The Green Nuclear War Machine

Or: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

The foreign minister of the new coalition government in Germany is a politician from the Green Party named Annalena Baerbock. Ms. Baerbock seems to be preparing her constituents for the possibility that Germany’s (and the EU’s) aggressive support for Ukraine may result in the onset of nuclear war with Russia.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times:

German Government also prepares for nuclear weapons scenario

According to Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens), the Federal Government is also preparing for the use of nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war.

Baerbock told the Rheinische Post and the Bonn General-Anzeiger (Tuesday): “A nuclear power is waging a war of aggression on our doorstep, which is why it is our responsibility as a government to take even the worst-case scenarios seriously. Russia’s nuclear saber-rattling is irresponsible in the current situation, even though we’ve heard similar tones from President Putin before.”

However, one cannot use nuclear weapons without harming oneself. The Russian President also knows this. At the same time, Baerbock threatened the ruler in the Kremlin with an indictment before the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague.

“The Russian President is breaking with international law and international humanitarian law in the most brutal way. You don’t bomb mothers, fathers, children, the elderly or the sick. People who do this commit the most serious war crimes. These crimes must be brought to justice. We owe that to the victims,” said Baerbock.

Afterword from the translator:

These idiots are handling nuclear war very carelessly and immaturely. Nobody can win it.

Russia also has much more effective nuclear weapons than USA/NATO.

Russia has vastly superior ICBM systems such as the new SARMAT-2 missile with up to 15 MIRVs and Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV) capability. That means Russia is capable of launching a single ICBM capable of nuclear strikes on 15 US cities at once without risk of interception by US defense forces. And, as far as I know, Clinton signed something that makes it impossible for the US Military to retaliate when the launch is detected. They literally have to wait for IMPACT before they can fight back. A pretty grim outlook, if you ask me.

Keep in mind that the overall context of all this seems to be a plan to cancel the 2022 midterms by throwing America into a World War before November, accompanied by a domestic police state/martial law response that now includes an actual Department of Truth run by Homeland Security (DHS).

And then there’s Russia’s “secret weapon” in reserve: underwater nuclear drones that could unleash a radioactive tidal wave against the US or Britain. At least that’s what I heard.

I wonder how all of this can be brought ideologically under the umbrella of “Save the Planet”?

But what do I know — I’m not a parasite and politician.

10 thoughts on “The Green Nuclear War Machine

  1. “The Russian President is breaking with international law and international humanitarian law in the most brutal way. You don’t bomb mothers, fathers, children, the elderly or the sick. ”

    Have people who speak this loftily committed any heinous crimes? Or is this the perfect ploy to blind others about one’s butcher’s apron?

    Since 2014 Russians in Ukraine have been slaughtered. More than 30 bio labs built, (American source). Training Nazis in Ukraine while pretending to hate them elsewhere. Kuwait was forced to manufacture a crisis with Iraq in order to get / loot Iraqi oil as well as Kuwait’s. Ukraine was forced to play rough with Russia until Russia was forced to attack.

    That diabolical pressure is not discerned by people, and is not liable to courts. You don’t feel what kind of pressure is exerted on Russia to wave Its “sabre” .
    The west can stand Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and their recklessness but can’t stand Russia.

    Has Russia extended its tentacles to NEw Zealand, Tasmania, Aus., North America? Where is that Russian empire that Reagan daily talked about and got applauded.

    How Europe is so softy when it comes to dealing with muslims, but hyenic when a crisis is manufactured against Russia.

    This war against Russia is a continuation of WW2. That war everyone was with Hitler as long as he was hostile towards the “subhumans” Britain was his “natural ally.”

    Russia is unbearable. No matter what the consequences. “we don’t care if we are wiped out as long as Russia is decimated.”

    You know hatred is innate.

    It seems that

    • You don’t bomb regular people why again? Because it hurts peoples feelings? It is called war for a reason and everybody suffers, nobody and no group is special nor has special consideration in war.

  2. Im surprised the Germans never took the Allies to court for breaching the laws when they blanket bombed whole cities with thermals , killing old women and children in their hundreds of thousands , burning their bodies into the tarred roads etc.
    In this case NATO is the instigator and we will have to pay , as is the case already.
    On the other hand , this is just a mere distraction while they prepare for their NWO agenda.

    • These NWO types really have no idea what is coming, but they soon will as nature reasserts itself to the natural order of all things great and small. In other words, they all will be dealt with most expediently and in the most brutal of ways and means.

  3. I try not to minimalize the danger of Russian military, but did this nation ever in history produce one , repeat one, item that is technologically advanced and ready to be sold worldwide?
    Let alone the human factor: what about a male population that starts the day with 2 or 3 ounces of vodka , washed down with a shot of scotch?
    Not to mention the motivation to fight for a hardscrabble lifestyle below the level of western welfare dwellers.

    • Wars always goes to those who are willing to do anything to win. History is written in blood and it only remembers the names of those who conquered and killed to get Victory, the bloody Russians do that in spades, we on the other hand got to civilized and weak for own good.

  4. I disagree.
    I once helped out in a company that supplies energy to entire towns.
    One of the technixcians told me that you need to destroy a certain amount of transformers (outside a power station) and a few lines connecting cities or countries and you have total power failure in Germany. And if the countries surrounding Germany are not careful and cut the connections they may experience power failure too.

    So, while a nuke detonating 800 km above Europe (EMP anybody?) would send Europe bach into the stone age forever, a swarm of missiles (or sabotage) directed at some weak spots would send at least Germany into a blackout that can take some time to repair.
    And if other countries are also targetted the blackout may be longer because we all switched to just in time production. That means we have maybe one replacement part but would need 200.
    And our friendly invaders from muslim countries will be very un-helpful.
    So, I expect hell on Earth if this happens.

    • The transformers are very expensive, labour intensive, and they have to be ordered something like years in advance (or at least a very long time in advance). If someone or something destroyed enough of them at once, we would not be getting new ones any time soon, because the big ones are not on stock.

      But who knows… Governments and armies keep a secret infrastructure underground, so there would not be a complete end of telecomunications or power generation, I guess: It’s just the people outside that would have to go without those luxuries.

      PS: Czech Republic and Poland had already build the cut-off transformer stations on the border with Germany: The primary reason given was that the German power network, with all those windmills that either all work at once, or none of them work at once – the cutoff transformer stations were build to be able to quickly “leave” the German power network in case a crazy “blast of wind comes to germany and they overload their network”. Or so I heard.

  5. @ Michael Lawson

    Re: “Im surprised the Germans never took the Allies to court for breaching the laws when they blanket bombed whole cities with thermals , killing old women and children in their hundreds of thousands , burning their bodies into the tarred roads etc.”

    The histories are written by the victors, as you probably know – and even so, German claims could not possibly have held up to legal scrutiny, given the history of strategic bombing since the Great War.

    The Germans used lighter-than-air Zeppelins and primitive long-range bombers to attack French and British cities during WWI. They also shelled the French capital using the “Paris Gun,” which could fire a 230-lb. HE shell from 75 miles away and still hit targets in the city. Neither of these military weapons/strategies discriminated between combatants and non-combatants or between soldier and civilian, to any meaningful degree.

    Of course, given the nature of such things, the Anglo-French allies retaliated in kind, but that is the nature of total war.

    During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), German aviators flew missions for the fascists (Nationalists) as part of the so-called “Condor Legion” air force. When they bombed Guernica in 1937, leveling that city with a great loss of civilian life, it provoked an international outcry. “Remember Guernica!” entered the lexicon of the resistance to fascism.

    And once the Second World War was underway in Europe, the Luftwaffe fire-bombed Rotterdam in Holland and many other civilian targets in the U.K. and elsewhere.

    Critics of the Anglo-American strategic bombing campaign usually attempt to argue that the damage and casualties inflicted during these raids was relatively small in comparison to the enormous damage the Royal Air Force and U.S. Army Air Force later inflicted, but such arguments are baseless. If the Germans (and the Japanese, for that matter) were not prepared for the whirlwind, they should not have sown the wind by conducting terror bombings in the first place.

    Did the German high-command really believe that the British would not retaliate in kind and then some, once the Germans had leveled cities like Coventry?

    And we haven’t even gotten into the indiscriminate nature of such weapons as the V-1 and V-2 rockets, whose relatively primitive guidance systems were not precise-enough to assure that purely military targets were hit, even had the Germans wished to confine themselves to such targets by that stage of the war. Which they did not. Hitler termed these weapons Vergeltungswaffen, which in German means “retaliatory weapons” or in plain English, weapons of vengeance.

    By its very nature, war – especially total war – is a violation of civilized ethical and moral norms. Especially when one’s nation or leader has violated every moral and ethical precept known to civilization, one cannot then make claims of immorality in return when the war does not go in one’s favor. If you throw away the rule book, don’t be surprised when the other side does the same.

    • I would like to comment.
      I have read the Hague Convention and basically it says if an army fortifies a city – and one sandbag means fortify – then the city in question is a fortress that may be attacked.

      So, both Rotterdam and Warsaw were fortified according to the Hague Convention and therefore free to be attacked.

      And now we enter the realm of not looking into the future. The Hague Convention were of 1899 and the writers couldnt imagine that a plane could travel hundred of miles into enemy territory.

      So, if I look at the Hague Convention – and I say this is my personal opinion – then I see it as follows:
      War had definite lines. That were the lines were armies met and fought and a few miles beyond. Lets call this area the war zone.
      But everything beyond that was the peace zone- not to be attacked.

      Unfortunately the Big Powers never saw or foresaw the was technology would develop or act when technology developed to change the rules of warfare.
      Just imagine the Hague Convention would be modified to make it clear that you may fight in the war zone but everything else is off limits. Or if they had modified it that all war making industrial power must be outside city limits (or special war cities build) and these areas may be attacked if technology evolves.

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