Wir Schaffen Das! This Time With Ukrainians!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Even before the entitlement to basic security: the number of registered refugees from Ukraine has already risen to over 352,000

Berlin — Just a few days before the basic security entitlement for Ukrainian refugees came into force, 352,545 Ukrainian nationals and 12,371 third-country nationals were already registered in Germany with biometric data. This was explained by the Federal Ministry of the Interior at the request of Bild am Sonntag. However, the actual number of refugees is estimated to be much higher, since initially every Ukrainian with a passport could enter the country without a visa, and there was no obligation to register.

According to the Federal Employment Agency, as of Friday, 44,000 Ukrainians have registered with Job Centers as looking for work.

So, that’s just over ten percent of the refugees. Everything as usual: Most need German taxpayers’ money, the Federal Government has no control over who is in this Country, and it invites all the poor people in the world to Germany, where it promises them a basic security that is higher than what many pensioners receive here who have worked for 45 years.

That’s not only unfair, it’s perverse, because it attracts more and more people who — without doing anything to earn it — provide themselves with a “luxury life” that is carefree by their standards.

Something is fundamentally wrong here. Unfortunately, on purpose.

Afterword from the translator:

I think the German Government needs to strike retirement for native Germans completely off their “basic human rights” list and make them pay at a minimum 60% income tax and give them NO unemployment benefits if they should lose their jobs for any reason, so that they will work harder out of fear of being unemployed.

I’m pretty sure that most Germans would grumble a little bit in the privacy of their privy, but would nonetheless get up every morning, go to work and kill themselves slowly so that no whiff of racism or Nazism could be attached to them. “Let them rest in their graves” is the motto.

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  1. My question is , who is voting for this freaking idiots : Greens, SPD, FPD ??, this traitors are the worse than this Merkel&CO, good luck with this disgusting leeches.. Germany is finished, this country with law and order, and clean , beautiful is no longer exist, very sad ..

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