Don’t Take the Kids to the Pool This Summer

In the wake of the Great Migration Crisis of 2015, German swimming pools experienced a wave of cultural enrichment which featured the sexual molestation of small children of both sexes by the “New Germans”.

Apparently the natatory orgies are still ongoing. The following report describes a warning from the head of the lifeguards’ association, who strongly advises parents not to take their kids to outdoor pools this summer.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

German lifeguards warn: Violent excesses: “Don’t go to the outdoor pool with children”


The violence in German outdoor pools has alarmed the Federal Association of German Lifeguards (BDS). Its President Peter Harzheim said he could no longer in good conscience recommend that families go to the outdoor pool at the weekend: “I have three small grandchildren myself — if I went in there with them, I would simply be acting irresponsibly!”

The reason for his statements to Bild TV is the mass brawl in Berlin’s “Sommerbad am Insulaner”, in which around 150 migrants were involved. Children were also punched and kicked. Scenes like these don’t always make the headlines, but violence, threats and sexual harassment are part of everyday life at German outdoor pools. “Mediterranean” [from the wrong site of the pond] migrants have been very dominant there for years.

Discuss the problem despite a migration background

Harzheim now says: “These pictures shake me. When I see this, I shudder. These people that I see there have no respect for people. It cannot go on like this. Pool operators need to be more active and choose their customers better.”

The BDS President is also calling for more political support and tougher police action. “It cannot be that the people who commit crimes there are released after two hours,” Harzheim complained. “Politicians turn a blind eye to the problems and let us down.” The migrant background of some of the perpetrators should not mean that the problem is not addressed. [Wanna bet?]

Afterword from the translator:

For how many years/decades have these conditions existed in German open-air pools? Where groups of aggressive bathers, controlled by their testosterone — teenagers/young men — take over the pools and stir them up. Which then develop into focal points where peaceful, native pool visitors no longer feel comfortable or safe, and the former out-door fun is increasingly becoming the running of a gauntlet.

Also, I must admit, this super reaction from the lifeguards’ association is something to behold. It means in plain language: leave the swimming pools to the southern mob; we cannot protect you.

Now it only remains for the police and perhaps also their top boss, Ms. Faeser (SPD), to agree with this canon and declare Sharia law.

Germany is finished!

As Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Greens) said: “Our country will change, and drastically. And I look forward to it!” (I always wonder if she’s related to Fat Hermann, Hitler’s pal, since so many founders of the Greens had an NSDAP background?)

7 thoughts on “Don’t Take the Kids to the Pool This Summer

  1. Deutschland is fertig!!,you better believe it , who is to blame ??, People who vote for this parasites traitors!!, they have good chance with AFD but they too naive and stupid to understand what is really going on., sad ..

    • I keep telling them that but they are blind . Its all visible but they dont realise it . Thats why Im so fatalistic about Europe. To the point where Im encouraging locals to vacate their homes for refugees and tell them to sleep on the streets and get used to it because foreigners get priority. In the courts too. Im humiliating the locals who do complain and tell them they deserve it for NOT standing up against the traitors they vote for. There is no party in Europe anymore who is not aligned to the new world order and so I tell them to de-register from voting . But no , they keep voting for their traitors like masochists and then moan. I want to slap those idiots whenever I hear them complaining.

      • This why sooner or later the militaries of Europe will take over at some point, they all will get a Franco, Mussolini, Hitler and Pinochet’s. They will get nationalism on steroids after all is said and done.

  2. Going to outdoor pools in Poland, I was thinking how peaceful and well-behaved everyone was (with the biggest problem being small kids splashing other small kids).

    Yet some would like Poland to be as “accepting” of culturally enriched migrants coming through Belarus, as it couldn’t possibly lead to any problems, as in Germany it was such a success!

    Well – apart from mayors advising people to stay clear of areas with refugee centres, gyms near such centres being moved ot closed, women since 2015 being afraid to go out at night, and now the outdoor pools…

    Wonder why the enrichers are so obsessed with outdoor pools – couldn’t be because the dress code for women and girls there is pretty much the opposite of Sharia?

  3. The same thing happened in city and countryside village pools in South Africa in 94 . The beaches too. Now look at Durban beach in peak time. Children get “lost “, urination and defecation is too common. We dont go there anymore.
    All what was once decent , good , fun and clean is now dirty and perverse. Keep voting for the traitors and this is what you get. We were then , and still are, the minority . Europeans will one day be that too. Not long to go guys.

    • Yep, where I live we don’t even have a Public Pool anymore, same goes for the Botanical Garden on the Mountain or the Bowling Greens.
      All of that got destroyed 15 years ago when the then minuscule Township exploded.
      Now we’re having around 2000 Villagers and 20000 Township dwellers that we have to pay for with our Rates and Taxes.
      Two fruit producing farms were given to the Township people at that time, and those two Farms don’t exist any longer.
      The fruit-trees are gone for firewood, the buildings dismantled for shacks and the land itself has been rented out to other shack-dwellers, mostly Xhosa from the Eastern Cape.
      And they demanding constantly that they are given better housing and more land to desecrate.
      Needless to say, Crime has gone through the roof and houses that were before open, have now high walls, burglar bars, Alarm systems linked to Armed Response companies.
      Even the Police-station is protected by a local Armed Response Company.

      • Oh don’t forget the now 10 hour brownouts you now have, that you didn’t have when the Boers ran things. Now all the whites, except the cowardly Brits living there, are armed to the teeth and with great surprise found those lost R-4’s and 5’s and a pistol on everyones hip who don’t bother the police with emergency calls any longer, but practice the 3 S’s. Thank God for the wild life that do an excellent job of clean up in a matter of a few hours or less.

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