are yet to come.

Video transcript:

The New World Order Marches On

After two years of Covid-19 insanity the West has several new crises to deal with. Rampant inflation, coming food shortages and fuel shortages, monkeypox, a mystifying confusion about XX and XY chromosomes and a strange war in Ukraine which appears to be a proxy war between nuclear armed America and nuclear armed Russia.

I say a strange war because no one seems remotely interested in stopping it, no matter that it could lead to Armageddon. I think this is because Putin can be blamed for some of the deliberately engineered crises we are currently experiencing, so don’t expect it to end soon. Our armchair warrior political class seems more than happy to supply weapons to prolong the inevitable and are valiantly prepared to fight to the last surviving Ukrainian.

I feel as though we no longer exist as human beings in the eyes of our overlords. We are now just cattle being herded toward a dystopian future by a small number of immensely powerful individuals and global organisations who make no secret of the future they wish to build for us. This global coup d’état is driven by lies and corruption at every level of our national and international institutions. Nothing we have been told over the last couple of years is true.

For example, over the last thirty years in England and Wales an average 1.2% of the population died every year — the vast majority of them old and ill. In 2020, the year of the alleged Covid-19 killer pandemic, just 1% of the population died and again the vast majority were old and ill. Yet despite experiencing a lower-than-average death rate, a Covid-19 emergency was declared which saw the biggest power grab by the state over the lives of its citizens since the dictatorships of Lenin, Hitler and Mao.

The most chilling aspect of this totalitarian takeover is that Western countries acted in unified lockstep as they tore up every tried and trusted historical public health protocol related to airborne viruses and replaced them with a tyranny that had no basis in medical or scientific reality.

People who recognised what was happening publicly protested and were met with state enforced paramilitary brutality never previously seen in the West. In Australia rubber bullets were used against peaceful protestors. In Canada Justin Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act to beat, jail and pauperize peaceful protestors who preferred to live their lives according to the Nuremberg Code rather than Trudeau’s Mengele Code. In New Zealand huge posters of a beaming Jacinda Ardern were ruthlessly displayed on advertising hoardings across the country.

The biggest issues I can see in all this criminal insanity are two-fold. Firstly, our ruling class now know they can do whatever they want to us if they terrorise us sufficiently — as in carry out acts of genuine terrorism against their own citizens to achieve a political ambition. Secondly, we now know exactly what they want to do to us because they meet up in Davos every year and shamelessly talk about it in very loud voices.

Their power is immense, and for the first time in history they have the ability to build a revolutionary new society without having to carry out violent street revolutions. All they need is electronic data and digital ID’s linked to a government controlled central bank digital currency, which all Western governments are currently implementing. Covid-19, mass vaccinations and digital covid passes — please don’t think they have been consigned to history — were a necessary pre-condition of course if a Digi-Tyranny could ever become a reality.

Western governments are also working on legislation to both silence dissent on social media and stifle physical public protest. New Ministries of Truth are being formed which will disappear and memory-hole any written and spoken words our ruling class considers to be misinformation or disinformation. This is Orwell’s 1984 and it is happening before our very eyes.

Who are the people/organisations enacting this totalitarian Western coup-d’état? Well, it is primarily the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the EU, Big Tech social media, the pharmaceutical industry, the entire Western political class and three gargantuan financial institutions called Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street, along with a handful of monumentally wealthy billionaires including Soros and Gates.

The concerted power and wealth held by the above has completely corrupted politics, science, journalism, the judiciary, academia and medicine. There are still some brave souls from those professions who risk their careers by speaking out, but you will never see them via the mainstream media or the biggest social media platforms. Those we are allowed to see are bought and paid for propagandists who tell us nothing other than the revolutionary line.

I am fifty-eight years old now. I was born a long time after World War Two and my entire life — up until 2020 at least — was one of unimaginable ease and freedom compared to most humans who have ever lived. But the freedom I enjoyed is over now. Our future could be very grim indeed. Another pandemic will soon be coming our way and I suspect this one will be necessarily much more lethal than the last.

Also coming our way are ever rising interest rates to counter the deliberately engineered inflation. If these interest rates hit double figures, every average earning mortgage holder will lose their house. The manufacture of petrol and diesel cars will soon be phased out and extortionate taxes will be introduced to keep older ones on the road. Air travel for the masses is not part of the New World Order’s Green Agenda, nor is heating our homes with oil or gas.

They have told us what they want. A smaller population. A lower carbon footprint. A digital ID surveillance/social credit state capable of bending us to their dictatorial will. No more meat, just bugs; lots and lots of delicious bugs. The apparatchiks of the Green New World Order will still have their private jets, their beach side mansions, their haunches of venison and their champagne whilst we will own nothing, which I rather suspect will fail to induce delirious happiness whatever Herr Schwab might purportedly believe.

Can they achieve their publicly oft-stated agenda? Yes, they simply have to continue doing what they are already doing, although it will need to be substantially ramped up, hence my belief another pandemic is on the cards. In America they have the problem of gun ownership in the hands of ordinary citizens, so I think we will see huge efforts — by means more foul than fair — to urgently rectify this problematic issue for the New World Order.

Is it all doom and gloom? Not really. They have shown their hand and despite their seemingly limitless power and wealth there are only a few thousand of them whilst there are literally billions of us. I see our future as one of only two credible possibilities: freedom for us and jail for them, or slavery for us and even bigger yachts, private jets and sizzling steaks for them. It is up to us in other words. The very first thing the average person needs do is wake up. Before it is too late.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

39 thoughts on “Paul Weston: “Wake Up Before It’s Too Late”

  1. “In New Zealand huge posters of a beaming Jacinda Ardern were ruthlessly displayed on advertising hoardings across the country.”

    Cruel and unusual punishment.

      • @ The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

        Re: “A face tailor-made for a burqa.”

        I bet my wife a dollar that Ardern has already converted to Islam, but is concealing the fact from the public in New Zealand. The basis of my hunch is her submissiveness towards Muslims in the wake of that incident at the mosque. And as I have already noted previously elsewhere on this fine website, it is already fashionable and chic to convert to Islam amongst people on the political left.

  2. Thank you Paul Weston excellent as usual.

    A lot of ideas and crises and traps, that Kluas and others are preparing them for us, you put them clearly and succinctly in a shot meaningful video.

    What puzzles me, sir, is why people sensible, wise, commonsensical, like you, Marie le pen, Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage, Eric Zemour … never get elected. why decent people are rejected is mystery. most western democracies are ruled by imbeciles, suffering from mental inertia and perversion .

    • We’re ruled by imbeciles because most people who vote are themselves imbeciles or willfully ignorant.

        • Or maybe it’s a, “Stay as cool as you can. Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave. Keep on thinking free.”

          • Giving your age away, Anon. I still have a few of the Moody Blues’ recordings, but haven’t listened to them in decades.

    • @ Adam

      Re: “What puzzles me, sir, is why people sensible, wise, commonsensical, like you, Marie le pen, Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage, Eric Zemour … never get elected. why decent people are rejected is mystery. most western democracies are ruled by imbeciles, suffering from mental inertia and perversion.”

      That may well be true, but it is also a fact that at least in the so-called “western democracies,” fair-and-honest elections have been something of a joke or a sham for quite some time now. The ruling elites – the wealthiest and most-powerful billionaires and their globalist pals – have so gamed the “democratic process” that no fair-mined and decent candidate can win office. Most can’t even get into the race to begin with.

      And in the rare event an unwanted pebble slips through the mesh, so to speak – the powers-that-be work in concert to destroy that individual’s chances of winning. Marine Le Pen in France is only one in a long line of such people targeted for character assassination and dragged through the mud.

      The oligarchs were caught off guard by Brexit and by the ascendancy of Donald Trump, but they reacted quickly and now have much-tighter control of the reigns of power.

      And as you imply, there is the degraded state of the people themselves. After decades of brain-washing, constant exposure to propaganda, and other such methods of psychological warfare waged upon them by the elites, is it really any wonder that relatively few people in northern and western Europe are still capable of appreciating the gravity of the crisis?

      Public opinion poll after public opinion poll in France overwhelmingly confirms the fact that the French people do not want more mass migration and immigration into their country. In particular from the Islamic world. Yet, shortly after Macron was elected, he went before the French public and told them that they’d better get used to the idea of more migrants, more immigrants and more refugees, because – like it or not – they were coming.

      President Macron “won” re-election, but I’m using quotes around the word because I doubt very much that the election was in any way honest or fair. After all, the oligarchs know perfectly well it doesn’t matter how the votes are cast, but who counts them. And they intend to be the ones counting them.

      Macron is an alumnus of the World Economic Forum “Young Leaders” program… along with Trudeau in Canada and Ardern in New Zealand, among others.

      • I am pretty convinced that cheating also got Biden in. The elites control the elections, which means we need to find another way out of this mess. Having enough people resist things like vaccine mandates would help.

        • @ MaryLS

          Re: “I am pretty convinced that cheating also got Biden in.”

          You’d be surprised how many people share that view. It isn’t simply that the Democrats cheated in an election. While that is bad-enough, they have done it before. What’s worse is that they probably needed the help of the Chinese to do it. Or maybe vice-versa: The Chi-Coms paid them for the privilege. Either way, it is a betrayal of historic proportions.

    • “…most western democracies are ruled by imbeciles….”

      I disagree. I do not accept Hanlon’s razor. The outcomes we are observing are features, not bugs.

      • @ Tom S.

        Re: “The outcomes we are observing are features, not bugs.”

        Yes, quite so and well-said. The ruling class has trotted out the same tired litany of excuses and rationalizations for years, decades really, to justify and explain their damaging policies which harm the very people whom it is their duty to protect.

        Ian Flemming the novelist famous for the James Bond character, and a former WWII naval intelligence officer, once observed (through one of his characters) “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and three times is enemy action…”

        By that standard, claiming that someone like Biden is getting away with inflicting all of this damage upon the U.S. and the world due to simple incompetency – is ludicrous and impossible. Franklin Roosevelt noted back in the 1930s, that in politics, very little happens by chance. If something happens, it is meant to happen.

        Yet, as long as the ‘proles and the rubes out in flyover country continue to drink this weak tea of excuses, lies and verbal gymnastics – the ruling class will continue to serve it.

  3. Re: “I say a strange war because no one seems remotely interested in stopping it, no matter that it could lead to Armageddon. I think this is because Putin can be blamed for some of the deliberately engineered crises we are currently experiencing, so don’t expect it to end soon.”

    There hangs an interesting dilemma…

    Diligent readers know that the globalist World Economic Forum has what they term the “Global Young Leaders” program, which is a systematic effort to groom national and supra-national political and other leaders who can then be inserted into positions of influence and thereby advance the globalist agenda.

    The “Young Leaders” program has attained remarkable success in the relatively brief span of time in which it has existed, turning out dozens upon dozens of graduates. Among these are current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, New Zealand Premier Jacintha Ardern, and French President Emmanuel Macron, to name a few.
    Vladimir Putin is also an alumnus of the program, and People’s Republic of China President Xi Xinping also has ties to the WEF.

    Open and shut case, right? Putin is an insider of the World Economic Forum and in on their agenda, or would seem to be. But is he really what he seems?

    Whereas it is absolutely possible that Putin, and for that matter, Xi, are card-carrying globalists and members in good standing of the WEF, it is also possible that they used the organization for their own purposes rather than the reverse. The old saying states: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” There is also the aphorism that “there is no honor among thieves.”

    What if Putin got inside the WEF to see what it was all about, and having done so, is now working against its agenda? There is intelligence to suggest that Putin the one-time Colonel in the KGB/FSB has turned over a new lead as a pro-Russian nationalist and has readopted his identity as a Russian Orthodox Christian. Which in turn might suggest that Putin and Xi are working for themselves now, and their emerging bloc of nations, and not the WEF and the western globalists.

    Has the author, the estimable Paul Weston, considered the absolute vehemence and the hateful rhetoric now being directed at the Russian leader by each and every western propaganda and news outlet? This torrent of anti-Russian sentiment and anti-Putin sentiment seems genuine. And if it is, how does he explain this, how does he reconcile his statements with Putin’s actions?

    The crises unfolding around us have been engineered all right, but from where this writer is sitting, it is the “leaders” of the major western nations, including the U.S., who are the responsible parties. The Special Military Operation in Ukraine was not of Putin’s choosing. He preferred a negotiated solution and sought one in vain for nearly a decade, before finally facing the fact that Biden and Zelensky did not want negotiations; they wanted conflict, they wanted war.

      • @Paul Weston

        Sir, I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for all that you are doing for our cause. Someday, when the history of this time is written and if our civilization is fortunate-enough to be still be extant, your name and achievements will be remembered by those who cherish human freedom.

        “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” ~ George Orwell

        • Well Georgia, Riddle me this? So , since Putin has had a chance to look into the WEF and what they have planned, why hasn’t he sent his FSB goon squads to eliminate the folks that run this abomination of the WEF, Bilderberg and the rest of the one world bastiges? Imagine if Soros or Schwab and their minions starting falling off buildings and out of windows( one of their trademarks by the way) or their vehicles accidentally blew up on their way to work doing bad things? Or frankly speaking getting bullet ridden in their own office or homes? How long would the WEF/Bilderburger be in business once open son them commences?

          • Interesting thought.

            If someone did decide to do such a thing it would have to be done as a warning, in which case the party responsible would have to let it be known they were conducting such a campaign. That would invite retribution and repercussions.
            If it was done without it being known who was doing it, Putin would get the blame anyway, whether he was responsible or not (ditto in the first scenario) , or it could be explained away as coincidence and accidents. It would be covered up, but at least the globalists might start to worry.

            I’ve always had Ellen Ripley’s quote in mind when it comes to the Davos meetings:
            “I say we take off, nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

    • One of the primary reasons Western Socialism (and make no mistake the WEF is definitively socialist) is so readily hostile to Russia is that they view the Russian people as traitorous weaklings who forsook communism just as the undermining of the West was beginning to bear real results, thus delaying global Utopia at least a decade or two.

      Concerning Putin, Zelensky, I wonder how much is genuine hostility and how much is political kabuki. To a bona fide socialist the pain and suffering experienced by their livestock, meaning ordinary people, is the most entertaining perk power entitles them to. The only thing sweeter to a narcissist (socialism is the ultimate manifestation of malignant narcissism) than humiliating the object of their bullying is to persuade the doofus to humiliate himself.

  4. We will achieve nothing unless we change ourselves. Our civilisation is built on Christianity. And it is Christianity – Christian faith, morality, family, culture and customs – that enthusiasts of New World Order hate more than anything else and are doing their utmost to destroy or corrupt it, to replace it with anything – atheism, agnosticism, Islam, Buddhism, neopaganism or even satanism.

    Thus, to prevent the imposition of New World Order we must begin by coming back to traditional Christianity – and not the obscene caricature of it like the modern-day Church of England or the Lutheran “Church” of Sweden with its lesbian bishopettes.

    • @ Anonymous

      If there is no higher power who makes moral demands upon humans, then the strong shall rule the weak and the law of the jungle defines existence.

      It was once widely-understood even by agnostics and atheists that the moral scaffolding provided to western civilization by Christianity was an essential check upon human frailty and depravity. I submit to you that an equally-important task is to make the case for Christian morality to those people as well, and not just people already inclined to view it in a favorable light.

      In other words, the case must be made that our traditions of morality and ethics, including those founded in Christianity, make for a better and more-just life not just for believers, but others as well.

    • Anonymous, this atheist has known many people of various spiritual beliefs (or none), and to take just two examples, one dear friend who calls himself a Wikkan (ie pagan) is one of the most decent souls I’ve known, while I’ve come across some “Christians”, including in my own family, who frankly were heartless, blinkered bigots.

      The lovely woman who’s been in my life for seven years now was a Christian when young, but after reading psychology, found the idea of “original sin” unsupportable; without this idea, the whole basis of Christianity’s claim to uniqueness or exclusivity falls down. (On a metaphysical level, if Satan fell through pride, and Eve and Adam were able to be tempted by him, God must have made them all imperfect in the first place.)

      More broadly, Christianity has, for better or worse, been through its Reformation (in some cases) and Enlightement; the latter led to the radical notions that all men, then women, were of equal value, which hastened the abolition of slavery and emancipation of women. Do you really want to turn this clock back? Think of Margaret Attwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”, which I must admit reads more like a description of Sharia in the current context, but there are one or two commenters here who might enjoy such a society.

      • @ Mark H.

        Re: “Do you really want to turn this clock back? Think of Margaret Attwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”, which I must admit reads more like a description of Sharia in the current context, but there are one or two commenters here who might enjoy such a society.”

        Nothing was said about turning back the clock. You’re engaging in a straw-man argument. That’s irreverent anyway, because – at least for now – the arrow of time points in only one direction. If our civilization survives and has religious convictions, they will be in the context of the future, not the past. Those convictions may make reference to the past, but as it is not possible using today’s technology to travel back into the past, that’s not going to happen.

        And answer this: If you reject the Christian worldview, and the moral and ethical norms therein, what do you propose in its place?

        The human is a moral animal and nature abhors a vacuum. If that space is not filled with a moral code of substance, it gets filled instead with the sort of poisonous ideologies which caused so much bloodshed in the 20th century.

        The history of humankind – and not just the history of the West – proves beyond doubt that humans aspire to great things in part because of the belief that in so doing, they glorify something greater than themselves.

        Human beings do not risk their lives as explorers or soldiers or make great inventions or create astonishing works of art in tribute to “secular humanism” or the false gods of cultural marxism, they risk and dare because they are called upon by something higher and greater than themselves. Or, as a devout Christian would say, for the greater glory of God.

        Medieval artisans – such as stonemasons – labored in building those magnificent cathedrals of Europe, literally often for a lifetime. It was not uncommon for a stonemason to begin construction on a cathedral, and die of old age before its completion, which would be done by his son, also a stonemason.
        That is the extent and breadth of the belief in God those people had. Such conviction, whether you belief in a higher power or not, must be considered impressive. How can anyone believe otherwise?

        And not to be too unkind to our secular friends, but if there is any sort of comparable achievement by the atheists or agnostics, I’d sure like to see it. There isn’t one. They don’t even build cathedrals.

        There is one other aspect to the intertwined story of the West and Christianity, which is often unremarked upon. We see over the last seventy-five or eighty years since the end of WWII the consequences of a population – of much of northern and western Europe – who have lost their way spiritually, who believe in nothing higher or greater than themselves, who are defiantly secular. And what has happened to that Europe, to those people?

        The answer is that they are being conquered. The invasion is slow-motion and largely demographic in nature, but that does not change the fact that Old Europe is disappearing rapidly under a sea of “immigrants” and “refugees” – i.e., soldiers without uniforms – from the Third World. Foremost among these are the Muslims, the oldest and most-implacable enemies of Christendom.

        What the Muslims have been unable to do over 1,400 years through force of arms, they are now accomplishing in tandem with cultural marxism and the wombs of their women.

        My somewhat long-winded point is that Christianity has functioned like a sort of immune system for Europe over the many centuries it has been attacked by the soldiers of Allah. A means of protecting itself, but just as importantly a means of distinguishing one’s self from the other, from the invader.

        Can it be any coincidence that Europe now lies prostrate and defenseless before the Muslim interlopers and invaders, now that she is secular and no longer Christian? I think not.

        The proof of that claim is found in eastern Europe, and places like Poland and Hungary, Christian nations which have managed, thus far, to defend themselves successfully against the invaders and the NWO – at least to a greater extent than their counterparts in western and northern Europe.

        • Thanks for your considered reply, and apologies for the late response.

          Broadly, I don’t reject the Christian (or Judeo-Christian) worldview, though I’d take issue with some aspects, especially over sexuality, and tolerance in general; it left us with a valuable moral inheritance. And I adore (I’m tempted to say “worship”) the artistic monuments it left us; sticking only with architecture, when I had more money in my pocket, in 2013, I visited churches and cathedrals all over Europe (having already seen many in England), and somewhat unexpectedly was most moved by the incomplete Church of the Holy Family (“La Sagrada Familia”) in Barcelona, Gaudi’s unlikely conflation of Gothic and Art Nouveau. My late sister, who was even more militantly atheist than myself, had the same reaction.

          But I see no prospect of a spiritual revival in our culture, and would treat any such with suspicion. We’re on our own; whether or not there is a benevolent (?) creator, we are the inheritors of the secular Enlightement, and must make of it the best we can. Are we so bereft of ideas, and principles, that we cannot come up with a better alternative to any form of theocracy?

      • Oh well. What’s the point. All you really want to be is able to fight. Wikkan hatred and black magic and desire for revenge for what the Romans did. Very sick minds. Bad company.

    • “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

      Russian peasant aphorism remembered by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  5. Because the average person believes the MSM instead of their own eyes and ears about what is going on around them. The MSM and the mainstream political parties are in bed together keeping the sheep in line with 24/7 with crisis they create ,CRT ,and woke entertainment geared to take down western values, western cultural ,freedom of living a life centered around family ,God ,values that have brought much of the world up from living life serfs working the fields a thousand of years ago capitalism has done that .They vote woke instead of what is in their self interest ,just look at the good looking little baby king in Canada elected again and again.

  6. Yes indeed you obviously see what many of us see who take the trouble to study something of what is going on-we have the deal of the Devil amongst us. One of its helpers is Islam, its tentacles have been spreading across Europe for years, now over 60 million Muslims reside in Europe inc UK. They will never integrate as we know, they follow only the teachings of their political ideology, their grasp on Britain is a shameful direction against the indigenous folk-that those have allowed this demon to ride in amongst us and hundreds more of them arrive every week and no deterrent is offered.

  7. @Tarien

    Re: “One of its helpers is Islam, its tentacles have been spreading across Europe for years, now over 60 million Muslims reside in Europe inc UK.”

    The globalist oligarchs have, and quite correctly, long-seen Christianity as one of the foundations holding up the edifice of western civilization, and thus as an obstacle which lies in their path. The Muslims have therefore been extremely useful to the globalists and their agenda, because Islam is by its nature hostile towards other faiths – such as Christianity – and highly-aggressive towards them.

    Long before globalism was even an idea, the believers have waged war against Christianity and the West. It’s been 1,400 years of unrelenting attacks, invasions, wars, acts of piracy, slave-taking, raids of plunder, and all of the rest. All the oligarchs have had to do is throw open the gates of European civilization, and the soldiers of Allah have done the rest.

    I am speculating, of course, but it may even be that Islam is the chosen faith of the billionaire oligarchs and globalists. Islam regards itself as a creed of conquest and eternal war, and it is quite possible that these would-be rulers of the whole of Europe and ultimately, the world, see themselves in the same light.

    • Terrible to think it but your synopsis that Islam could be the chosen faith of the Oligarchs, and as some of them we know are followers of the teachings of Islam. Further just consider the exposure of such people on our TV screens everyday, in all corners of the media and in particular the BBC and now in our British Parliament one of the oldest in the world-impossible? Not anymore-well I’m 80 and care little for myself but more for the future generations such as our grandchildren who face the future controlled by the Devil whose grimmace looks down at us.

  8. Paul, If I do say so myself, the do something before it is too late ship has sailed, now the question remains, what will people do about it? Wait until they are starving? Wait for the new red guards to take them to their reeducation camp? We ain’t voting our way out of this mess, that ship sailed long ago.

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