Turning Off the Tap

It looks like sanctions against Russia are beginning to bite, but in this case they’re biting back against Poland and Germany.

The German economics minister is confident that Germany will be able to make up the gas deficit from other sources of supply, but here is the key clause: “albeit at higher prices”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from RTDE.website (which seems to be RT’s workaround after it was banned in Germany):

Gazprom stops transit of natural gas through Poland

Russia responded to the European sanctions on Thursday with countermeasures. The effects of the counter-sanctions on the European energy market are gradually becoming apparent: now, with the gas transit through Poland, one delivery route is no longer available.

The Russian gas supplier Gazprom announced on Thursday that it would stop supplying gas to and through Poland. The reason is Russian counter-sanctions, which also affect the owner of the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

Russian sanctions imposed on a number of foreign energy companies prohibit Gazprom from using the pipeline, owned by EuRoPol GAZ (a joint venture between Gazprom and Poland’s PGNiG, which owns the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe pipeline) to supply Russian gas through Poland, said today the spokesman for the holding company, Sergei Kupriyanov.

“A ban on transactions and payments in favour of sanctioned persons was imposed. For Gazprom, this means, in particular, a ban on using the gas pipeline owned by EuRoPol GAZ to transport Russian gas through Poland,” as Kupriyanov justified the decision.

As he further explained, the Polish side has repeatedly violated the rights of Gazprom as a shareholder of EuRoPol GAZ, and at the end of April put the Russian company on a sanctions list, which means that it is no longer able to exercise rights to shares and other securities of the joint venture exercise, nor to receive dividends.

It also became known on Thursday that Gazprom will no longer supply gas to its former subsidiary Gazprom Germania due to counter-sanctions imposed by Russia. In the past, at least part of Germany’s gas imports from Russia were handled via Gazprom Germania.

Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck announced today that he was not concerned about the security of gas supplies in Germany. The affected gas volume could reach Europe and Germany via other contracts and new bookings, albeit at higher prices.

Previously, Ukraine had halted the part of the gas transit using a compressor station in the Lugansk region. According to estimates, around a third of the transport capacities of the Ukrainian gas pipelines were lost as a result.

Kupriyanov’s message on Gazprom’s official Telegram channel.

Afterword from the translator:

This is what globalism looks like in a nutshell when there’s discord in the house and everyone throws a temper tantrum. But I guess those in seats of power — and by that I don’t necessarily mean political power — couldn’t give a damn whether the little people perish while trying to finance their own survival and the Elites’ lavish lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Turning Off the Tap

  1. malice malevolence rancour abysmal hatred discerned by the mental eye.
    they don’t import russian gas even if they perish. cut your nose…

    one’s deeds reveal one’s diabolical intentions. the west uses anything, any means, any weapon –to annihilate the Russians. then go and get all the resources. the ultimate goal. nothing less.

    push aside Minsk agreement. if we respect Minsk agreement means we respect Russia.

    that means no war. that means we can’t find something to distract our western populace.

    hey Ukraine play rough with Russia until you force it to attack or else.

    Kuwait, antagonize Iraq until provoking an attack or else.

    with a bully common understanding is impossible.

    when the hour of Samson arrived he knew how to end it all.

    if i die the whole world dies with me. simple logic.

    just be careful how much force you exert on a manufactured enemy.

  2. I had a dream. McConnell was standing with his fellow Republican Senate leaders announcing that he was prepared to support the aid package for Ukraine. However, because the southern border is a major vulnerability which the Russians can take advantage of by smuggling in saboteurs, sleeper agents, Chechen and Syrian terrorists and criminals to attack us he is insisting that the following provisions be included as the condition for his support. Half of the bill’s expenditures must be earmarked to sending the military to the Mexican border. The wall must be built, the border secured and all asylum claims are to be suspended for the duration of the war so that the migrant flows will stop along with Putin’s agents and saboteurs. I had a dream.

    • You are right. It would be SO EASY for Russia to destroy the US via the southern border and if they are as horrible and sadistic as the US politicians tell us they are, it could have been done already! Just proves the US politicians talk complete crap. Also, if Russia was so bad why did they let Pelosi travel safely to Kiev and U2/Bono sing in the subway? Just all lies. I don’t believe them any more and am frightened that our ally is a lying lunatic.

      • See the following:


        After the fall of the Soviet Union Russia should have become our ally. Instead we regarded it as a defeated enemy. Then the West turned it into an actual enemy by expanding NATO to its very borders thereby ignoring the Russian people’s justified historical paranoia. And all this even before the ‘evil’ Putin came to power.

        Then there was Clinton’s criminal war against Russia’s civilizational little brother Serbia; in favor of Muslims in fact. One more factor which motivated Russia to become the major nuisance it now is. It was no coincidence that just a year later the Russian elite decided they needed a thuggish ruthless KGB guy to lead them. And most recently the screeching liberals pushed the Russian collusion nonsense in order to take out Trump. This confirmed to Russians that we would always be their enemy. One result was to do what Kissinger warned us against; driving Russia and China, natural enemies, together into an alliance. Note that the removal of the ‘mean tweeter’ and his replacement by the doddering old fool directly brought on the current crisis.

        Also there was the building up of China at the expense of our own manufacturing and of our working class. Well we certainly see how well that worked out with the recent rapid spread of Covid courtesy of our friend China.

        Putin, of course, must bear the lion’s share of the blame; his anger has overwhelmed his rational calculating persona and made him go over the deep end. His actions in Ukraine are, to quote Talleyrand “worse than a crime; it’s a blunder”. The best thing would be if the oligarchs and Russian people get rid of this guy. We can hope. But then let us learn from history and not repeat the same mistakes with the new Russian regime.

        Finally, I must congratulate the American oligarchy and Deep State. Guys you have finally recreated the enemy you want in Russia. And indeed Putin is a real problem and a mass murderer. Nicely done guys. Now that you have the needed Russian enemy you can go back to your favorite pastime – getting rich by selling out America to China. And China is now Putin’s chief ally, financier and enabler. So where is all the criticism of China for helping Putin on the part of our media and ruling elite? Crickets and tumbleweed.

    • I totally agree with you.

      If I remember the security measures that were used in my army unit (ok, that was at the end of the Cold War – but still) and we were a unit equipped with missiles and nuclear warheads (ok, those were in the hands of an US unit closeby)! I always knew somehow deep down that we were no threat to the Warsaw Pact.
      Lets just say that the base was wide open to infiltration, and considering that the weakest days in manpower were always weekends (and we had a famous disco close by) You could have killed my unit in no time.

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