Only the Best for EU Apparatchiks in Manhattan

EU functionaries, especially diplomats, are a privileged caste that already enjoys substantial perks at the expense of the lumpenproletariat they supposedly represent. Now those pampered apparatchiks are going to be equipped to face the rigors of their time in Manhattan from a cozy little pied-à-terre on the Upper East Side.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian portal eXXpress:

Nicer living in New York: EU treats itself to a new palazzo for €20 million*

First things first: Ukraine war, energy crisis, ECB chaos and mega-inflation can wait; now the EU bureaucracy is buying a nice place to stay for the trips from Brussels to New York — around €20 million of our tax money is going to the Upper East Side; the leather wallpaper is by Ralph Lauren.

Europe’s rabble has to save a bit more now — the diplomatic representation of the European Union, the European External Action Service (EEAS), feels unconstrained by the current economic crisis or any thoughts about setting an example: As the magazine Politico has now revealed, the EU bureaucracy bought an eleven-room apartment at 138 East 65th Street in New York’s Upper East Side — with €20 million in tax money.

The fine little house has just been renovated for €7 million and looks pretty neat: It’s only a few minutes’ walk to nearby Central Park, and the location of the new EU lodging couldn’t have been chosen better.

Leather wallpaper and snow-melting tiles

The EU diplomats will probably also feel comfortable inside during their visits: Ralph Lauren designed the leather wallpaper for the dining room. And in front of the entrance, snow-melting tiles have just been relaid so that the Budapesters and Manolo Blahniks of the EU delegations don’t suffer in winter. The elevator, which is upholstered with the finest leather, is also said to be a hit.

The EU representatives believe that the purchase of the property at 138 East 65th St. is a “safe investment”: Real estate prices are expected to continue to rise, and the €20 million were well invested. [while many New Yorkers will own nothing and be happy, isn’t that right?]

Eleven-bedroom palazzo for the EU on the Upper East Side

It is questionable whether all EU citizens who finance this purchase with their tax money think so: In general, it could also be discussed whether the EU leadership should buy an eleven-room palazzo in one of the best parts of New York.

And of course everything is also a question of time and optics: while Ukrainian soldiers are waiting in dirty trenches for deliveries of ammunition and weapons urgently requested from the EU, and Russia is cutting off the gas supply to one European Country after the other, the “Nicer Living Action” of the Brussels political bigwigs in New York may be viewed somewhat critically.

Afterword from the translator:

How long do these fat leeches believe they can show the middle finger to the people? Pretty long is my guess. That purchase alone looks to me that they want to provoke the people by showing taxpaying Europeans what they think of them. People of Europe, you owe NOTHING to those who have proven time and time again that they are unworthy of your trust. Just face it, these politicians are as tolerable for your happiness as an attack of the piles. Get rid of them ASAP if you want a happy and peaceful life for your OWN children.

*   I didn’t include a USD equivalent for €20 million because the euro and the dollar are nowadays almost at parity. One might as well think of a euro as a slightly pudgy dollar, and just say $20 million for the sake of simplicity.

6 thoughts on “Only the Best for EU Apparatchiks in Manhattan

  1. Liberal application of rope and guillotine would solve this problem pretty handily.

    Gasoline too expensive? Just buy a Tesla… Meat too expensive? Just eat bugs instead… No gas for heating? Just crowd together into a tiny apartment to make room for more imported orcs…

    After seeing this kind of arrogance repeated over and over, it’s difficult to feel much sympathy for the upper classes that lost their heads or were just shot during the French Terror and the Russian Revolution. At some point one concludes that “they had it coming” and if their families were collateral damage, well, they inflicted far worse pain on a wider swath of society than was inflicted on them.

  2. Yes, I really hate to see these apparatchiks flaunting their stolen wealth and their privilege.

    Ten course meals with foie de grasse (I hope I spelled it right) or other things that are considered to be bad because animal cruelty but for them it is the minimum standard.

    Or just look right now at Bavaria. The big politicians meet and the normal people suffer because Security restrictions.

    If they want to be alone, just reactivate one of the old Soviet airports in East Germany, but a wall around it and meet there. Then they dont see us and they dont intrude and disturb our lives.

    And to froie de grasse: Let them eat something normal, like potatoes with sausages. And forget the champagne. Give them water.

    I support the idea that a politician should only get the same amount as a low skilled worker and after he leaves office (with no chance of entering politics again) the people vote how good or bad he was. And thats how it is decided how much money he gets. And only püeople who are NOT fawning fanboys are allowed to vote.

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