Conspiracy Fact

MC provides a useful overview of the “pandemic” and the “vaccination” that fixed everything.

Conspiracy Fact

by MC

If one takes the time to think that most of our leaders have taken an oath of office, and then look at the reality of those oaths, sworn upon a ‘holy’ book (but discarded a few seconds later), one cannot help but contemplate their blasphemy.

There are, however, some notable exceptions, and these fruitful stalks among the tares will keep the whole mess functioning until Messiah comes.

Yahovah regards ‘the journey’ (the Way) as important whereas the destination is unimportant because it is always the same (the gates of the Father’s abode), but the spirit of Antichrist always assumes that the ends justify the means; for the pathway to tyranny is paved with good intentions.

I sincerely believe that Hitler and his goons truly believed that they were doing the world a favour by wiping out Untermenschen: Jews, Russians (Slavs), Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Evangelical Christians amongst others.

Many deny these atrocities, but they are well documented and archaeological digs at Sobibor and Treblinka have borne out witness testimony.

As a society, we are rapidly unlearning the lessons of the Holocaust, that men (and women) ‘on a mission’ have a tendency to forget the journey, and concentrate only on the destination.

Too many ‘conspiracy theories’ have turned into conspiracy facts in the last two to three years, and the use of the ‘conspiracy theory’ epithet has become a tool in the arsenal of propaganda weaponry to be wheeled out to distract public opinion from landing at the airport of truth.

When Edward Bernays, at the behest of Big Tobacco, manipulated public opinion such that women could smoke in public, it was a trivial but profitable exercise in mass manipulation, but it was also the treacherous footing at the head of a slippery slope.

Most readers of this site were aware by the middle of 2020 that something was very, very wrong and sinister about the Covid19 panic ‘pandemic’; and that the very definition of pandemic had to be changed was a clear indication that this was a large-scale manipulation. People were dying, yes, but were they dying with covid or from covid or later, from the vaccine?

The propaganda became very leaky when RTA victims were shown to have been included in official covid stats, and when the inventor of the covid (PCR) ‘test’ indicated that it was being misused. Hitherto the word ‘cases’ had only been used when symptoms were present, suddenly, anyone who tested positive was a ‘case’, ill or not, and all based upon a misused test that had a 97% rate of false positives.

I had read (and lived through) the sad history of the ‘AIDS’ panic in the 1980s and I was aware of the shortcomings of PCR testing in the AIDS context, and that the HIV = AIDS theory remained unproven.

The information was available almost from day one when Peter Duesberg stated that AIDS was a product of drug abuse and AZT, the very medicine that was supposed to treat it.

But he was in a long and lonely battle with Big Pharma and the NIH/FDA/CDC medical racket.

And here we were in 2020 with the same cast of gangsters actors with the same “we’re all gonna die” mantra that we had heard from AIDS and from those mad cows…

We did not ‘all’ die, in fact relatively few of us died (from covid, that is)…

A few got in their hurricanes and started to spit fire; they were the ‘conspiracy theorists’. They pointed out that the (doodle) bugs were easy to kill if you got the preparations right. Even the President caught on and recommended hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic (to howls of rage from ignorant and inflamed Democrats and RINOs).

Warp Speed was supposed to bring us a new, safe and effective vaccine, it was warped and it was fast, but it was fast because it was already on the starting grid waiting for the green light. All that had to be set up was the delivery and payment systems…

All for a virus that supposedly appeared in bats sold in a wet market that did not sell bats.

Many, mostly the infected elderly and infirm, died from Covid-19, but many more died from ventilator shock and profitable toxic drugs (Remdesivir) that wiped out their kidneys, and probably even more died from the unintended? consequences of a supposed ‘two-week lockdown to flatten the curve’.

All this time the various governments were silencing their critics by accusing them of being ‘conspiracy’ theorists and anti-vaxxers.

The sad fact is that if the correct (cheap and not very profitable) drugs had been used, many people would be alive today, those who actually perished alone and in dire discomfort in torture chambers ‘hospitals’ across the land. And then there are those who were illegally coerced into taking a toxic vaccine described as ‘safe and effective’. What can possibly be worse than government sponsored SNAKE OIL!

So, ‘quackwatch’, who now are the Quacks?

Unfortunately the medical and healthcare professions retreated into their shells and caves to count their blessings dollars; it was more than their jobs were worth to question the Narrative.

This betrayal by those who are supposed to be primarily responsible for our healthcare is indeed egregious. Doctors are very quick to criticise any deviation from their Narrative (and their profitability), but I notice that even the prime big-vax shills are trying to disassociate themselves from covid boosters.

Is the king vax-rat trying to jump ship? Trying to jump Offit sorry — off it.

When the conspiracy theorists get it right, what happens? — unfortunately, nothing. By the time conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact, it is old news, so it can be quietly ignored and important reputations can remain intact. The accusation of ‘conspiracy theory’ is thus a huge weapon in the hands of those who want to deceive us all.

But we are to blame. We are gullible; we disassociate ourselves from those accused of being conspiracy theorists instead of making the accusers justify their accusations by revealing the truth. It is the truth that sets us free, and a conspiracy theory may well be the tool that reveals the truth as has been shown many times over the last few years.

I don’t know if all the truth will come out, but here is my assessment of what actually happened:

1.   Labs in Texas, NC and Wuhan enhanced a standard coronavirus in an attempt to make a lethal bioweapon, as financed by the Obama administration using third-party agencies to circumvent anti-gain-of-function legislation.
2.   The Chinese released this virus at the military games in Beijing in October 2019.
3.   This release of a weapon of mass destruction was kept from the then-POTUS (Pres. Trump) by a corrupt military, onboard with the CCP and World Economic Forum.
4.   A charade involving the Wuhan wet market was invented to obfuscate the source of the ‘virus’.
5.   The CCP then deployed ‘carriers’ across the globe.
6.   The WHO (dominated by the CCP) changed the definition of the word ‘pandemic’ and created a global regime of fear pornography featuring videos of lines of coffins etc.
7.   Drugs were identified that stop Covid getting to its lethal second stage (HCQ — Zinc ionophores).
8.   Fake drug trials showed HCQ as toxic; fake data were published in The Lancet. President Trump was ridiculed for supporting HCQ.
9.   President Trump announced ‘Warp Speed’ at the behest of a corrupt NIH owned by Big Pharma.
10.   Covid ‘safe’ postal voting used to stage a coup d’état by flooding the presidential election with fake ballots.
11.   The Biden laptop was dismissed as ‘Russian fakery’ and its implications on the integrity of the Biden family were covered up.
12.   The outgoing President was accused of being a Russian dupe, whereas the truth is that the incoming President was a CCP dope. Attempts were made to use this projection to impeach the ex-President.
13.   The new administration moved ahead to make toxic Covid vaccines mandatory; “a needle in every arm”.
14.   VAERS (vaccine adverse event database) showed a steep rise in Covid vaccine-associated incidents, including many deaths.
15.   NIH/FDA/CGC clique ignored VAERS data, saying it was ‘coincidental’.
16.   Confirming adverse event data came in from around the world, but was still ignored. More (illegal) vaccine mandates, more killer protocols in hospitals, more censorship of criticism and persecution of dissenters.
17.   Estimated effectiveness of vax quickly waned from 95% to 30% or less (and even goes negative) — but is still mandated. US data are withheld, but data from the EU, UK and Israel show that all is not well. Public expectations for the vax were ‘managed’, going from slowly eroding from ‘full protection’ to protection from hospitalization and death (the supposed mitigation effect of being vaxxed).
18.   A version of the vax got full FDA approval, but was not available, and the emergency vax remains illegally mandated.
19.   The vaccine was shown to be ineffective against variants; boosters were therefore required (and also mandated). It was suggested that the ‘variants’ were actually side effects of the vax, but this was dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theory’.
20.   Attempts to introduce vaccine passports met with massive resistance, particularly in Canada where truckers blockaded the capital.
21.   More and more serious side effects to the vaccine were reported but ignored. The vaccine was approved for under-18s and then 5 and over — but with no serious trial data was available.
22.   Cardiomyopathy was identified, particularly in young men and boys, and was ignored by MSM, and even censored by social media.
23.   The obvious WHO and government mismanagement and deceit finally leaked out, so Russia was provoked into invading Ukraine, making Covid drops off of our screens…
24.   Serious evidence emerged that the vax causes abortion, stillbirth and infertility, but was ignored.

But for the US Constitution and the wisdom of the founding fathers, the world would have reverted to a traditional warlord culture 200 years ago when Napoleon was rampaging through Europe. Napoleon was mainly stopped by the British (with much help from French overconfidence). When Communism captured the hearts of the romantics, it started a trend of utopianism that spread throughout Europe and overflowed across the Atlantic, whilst it failed to take hold immediately. It did, however, found a bridgehead in those who wanted a ‘fair’ and ‘equitable’ society of happy ‘Yips’ dancing and singing to folk music around campfires each evening (see Jack Vance’s Araminta Station trilogy).

The ‘Yips’ were illegal immigrants who were being manipulated in a way whereby they could, by sheer numbers and a propensity to uncontrolled violence, overthrow the established order of a planet designated as a ‘conservancy’ to preserve its natural beauty.

In this 1987 novel Vance essentially predicted current events, and his Baron Bodissey character was a fount of all wisdom (as we all know ).

And yes, the conspiracy in the novel came from within…

On the surface, Communism (and its junior partners socialism/national socialism) provides an alluring picture of people being happy because the ‘state’ provides for all their needs. What is glossed over in this picture is that huge swathes of people must live in abject slavery because ‘state’ resources are finite and some (most) must therefore go without. You will own nothing and be ‘happy’ (drugged?). Communism is feudalism with a good sales pitch.

The ‘progressives’ with whom we are dealing could be likened to a conversation I had with a Muslim co-worker in Riyadh. We were talking about the command in the Koran to study the Judeo-Christian scriptures. His response was that because it had already been done by the scholars, he did not need to do it for himself.

The left has formed a ‘way’ for itself, and nobody needs to (or is allowed to) question it. The academic work has been done. The only activism left is to organise.

That is the way of Socialism, either national or international. It has failed time and time again, but, this time around, it will be “all right on the night” — go break a leg…

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

8 thoughts on “Conspiracy Fact

  1. I like this “conspiracy theory”

    “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph. And he said unto his people, Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we: Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply…”

    And I find it utterly amazing, that the vax takes out mostly boys and men. There are two main occurences of killing of the boys in the Bible: One before the exodus, the other before Jesus was born – so I would not be surprised at all if we had to deal with this for the third time.

    Militant feminists want to “kill all men”, or the trans surgeries sterilizing the young, the criminal treatment of fathers in divorce court rulings… It all points to the “conspiracy theory” that there is a concerted effort to take out men.

    PS: I also believe that they rolled out giant experiment on people, judging by the different lethality of different batches of the vax. They are looking for something, some medical technology, which in my opinion could only be “immortality”. That is why I still have not disregarded the claims about nano tech in the vaxxes.

    And another thing they are certainly looking for is – “mind control”.

    The Reptilians are simply too wise to have only one goal in their mind 🙂

    • If I take all now-Conspiracy theories and put them together I come to:

      The vaxx will build a structure in your body that can be controlled by 5G radio waves.
      We will then be hackable animals (as Mr Schwabs Chief advisor says) and we will have sooner or later have a software send to us, that will control us in such a way, that we will no longer look at alternate sources, like Gates of Vienna but dismiss them (where is the difference to today?) or not even acknolewdge them that they even exist (we tell someone so influenced about a new information but the person will get glassy eyes and the entire time when we talked will be erased from his memory by this security software.).

      • Hacking a computer makes the computer behave weird or freeze completely, having to restart, which sounds a lot like some side effects I have seen on Youtube.

        I guess we shall see soon enough.

        Though I hope that the scientists will not be able to access our memories as such, good old mind control used to work on the carrot and stick basis, and I wouldn’t put it beyond our technical capabilities to “hack the pain and pleasure receivers” and then use that hack to condition any person remotely from the cell tower. You critisized Joe Biden on Facebook? In a minute you will feel weird pain. Repeat a hundred times, and you won’t critisize good old Joe anymore… The difference from the old mind control techniques would be – you wouldn’t even know that you are being brainwashed, and inexperienced people would think that they came to the conclusion that Joe is a good guy by themselves, not realising they undergone a “mind control procedure”. Something like when they say the bad news on beautiful sunny days, so that people won’t feel so bad about it. Combined with the cellphone microphone constant surveilance, and AI knowing instantly that you critisized the goverment right now, and sending you “bad feelings” instantly – it might work, I guess.

        Although I suspect more than one use for the nano tech. The Bible says that in the future, “they will try to mix iron with miry clay”. Miry clay is the stuff human body is made of, and the Iron is supposed to be “the feet of Babylon”.

        The Bible also says that there will come a time when people will wish to die but will not be able to die. Zombie apocalypse. That is why I suspect multiple uses for the nanotech, and I am most inclined to the thought that the vaxxines are in fact – a giant experiment that would not be legally possible, but the goals are so far reaching – nanobots.

        I am only theorising here, but so far the only evidence I bring up before serious people are the vaxx injuries numbers, for me it’s the only solid evidence so far that the vax is really bad.

  2. This article is a synthesis that confirms my investigations on Covid pandemic since March 2020, when I opened eyes on what was going on, and on the reasons behind. At that time I yet conceded the possibility that the chimera-virus engineered inside the biolab of Wuhan could have “escaped”. Nowadays I’m convinced it was not the case. Sooner or later the truth will emerge, the network of organized crime exposed, and the minds behind this planetary aggravated scam, grand larceny and murder brought to independent court.

  3. The fact is voluntary informed consent was made impossible and sometimes illegal through censorship. Censorship is what they take out, propaganda is what they leave in, the result is brainwashing either way. Unless one country holds trials and severely punishes those who are responsible, and other countries take notice and do the same, this happens again next election. COVID-19 was a tactic to elect Biden, the Russian war is to cover it up.

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