The Vax and the Klepto-State

The vaccine — or rather, the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus — isn’t just a means for the state to exercise maximum control over the peons. It’s also an opportunity to take their stuff.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Greeks unwilling to vaccinate face expropriation

Greeks who refuse to pay fines for mandatory vaccinations now face having their property confiscated. Athens wants to vaccinate seniors against Covid-19 with all their might.

Just 14 percent of unvaccinated Greeks aged 60 and over paid the fine imposed by the government in January, according to data from the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE).

This is reported by the Greek newspaper Ekathimerini. Refusal to use the experimental vaccine brought a fine of €100 a month (in January the fine was €50 as the measure came into effect in the middle of the month). Officially, this is done to boost low vaccination rates and ease the pressure on healthcare in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

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However, of the 317,962 people ordered by tax authorities to pay the fine, only 44,000 had done so by March 15. In these cases, a late payment surcharge will apply. Outstanding debtors are now even being threatened with the confiscation of assets. That means: tough forced expropriation.

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An unspecified number of unvaccinated people have appealed the fine to their local tax authorities in the absence of legislation. Accordingly, there is no legal basis for the government to enforce such coercive measures at all.

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However, the fines for unvaccinated over-60s will be lifted again in mid-April, the government announced last week. Apparently, the displeasure of the population is growing so much that Athens does not want to continue this coercive measure as a monthly “non-vaccinated tax”. A health worker has now been on a hunger strike for several days because she lost her job after refusing the controversial vaccine.

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It turns out, however, that the Greek government is still sticking to the coercive measures (including the Covid vaccination pass) and is therefore one of the most restrictive regimes in the world in this regard.

Afterword from the translator:

When people are fined for not getting vaccinated, EVERYONE should be aware that something stinks to high heaven! And from syringe and needle rattling I’ve seen coming out of the German government lately, and if vaccinations become compulsory in Germany from the age of 50 or 60, I’m pretty sure that there will be completely different fines applied. The fine in Greece, in contrast, is downright “humane”.

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  1. Science says that fines and confiscations eliminate the Coronavirus [scam].

  2. .
    FSverige: Covid vaccine plant inaugurated
    in Stockholm

    By: Helena Edlund 8. april 2022, 13:28

    Janet Hoogstraate and Lena Hallengren during the inauguration of the new vaccine factory in Stockholm. Photo: press photo Valneva

    Sweden’s first factory for the production of vaccine against covid-19 was inaugurated on Thursday. The VLA2001 vaccine is now being tested in Bahrain and is being reviewed by the European Medicines Agency.

    Valneva Sweden AB, which is part of the French-Eastern British pharmaceutical company Valneva, has inaugurated its new production facility for covid vaccine. It is the first of its kind in Sweden, and is located in Solna outside Stockholm, in the former post terminal in Tomteboda.

    The factory was inaugurated by Sweden’s Minister for Social Affairs Lena Hallengren and Stockholm Regional Councillor Désirée Pethrus (KD). Janet Hoogstraate, president of Valneva Sweden, Thomas Lingelbach, president and CEO of Valneva, and Hans Wigzell, professor emeritus at Karolinska Institutet also attended the inauguration, according to the government’s press release. Professor Wigzell has also named the new facility, which Valneva says will be called the Hans Wigzell Vaccine Facility.

    – The production of Covid vaccine in Sweden is a success that shows the strength of the Swedish model, where companies and society work together for the good of the population. Having a production facility in Sweden also increases the conditions for good emergency preparedness. The pandemic has underlined the value of a good capacity for domestic production,” said Lena Hallengren during the inauguration.

    The Covid vaccine to be produced at the Solna facility will be known as VLA2001. Det er en såkalt komplett virusvaksine som, i motsetning til mRNA-vaksinene som brukes i Sverige i dag, består av inaktiverte viruspartikeller av Sars-cov-2. The hope is that the vaccine, together with the so-called adjuvant that is added, will give higher antibody levels and thus be more effective than the existing mRNA vaccines.

    VLA2001 is not currently approved, but it is approved for use in Bahrain, and is currently being evaluated by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

    Valneva is available in six countries around the world. They also stock cholera vaccine and vaccine for Japanese encephalitis. The company’s establishment in Sweden and Solna is a result of the Swedish government’s decision in November 2021 for Sweden to participate in the EU’s provisional agreement with Valneva, with the aim of purchasing vaccine against covid-19.

    The new full-scale plant in Solna will not only produce Valneva’s covid-19 vaccine candidate, but also the company’s cholera vaccine. In the future, Valneva hopes to use its Solna facility to contribute to vaccine production in the event of future pandemics.

  3. My husband,80 years old and me 76, and in very good health we are not going to get the vax whatever the government orders.
    The whole thing(we are a large group of lawyers and doctors) is in the hands of the High Court but even if the court says that we must get the shot, we will not obey.
    We want to live and enjoy life with our grand children.
    The unvaxed citizens are about 3 million.
    We hope to get rid of this PM after what he did by inviting Zelensky to speak in the Greek patliament.
    We know well how Zelensky treated the Greeks in the greek cities of Ukraine,forbitting them from speaking their language and not recognizing them as an ethnic minority.
    The Greeks in these areas around the Hellispont are about a million and they live there since the time of Argonauts.
    Also we are Orthodox like Russians and here the people although they do not agree with the invasion, the majority are pro Russians and the gov is against.
    Here the situation is bad.We live under a neonazi dictatorship.

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