German Greens Swoon Over Ukraine

You wouldn’t think that the Greens in Germany would be OK with nationalism, but they are — just so long as it’s not German nationalism.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Roth in Odessa

Claudia now understands patriotism — in Ukrainians

It’s the usual problem of mass tourism. At some point, every new place that arouses wanderlust has been trodden out and photographed so often that a new place that arouses wanderlust has to be found so that those at home can present it as a trophy. This is what our Claudia from the federal cabinet is doing right now. Because Annalena [Baerbock, foreign minister] was already in Kyiv and Olaf [Scholz, chancellor] and even Frank-Walter [Steinmeier, president], although they didn’t want him at first. Even Friedrich [Merz, CDU] and Gregor [Gysi, The Left] from the opposition showed up.

Something new was needed. By choosing Odessa as the background image, the federal government’s commissioner for culture, Claudia Roth (Greens), showed a good instinct. The fact that the city has a glorious cultural past, and even in times of peace would have provided a worthy setting for a visit to the Ukrainian Minister of Culture Olexander Tkachenko, is probably just a coincidence. The city’s name is now simply heard in the media more often without a visitor getting too close to the front lines.

Attack on a country’s cultural identity [She said WHAT?]

The longest-serving professional girl in the federal government routinely reeled off the usual platitudes. “Odessa is a wonderfully beautiful city with big, big cultural institutions,” Claudia said with big, big eyes to Die Zeit. The people there and their colleague Tkachenko were right to have the “great, great concern that this war is also a war against culture.” Because the attackers aim is to “destroy the cultural identity of a country, a society”.

Claudia Roth, Green Minister of State for Culture, worries about the cultural identity of the Ukrainian nation. Absolutely correct. Perhaps this will now encourage a learning process to recognize the existence of a national cultural identity worthy of protection in one’s own country.

Dieter Stein (@Dieter_Stein) June 9, 2022

“I really understood that, this deep, deep, deep concern, dismay, also the pain that a regime … is trying to wreck, question and destroy the independence and self-determination of a country.” Replace “Ukraine” with “Germany” and the European Union should have serious concerns about the Greens. What is going on with Claudia “Germany, you lousy piece of s***” Roth, Robert “I always found the love of the fatherland nauseating” Habeck and the other Greens?

Chauvinism has always been sexy

Basically, the Greens have always found chauvinism sexy; it just had to be directed against Germans. Therefore, they can powder themselves with the awakened Ukrainian national feeling without hesitation. This is not cynical, because that would mean assuming that they would notice this cognitive dissonance. In reality, what Dietrich Bonhoeffer said is true. “Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of good than malice.” Basically, everything has been said about the Greens.

Incidentally, Ukrainian culture doesn’t have much left to be desired, either. Tkachenko gave Roth stamps with the now legendary radio message of a Ukrainian as a gift after the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which was later sunk, asked him to surrender. In the presence of the Ukrainian Minister of Culture, the German culture commissioner giggled and repeatedly quoted the soldier’s saying: “Russian ship, f*** you.” In Russia, where it is considered very vulgar to swear in public, the video caused considerable irritation.

Claudia Roth, German Minister for Culture and Media is very clear about Russian warship.

Maria Avdeeva (@maria_avdv) June 6, 2022

Russians simply don’t know that when a German cultural officer says “F*** you, Russia,” it has the same meaning as “Germany, you piece of s***.”

Afterword from the translator:

So typical of these hypocrites from the Greens, but what can one expect from someone that is seemingly and blatantly unaware of their own stench? I’d advocate that she move there immediately, since she prefers their culture so much and wants to preserve it.

The Wolfe Tones — The Patriot Game

11 thoughts on “German Greens Swoon Over Ukraine

  1. Perhaps it’s a form of projection, or loathing of German weakness.

    The Greens are pretty blatantly destroying Germany while a substantial percentage of the populace eggs them on as the remainder meekly acquiesces, while the Ukranians despite their corruption and flaws are putting up a pretty fierce resistance even in the face of certain defeat. Even a Green could find that admirable.

    • I think your point might play a part in it, however judging things as I see them, the Covid Witnesses turning into ardent Ukraine Supporters under the universal pressure of mainstream media -> I think it’s just same old “lawlessness”, or as we say in Czech, “their coat turns whichever way the wind blows”.

    • It’s their sick Ideology.
      The Greens HATE their own people.
      I see it here in South Africa too, where the predominately ‘white’ Greens hate White South Africans and blame them for ALL the ills that befall the Country and the Planet, while pandering at the same time to the utterly corrupt ruling Elite of the ANC.
      Some of them I had heated arguments with over the years condone Farm Attacks and the brutal murder of the Farmers and their families, since in their twisted, sick and ideological retarded mind, these Farmers are “racist and responsible for climate change” through their farming.
      They also are strong advocates for Gun-confiscation and harsh Jail-sentences for anyone that defends himself or his Family from Criminals with a legal Firearm.
      Needless to say, George Soros is a big Donor to them.

      • Rather interesting to note, while I was just recently in JoBurg, I was in a restaurant, and every white in there was armed. The white commies usually get dealt with at the local level with extreme prejudice by the Boers, the english are pushovers for the most part.

  2. The NAZi’s were the first Greens. Underneath, I believe all Greens are basically Nazi’s. I remember a doco about the Nazi’s and they had Green policies in the 1920’s and 30’s. I don’t see the divide at all. Also, Germans are big naturists. English never had that culture.

    Odessa? – Built by Russians and home to all the Ukrainian bride scammers and pimps, same as Nikolaev.
    I have been talking to two Polish people this week and both say don’t trust these Ukrainians.

  3. I have waited for an article about this topic and asked myself where those
    ” no borders, no nations” demonstrators hid their derrières, now that Putin
    is about accomplishing their aims. Opportunists they are, they better stayed home: the encounter with ukrainian antagonists in the street would not do them any good.

  4. It should be noted that Odessa is not really a Ukrainian city. It was built by Russians on the site of a conquered Turkish fortress. Until World War II it was populated mostly by Greeks, Jews and Russians with some Armenians, Bulgarians, Moldovans and a handful of Ukrainians thrown in. All the cultural institutions were designed and built by Imperial Russian and subsequently by Soviet authorities. The unique Odessa folklore is, in fact, Jewish, and the quaint version of Russian that used to be spoken there developed under the influence of Pontiac Greek and Yiddish.

    During World War II most Jews were either evacuated or exterminated by Germans, and Greeks somewhat later where deported by Stalin. But even then the city did not become Ukrainian. Its population, language and culture were predominantly Russian. A full-scale forcible ukrainization began only some time after Ukrainian independence. Even so, until 2014, in their daily life Odessans spoke almost exclusively Russian.

  5. When I was a kid in Germany (my father was in the Air Force and stationed there) i talked with a number of WW2 veterans, including some former SS, who would not normally speak with Americans, but would with a kid. They predicted Germany would come to what it is now. The first inklings of what we see now were present in ’68-’69 and we saw some anti-Americanism while out and around. ’69 is when the Socialist coalition won the elections, and everything has been downhill from there. The current Chancellor is well within the normal stupidity of Mutti Merkel and her immediate predecessor. They are destroying Germany and it will be more thorough than anything the Nazis did.

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