Arab Culture-Enrichers Abuse Ukrainian Boys in Sweden

I reported last night on the sexual abuse of Ukrainian children in Spain by a Pakistani migrant. The following article from Sweden details the abuse of Ukrainian children by Arabs, but this time it’s physical gang violence.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Ukrainian refugee children beaten by Arab gang — “Shouted that we should go home”

An Arab gang beat two Ukrainian refugee children in Ronneby in Blekinge, Sydöstran reports. The boys were playing soccer when they were attacked by the gang, who among other things, shouted at them to go home to Ukraine.

Five refugee children were playing soccer in Ronneby, where they were placed by the Migration Agency. Then an Arab gang of about twelve people came to the location and began to argue.

“They spoke Arabic, and so do I, a little, so I understood what they said. They began to shout to each other, ‘Beat the Ukrainians, beat the Ukrainians,” said one of the Ukrainian refugee children.

“I tried to explain that we didn’t want a fight, just to play, but they didn’t care. Instead, they began to shout that we should go back to Ukraine,” he continued.

Two brothers, a 12-year-old and a 17-year-old, were attacked by the Arabs. They were whipped with belts, threatened with a knife, pushed, and hit. The youngest boy’s nose was broken during the attack.

“We came to Sweden to be safe, and this happens. We thought we would be safe here. Now we want to leave here, but where will we go?” says a Ukrainian refugee girl to Sydöstran.

“Should it really be like this? That people don’t dare go out after 7 in the evening because they are afraid of being beaten? I wasn’t even scared when I left Ukraine, but now I am,” she continues.

11 thoughts on “Arab Culture-Enrichers Abuse Ukrainian Boys in Sweden

  1. “Should it really be like this? That people don’t dare go out after 7 in the evening because they are afraid of being beaten? I wasn’t even scared when I left Ukraine, but now I am,” she continues.

    And so she should.
    I for instance, living in a rural Farming village in the Western Cape of South Africa were the Township people are 10 times the number now than the Villagers that are forced to pay for their up-keep with exorbitant Rates and Taxes, go only out at Night when absolutely necesary, and then I’m armed.
    15 years ago, we didn’t even lock our doors during the day-time, now we have between 3 – 4 meter high walls, burglar bars, Alarm-systems with Panic buttons… name it.
    You might as well live in certain areas of Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, and the Crime is just increasing now due to the courtesy of the Plandemic Food Shortage Crowd F(o)unders.
    Any Country that has a large or small population with a Third World Mentality is a Country in dire straights.

    • Ukraine is already disappointed. Big changes ahead though. There is no way to win war soon for Ukraine, but the win seems to be imminent. The question is when. Unless France/Germany interferes ruthlessly as with Georgia in 2008. For now they seem to want to do that, but are paralyzed a bit. US is likely to deliver the weapons eventually, and the moment Ukraine reaches parity with Russia events will start developing quickly. If/when Russia looses then the key country in Europe becomes Poland, with Ukraine, and some other allies in Eastern Europe. NATO becomes less relevant. The money is still with Germany/France, but the clout Russia gave, by making trade alliances and energy concessions to them will be gone. The elites in the Western Europe don’t want that. And ordinary people can only see things through the lens of refugees (and ‘nazis’).

      • Ukraine is doomed to extinction in any way. Since the 1990s, the death rate in Ukraine has been higher than birth rate. Last year twice as many people died in Ukraine as were born. The country has been experiencing one of the worst population declines in the world.

        The only way to increase Ukraine’s population is to flood the country with migrants. But, in view of Ukrainians rabid nationalism, it would cause a lot of trouble.

  2. Ukrainian politicians sell them that one day they will be part of the European Union, and that they will be as prosperous and advanced as other countries, especially the former satellites of the Soviet bloc. The problem is that they are only sold on the idea of ​​the convenience of being a European citizen, under the terms of the European Union, and they almost never talk about the consequences of this. Probably there everything that was reported about the European Union came in the form of propaganda in favor, without any critical analysis. Remember that when the refugee crisis hit Europe, leading to terrorist attacks, Ukrainians were still coming out of a color revolution followed by various riots and confrontation with the authorities. For them, the refugee crisis was marketed differently, and they probably saw the crisis from a pro-European perspective rather than a critical one. Being part of the European Union means that when the European Commission decides to pursue a “humanitarian” policy, all member states will be obliged to follow it. The fact that the Ukrainian refugee wonders if things really should be like this shows that what she knows about other countries is superficial, and she doesn’t understand how a country like Sweden can be so dangerous. If Ukrainians really were well-informed about what the European Union’s open-door policies are, they wouldn’t be so happy to want to be a part of it. In fact, I believe that it is a requirement for anyone who does not want to live with Islamic terrorists disguised as asylum seekers to want to leave the European Union as quickly as possible. There is no possibility of reforming the European Union, given how much it has taken away from countries’ sovereignty, and how much it still intends to take. If you don’t want to get blown up by a suicide bomber, or shot at a music concert, then you’ll probably consider joining the European Union as not a good idea.

  3. Better start training those Ukie boys how to fight, the Swedish way of just standing there getting beat up is not going to work.

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