Nothing to See Here, It’s Just Another Lunatic

There was a “diplomatic incident” in Paris yesterday when a culture-enricher had his “Allahu Akhbar” moment in the lobby of the Qatar embassy and attacked a guard, beating him and strangling him. The police were called, but could not enter the building without a formal written request from a Qatari diplomatic official. By the time the necessary formalities were completed and police entered the lobby, the guard was dead.

It goes without saying that the grisly incident is being blamed on the mental illness of the murderer.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Boulevard Voltaire:

To the cry of Allahu Akhbar, man strangled at Qatar embassy: More than terrorists, nothing but madmen!

by Marie Delarue
May 24, 2022

In the face of the unbelievable attack that took place Monday morning at the embassy of Qatar, are we to invoke the psychiatric state of the murderer? The facts, this time due to the diplomatic context, are staggering. At 6:30 in the morning, the cleaning lady calls the police, stating that a fight is underway in the lobby of the embassy. An individual is in the process of massacring the guard. The police arrive five minutes later but cannot enter: They require written authorization from the ambassador or one of his representatives. According to the police report (viewed by Europe 1), “It was only around 6:50 that a counselor of the Qatar embassy arrived in front of the entry and asked the police to intervene.” The attacker continued the beating. At 7:05, the necessary document of intervention finally arrives, signed by a representative of the ambassador. While waiting for the order to come down through the hierarchy, the police and firefighters continue to do nothing during the massacre. “Finally, at 7:28 they get the green light from public order and traffic staff (DOPC) to enter the Qatar embassy, 53 minutes after their arrival,” The guard is dead, beaten and strangled. It was a 42-year-old Frenchman.

Of his murderer, we only know the initials, Ilies S., and his tumultuous past. He is, “well-known by the police services,” for violent acts against the police, outrages, and rebellion. Tested positive for cocaine, he “suffers from psychiatric issues,” and if he cried out “Allahu Akhbar” several times before stating that he acted out of “revenge for his brothers”, it is obviously just a coincidence. Because we are telling you that he is crazy!

After the attacks that bloodied France and occupied our justice system for months dissecting the intentions and the moods of the Bataclan and Charlie Hebdo killers, France can finally breathe easy: There are no more terrorists, nothing but crazies in complete delirium. And that changes everything.

Like Toinette disguised as a doctor in front of Argan, we treat terrorists today like Moliere treated his Imaginary Invalid.

“What do they say you are sick with?”

“They say it is Islamism.”

“They are all ignorant; it is your brain that is sick.”

“The brain?”

“Yes, what do you feel?”

“From time to time I get headaches.”

“Exactly, the brain.”

That’s how it is. After predicting the spread of lone wolf terrorism, committed by self-radicalized individuals who are able to go into action at any time, anywhere, we systematically attribute the commission of these crimes today to mental derangement of the perpetrators.

Soon, seven years will have passed since the Bataclan attack, marked by 21 major attacks, numerous attempts, and more than 60 foiled attacks. Islamic attacks on the police prefectures of Villejuif, Romans-sur-Isere, or Rambouillet: a priest or teacher with his throat slashed, passersby stabbed in the middle of the street, police attacked with knives, a 60-something woman tortured then thrown from a balcony… Whether committed by an Algerian student, a Sudanese, or a Malian delinquent, all these crimes have been to the cries of “Allahu Akhbar”. What have we learned? That the perpetrators were “unbalanced”, “psychologically fragile individuals”, or had “psychiatric histories,” when they were simply acquitted on the pretext that they were drugged. In the face of the madmen of God, we only retain the adjective crazy…

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