Building the Caliphate in Sweden

Mujahideen who have made the hijra to Sweden are busily assembling the Islamic Caliphate there — and Swedish taxpayers are paying for the privilege of hosting it.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samtiden:

Planning to build the caliphate — with Swedish taxes

by Dick Erixon
May 1, 2022

The goal of the Islamists is to segregate and isolate Muslims in the Swedish suburbs. Since ISIS fell in Syria, the extremists have changed tactics. “Now they are trying to build the caliphate here,” says an assessor in the Defense College’s new report, “Salafism and Salafist jihadism 2.0.”

Many migrants do not want to be integrated into Sweden. Many resist Swedishness. They want to tear down what has been built up here over centuries. Though this is hardly news, it is something seven out of eight parliamentary parties do not take into account; rather they assume that all migrants want to become part of Swedish society.

Job and education not sufficient

For thirty years, the old parties have talked about how “jobs and education” are the key to integration. But what about those who don’t want to work? Those who don’t want to educate themselves? The old parties — which allowed so many to come here — have difficulty in mentally understanding the realities.

With great hesitancy, they have begun to say that immigrants must also “learn the Swedish language”. But everywhere this is brought up, there is strong political opposition, as when Gothenburg this week — after a two-year battle through an initiative by the Sweden Democrats — decided to institute a language test for care personnel.

Want to create a parallel society

The Defense College’s new report shows what the reality looks like, which the drivers of migration refuse to acknowledge.

“It sounds very dramatic because you only think about the violent part. But all Islamist movements want to institute a parallel structure. The reason we look at this is that these ideologues want to cause conflicts with our democratic society. That does not have to be terror, even if it is in the most extreme form,” the terror researcher Magnus Ransdorp tells Dagens Nyheter.

Rather than build a caliphate abroad, the focus now in Sweden is to segregate and encapsulate immigrants in vulnerable communities.

Utilize associations for active segregation

And they want to utilize Swedish traditions, for example, through associations, to seek public contributions to institute that which struggles against what Swedish politicians want to accomplish.

“Many in these circles are very clever at formulating applications, and they use positive words like democracy, equality, human freedom, and rights. Which, in many cases, results in their receiving either project financing or association grants,” says Linda Ahlerup, one of the report’s authors.

She points out the lack of municipality control, which focuses on written documentation — not on what actually happens at meetings.

They often look at whether the association has statutes, what one has on paper for activities, but later it isn’t certain that it is reflected in reality. Instead, they should examine what is behind the various applications, set higher demands for feedback, and make unannounced visits to see if, for example, homework assistance is occurring or something else,” says Linda Ahlerup.

Insights into the driving forces of segregation are lacking. The reason is there is a belief that all migrants want to become Swedish. And not to believe that is, yes, you know, racist.

Therefore, anyone who wants to conduct a serious examination of activities that receive large tax-financed contributions is opposed. There is a strong, feeling-driven aversion to questioning the intentions of migrants. If you want migrants, well, then you must believe that they want to become Swedish.

This lie has to be crushed, because until public institutions begin to examine migrants as hard as tax authorities examine Swedish income earners, we will never get it right with integration. They are opposed by segregationist forces who, paradoxically, are still financed by us.

No wonder integration has failed for thirty years.

11 thoughts on “Building the Caliphate in Sweden

  1. What has failed?
    Quite simple actually when you think about it.
    Our Politician are Parasites that live of the hard labour and inventions of the people through taxation, so it’s no wonder that they cannot see other Parasites for what they really are.
    They hoped to increase their Tax-farm, but ended up with a disease that is now destroying their own source of income in the long-run.
    Our political “Elite” remind me strongly of Black South Africans that were given prosperous Farms that were supposed to lift them up out of their Poverty.
    Unfortunately for those now former prosperous Farms, the poverty of the new owners Minds was stronger and destroyed the wealth within a short span.
    As an example, where I live the Farms around are mostly Fruit-producing Farms and there were three Farms that almost bordered onto the then minuscule Township/Squattercamp.
    Those three farms were given to the “people”, and all three Farms do not exist any longer, because these people decided rather than pick the fruit from the trees, they chop them down instead – easier picking – sell the Fruit and the Wood.
    And surprise, surprise – the next year when the picking season started again, there was nothing to sell any longer and now those nasty White People don’t want to give them anymore Farms.
    The answer came quickly to a few scoundrels, lets rent out the Land to more squatters instead and charge them accordingly.
    Needless to say that Crime went though the roof.
    Until 2009 we hardly locked our doors during the daytime when at home.

    • Every home where whites are in SA are surrounded by high walls, gates, bars on windows and doors and electrified and many dogs to keep out the bloody kaffirs. Ask the Rhodesians what happened when those bloody kaffirs took over and they warned the SA’s but those warnings were ignored because western leftist thought democracy for everyone would be just great, now look at SA, it is a 3rd world sh++hole that you have to be armed 24/7 to keep from being carjacked, home invaded and killed for being in the wrong area.

      The same thing is happening to our western countries as we speak, but hey that diversity shoved up our backsides without our consent is just great, what could possibly go wrong. When natures law finally kicks in here, the weak and stupid will be weeded out as nature always intended.

  2. The idiot politicians think that the Islamists won’t affect them or their offspring. They understand nothing of the Islamic world view of imperialist subjugation and death.

  3. It’s there own fault.
    Not inly did they drink the kool-aid.
    They were shooting it up.
    Decisions have Consequences.

    Good Bye Sweden.

    Canada shall experience the same.
    Portions of the U.S.
    Austrailia the same.
    Britiain…Is No More.
    France has it’s head in the chooping block.

    Oh my, the list is much larger.

    No One Listened. All we heard was Phobia this Phobia that.

    The Great Bleaching is the only way to return

  4. In Samnytt we can today 5.04 read:

    On the first of May, Alternative for Sweden (AfS) held an election rally in Gävle, where party leader Gustav Kasselstrand warned that Sweden will become a Muslim country if current trends continue.

    – I will never accept that Sweden becomes a Muslim country, the AfS leader stated at the same time.

    It was on Sunday that AfS took over Rådhustorget to hold an election rally. Speakers included AfS leader Gustav Kasselstrand, former SD MP Jeff Ahl, party representatives Evelina Hahne and Lennart Matikainen.

    READ MORE: AfS: Second generation immigrants have no divine right to Sweden

    Kasselstrand drew the attention of Gävle residents to the fact that an overwhelming majority of residents in so-called vulnerable areas vote for the Social Democrats. He claims that the Social Democrats have imported their voters.

    – The Social Democrats have seen that the Swedish people are turning their backs on them. As older Swedes leave and they see that there is not much growth in Social Democratic voters among younger people, they have chosen to import hundreds of thousands of voters from Africa and the Middle East, Kasselstrand said.

    He further urged Gävle residents to replace the politicians before the politicians replace the people.

    – Voting cattle used in a very simple agreement. “You can come to Sweden in exchange for voting for us”. That is the policy of the Social Democrats. It is a total contempt for the country that you govern. Politicians elected by the Swedish people are actively trying to replace their own population in order to secure their continued electoral support. It is so disgusting that one is astonished by this fact.

    Warning of Islamisation
    The AfS leader will not accept that migrants are the future population of Sweden.

    – Sweden will become a Muslim country. Sweden had virtually no Muslims 40 years ago.

    Today there is more than a million and there is no sign that this development will stop or be stopped. On the contrary, they are filling the country with even more immigrants than ever before.

    – I will not put up with this. I will not accept that this is the future population of Sweden. I will not accept that my two-year-old daughter will have to grow up in a Muslim Sweden.

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