Nice Work if You Can Get It

Thousands of Somalis have left their homes and migrated to Sweden in search of a better life there, and, boy, have they found it!

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

“Sweden is good” — Hassan hasn’t worked a day after 11 years in the country

May 27, 2022

A father of nine, Hassan Dhgey Himiye of Filipstad managed to make it from Somalia to Sweden eleven years ago. A real jackpot, it would turn out, as eleven years later he still has not made a move in the new country, reports SVT.

Facts: Somalis

Somalis are a vulnerable group:

  • At the end of 2019, 111,014 Somalis were living in Sweden (SCB).
  • Each Somali who receives a residence permit costs taxpayers SEK 10 million (ABC).
  • Among Somalis who have lived in Sweden for up to four years, the median income from work is 100 SEK/month and the rest is benefits (RUT).
  • Nine out of ten Somali immigrants are illiterate (Yle).
  • One in five young Somali men in Gothenburg are involved in at least one violent crime in a two-year period (GP)
  • 82% of Somalis in Sweden are unemployed (SR)
  • The average IQ in Somalia is about 68. This means that the probability that a random Swede has a higher IQ than a random Somali is 94 percent (Lynn 2002).
  • Somalis are significantly more satisfied with life in Sweden than ethnic Swedes are. Somali illiterates are the most satisfied with Sweden (SvD).

Hassan himself is of the opinion that Sweden is a really great country.

“Sweden is good,” he says to SVT [Swedish state television] and emphasizes:

“It is very good in Sweden.”

The statement is in line with previous figures showing that Somalis are considerably more satisfied with life in Sweden than ethnic Swedes are. Somali illiterates are the most satisfied with Sweden, according to SvD, which describes the group as “the most proud Swedes” there are.

However, according to YLE, as many as nine out of ten Somali immigrants are illiterate.

“Those who feel most at home and proud are the Somalis,” said Bi Puranen, secretary general of the World Values Survey, when the survey was presented.

In the case of Hassan in Filipstad, SVT has made a so-called sob story in which they try to make it look like he has hardly done anything but look for a job for the past eleven years, but still can’t find a job.

Hassan is not alone in being a Somali and not working. Last year, a report from the Moderates showed that media Somalis’ job income was 100 SEK a month. The rest was made up of benefits.

According to SVT, Hassan has an internship at the labour market and integration unit (sic!) at the municipality.

“We are changing the population. You can think what you want about it; it depends on how you are inclined. But it is just stating the facts that this is what we are actually doing and then we must relate to it,” said the municipality’s integration manager Jim Frölander to SVT 2019.

How Hassan has time to practice at the unit is unclear, however, because, according to SVT, the man has nine children, which he takes care of himself because he “became a widower” two years ago.

How his wife died, however, is not clear from the SVT report.

In Filipstad, 32% of immigrants have no work. In 2017, 58 percent of them had no job, but the figure is still significantly worse than the figure for the country as a whole, where 17 percent of immigrants have no job.

“We certainly don’t have jobs for all those who came, but we try to help them and make them as employable as possible,” says municipal councilor Åsa Hååkman Eriksson (S) to SVT.

Afterword from the translator:

Hassan is one of the many engineers, doctors, teachers, and other academics who make Sweden so much better and lovelier.

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  1. Re: “A father of nine, Hassan Dhgey Himiye of Filipstad managed to make it from Somalia to Sweden eleven years ago. A real jackpot, it would turn out, as eleven years later he still has not made a move in the new country, reports SVT.”

    To translate that into plain language, the globalist elites at Davos and the European Union and their collaborators in each member nation, are importing fourth-generation warfare with each and every “refugee” and “immigrant” they allow into their home nations. And they are doing it using the taxes of the very populations of people they mean to replace.

    The elites do not want ordinary people figuring this out for themselves, which is why there is such a torrent of pro-diversity propaganda, disinformation and the like being broadcast non-stop by the mainstream media and the governments of Europe themselves.

    The goal of the globalists is to erase Old Europe so that they can build their long-sought-after high-tech utopia in its place. In order to hasten the decay and eventual destruction of the former, the billionaire oligarchs have adopted a strategy of flooding the continent with people and cultures alien to it.

    Although their propaganda ceaselessly states that “diversity is our strength,” they know full-well that this statement is not only a lie, but a precise inversion of the truth: Diversity + proximity = war …. the more-heterogeneous a society becomes, the more its internal cohesion, trust and social welfare break down. Suspicion, resentment and hostility take their place. In time, ultimately the society breaks apart into warring factions, just like the Balkans before World War One and again in the 1990s.

    It is called “Balkanization” for a reason, folks….

    The preferred means used by the oligarchs to advance their agenda is manufactured crisis. Provoke a crisis or use a naturally-occurring one to your advantage > allow the tension and pressure to build to a climax and crisis > Resolve the crisis by presenting a ‘solution’ which gives you what you have wanted all along, namely, greater centralization and control, more mass surveillance, and less national and individual autonomy.

    Simple though it may be, this method has been used time-and-again by the globalist oligarchs and their collaborators. Why? Because it works, because it delivers the goods.

    Importing Muslims and other aliens into Europe is not, as so often claimed, a side-effect of a shortage of workers or the need to find more tax revenues. These rationales, though in some measure true, are not the real reason mass immigration is taking place. It is taking place because the elites want disorder, chaos and ultimately violence – because only in the midst of a crisis can they finally seize control.

    They want to swamp native Europeans with so many aliens and outsiders that “Europe” as a cultural, geopolitical, and civilizational entity – simply fades away and disappears, just as ancient Rome did when the barbarians swept down upon it.

    “War is the health of the state” ~ Randolph Bourne

    In this case, it is the health of the European Union and its globalist masters….

    • But what will the globalists rule over? An unproductive, uncreative and not very obediant bunch of arabs and africans. Is that really what they want?

      • That assumes that the globalist elites are interested in ruling over a productive, creative society. They already have that right now and they’re not interested.

        I think that many if not most of the ultra-wealthy elites are just nihilists who are bored with existence. They don’t have the desire or ability to create so they spend their time and vast fortunes destroying out of a sense of ennui or self-loathing. Perhaps some of the elites do intend to rule, but as absolute feudal lords over impoverished and servile serfs. What good are luxuries to them if they are within reach of all but the poorest?

      • @ Randers

        Re: “But what will the globalists rule over? An unproductive, uncreative and not very obediant bunch of arabs and africans. Is that really what they want?”

        If one examines the doctrine and ideology of the European branch of globalism, in particular the writings of its founder, Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), it is readily apparent that Kalgeri was a eugenicist.

        Kalgeri, the product of a mixed-race marriage between his Autro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother, propounded the theory that the “ideal European” of the future would be a racial-ethnic hybrid of native Europe stock and the darker-skinned peoples of the Third World, such as the masses of immigrants now flooding into Old Europe from places like Africa and the Middle East.

        The endgame of the globalists appears to be several-fold…

        First, history shows that multi-ethnic, multicultural societies of the kind the European globalists are attempting to create are, by nature, sown with internal divisions along racial, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, sectarian and other lines.

        Since internal cohesion is less than in a more-homogeneous society, in order to keep it in some semblance of normalcy and order, a larger and stronger central government is needed. This serves the interests of the European Union, which is the public face of the globalist movement in Europe.

        Second, by whom and what the globalists attack, they have made it quite plain whom they fear the most as opposition to their movement and goals, namely fellow Europeans a.k.a. whites. One of the goals of the racial hybridization movement may be to “dumb down” the population of Europe as a whole, thereby making her people more-docile and dependent upon a strong and ubiquitous central government.

        Obviously, there are individuals of high intelligence/measured IQ belonging to all different kinds of groups, but we are speaking of very large numbers of people, and traits measured on that basis.

        By importing the people of the third world, they are remaking Old Europe into something more like the third world. Presumably because they believe that they will be able to rule such a polity more-effectively.

        And such people from foreign lands may not possess the innate drive to be free that some parts of European civilization have possessed, coming as many do from places where authoritarian or even tyrannical regimes are the norm and not the exception.

        Third, by importing the disorder and chaos of the third world into Europe proper, the globalist elites are sowing the seeds of future conflict, perhaps even a continent-wide breakdown in civic order and perhaps civil war.

        We already see low-level fourth-generation conflict in many European nations; if this trend accelerates Brussels may use it as the rationale or excuse for the EU needing its own military force. Globalist mainstays President Macron of France, and former German Chancellor Merkel have already discussed such a force in a one-on-one meeting some time ago.

        Ostensibly to “resort order” to the EU, the real purpose of such a force would be to serve as de facto secret police and internal security forces who would enforce the regime’s mandates across the continent.

        Returning to your basic point, the globalists have not thought through the implications of their plans as thoroughly as they may think. If they kill the goose which lays the ‘golden eggs’ of prosperity and economic dynamism, they may very well scuttle their plans right along with them.

        • Re: “Ostensibly to “resort order” to the EU…”

          Apologies for auto-correct and/or poor typing…. “resort” should read “restore”…..

        • These globullists are in for a shock when the military finally take over and resort to putting these globullists against walls, their money won’t save them from the wrath of the nationalists. The military already have the plan to takeover once things become the Balkans on steroids.

  2. Thats fantastic . The Swedes get what they voted for. Why not send a whole lot more illiterates from Africa. After all , there are so many impoverished souls there and the Swedes dont believe Sweden belongs to them . They just happen to be born there . So why not a whole lot more. With a wonderful negative population growth for native Swedes we will see them disappear in a generation or two. Great . To hell with history and technological achievements and any achievements and hard backbreaking work to build up the country and culture by their ancestors. I hope they are enjoying their own demise and finally cultural and ethnic death. They dont deserve to be alive since they have nothing to fight for anymore. They have given up.
    So , whose next ?

  3. When I look at this – they are not working and I have to work my a.., sorry Baron, posterior off – I ask myself: How can I become one of them: All the perks and none of the duties.

    Staying at home all day, getting money for free and nobody bothers me?

    And dont tell me THEY were bothered with those Covid-vaxxes.

    • You cannot do that.You have a disadvantage, you are white and christian,a european.
      I thought to be presented as a Pakistani woman but i dont have the colours!
      Be patient my dear,war is coming and we will be saved.
      From Ukraine then Turkey against Greece.

  4. Must be such good news for the Swedish economy, boosted by a new, young workforce to help pay for the ageing pensioners! 😉

    • These parasites will gladly murder the native pensioners en masse when the time is right. Mark my words.

  5. LOL! Of course, Sweden is “good”. Anywhere taxpayer funded welfare pays all your bills is always “good”. Germany, Britain, Belgium, Netherlands and France are also “good”, although Britain seems to be “better” than France. It’s even sweeter when expectations have been set so low one doesn’t have to show anything for 11 years of living in Sweden other than a part-time “internship” at an “integration unit”.

    Jim Frölander provided a glimpse into the mindset with his “we are changing the population, get used to it being ‘normal'” remark. He didn’t say his ilk were changing it for a “better” population or what replacing taxpayers with welfare recipients will ultimately achieve. However, at about the time of his remark several municipalities, including Filipstad, had reported being close to bankruptcy on account of accepting too many immigrant welfare recipients just a tad too enthusiastically and subsequently taxpayers voting with their feet (“Swedish Municipality to Investigate True Costs of Asylum Migration”, Breitbart, 13 Sep 2019).

    The article treats us to a smattering of immigrant employment statistics (17% unemployed country average) but cites no sources. To get the figure that low, I’m assuming 17% is for all immigrants, including all the legal Western ones with steady jobs. Also, in Sweden the definition of “employed” doesn’t seem to be synonymous with “can support oneself from one’s employment” with even 1h a week apprenticeship counting as “employed” in government statistics, IIRC.

  6. writes:

    Ten and a half hour obituary of a dying land
    It took me several weeks to watch all of this, because it’s so chocking and upsetting what they’ve done to Sweden and the rest of the West. I urge you to watch it, little by little. (Ingrid Carlquist)

    “Before they can be brought to trial they must be exposed to the world.”
    This is a proper mouthful. I’ve seen the first episode and the grass around in the other five. It’s smack full of shocking and important movie clips, most of which I knew beforehand, but as a documentary it’s hard to find an overall idea with it.

    I can only recommend the film to the probably many Danes who do not think it is serious when I say: “Sweden is finished, the civil war has already been planted, and it will break out in the second half of this century. If you do not believe in me, it will be the worst for you, because afterwards the trip will come to the rest of Western Europe. ” I saw that twenty years ago, now the last ones can catch up on that question. In a rational world, that debate would be over and one would move on. . VIDEO State of Sweden – 1-6.

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