Knife Jihad in Marseille

Marseille is possibly the most culturally enriched city in France. Yesterday a culture-enricher suddenly set upon and nearly killed a man with a knife outside a Catholic school in Marseille. The victim was said to have received cuts to his throat.

After a culture-enriching attack such as this one, the attacker is often described as stabbing his target “in the neck”. This is, of course, in obedience to the instructions given in Koran to behead the unbelievers. Most of the time the mujahid fails to achieve full decapitation, although it does happen sometimes, as in the cases of Lee Rigby and Samuel Paty.

Witnesses reported that the knifeman in Marseille shouted “in the name of Allah” as he stabbed his victim in the neck, yet investigators said that “terrorism” in this case seems unlikely.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Actu17:

Marseille: Father stabbed in throat in front of Catholic middle school, attacker arrested

The victim was evacuated to a hospital since his life was in danger.

by Stéphane Cazaux
May 10, 2022

A man was stabbed in front of the private Sevigne Middle School in Marseille (13the arrondissement) around 18:00 on Tuesday, as he was coming to pick up his children. He was evacuated to the hospital in grave condition and his prognosis is critical. The victim reportedly received several knife cuts and was struck in the throat according to our information. He was in a state of cardio-respiratory arrest at the time he was attended by emergency personnel.

The attacker was subdued by witnesses and then arrested by police from the specialized field brigade (BST) of the 14th arrondissement before being formally placed in custody. The man, who is reportedly 23 years old, reportedly cried, “in the name of Allah”, according to a source close to the case. He is already known to the police. He will be subjected to a behavioral examination in the evening. The terrorist theory is not considered likely at this stage in the case.

The Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, reacted to this attempted homicide on Twitter and thanked the passersby and the police for “their rapid response”.

Gerald Darmanin on Twitter:

A man was violently attacked by knife in Marseille in front of a middle school late afternoon. The perpetrator was arrested. Thanks to the passersby and police for their quick reaction.

10:01 am, May 10, 2022

An investigation has been opened.

The events come a day after the murder of a 56-year-old woman, beaten to death as she left a parking lot in the 10th arrondissement of Marseille. The alleged killer, without fixed abode and aged 39, was arrested shortly afterward before being formally placed in custody. His motives remain unknown.

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