Sometimes You Have to Destroy the Forest to Save the Trees

The German state of Hesse is ruled by a “black-green” coalition — a combination of the Union (CDU/CSU) and the Greens. On the face of it, it seems a paradoxical alliance, but in Modern Multicultural Germany, all the major parties, with the exception of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), are just slightly different flavors of the same progressive gruel.

The black-green coalition in Hesse is planning the destruction of the fabled Reinhardswald, a huge forest containing oak trees that are more than 600 years old. The reason: the space is needed to construct a lot of wind turbines. Germany’s ancient treasures (not to mention its birds and bats) are being wiped out, but at least they won’t be burning any coal or using any of that nasty nuclear power.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article from PolitikStube, also translated by Hellequin GB, discusses the protest in the Reinhardswald:

Green wind power madness: German fairytale forest is to be destroyed

It is said that environmental protection is particularly important to the Greens. However, if you look at what they actually implement, you get a very different impression. Due to their unreliability, wind turbines are not suitable for ensuring our electricity supply. On the other hand, their production puts an extreme strain on the environment. But setting them up also destroys biotopes, kills off masses of birds and generally disturbs animal life in the area.

Now the historically valuable Reinhardswald in Hesse is also to be cut down on the decision of the black-green state government. The forest is considered a typical German fairytale forest. Various local myths are entwined around the wood. The destruction of the forest is therefore also an attack on German cultural heritage, which, as is well known, is of little value to the Greens, anyway.

Numerous citizens’ groups are therefore up in arms against the project, which probably primarily serves the purpose of profiteering. A certain proximity of the profiteers to the operating political parties is assumed. The Junge Alternative is also fighting against the construction project. On a day of action, they moved to the Reinhardswald to protest against the nonsensical project.

Afterword from the translator:

This “Green” ideology is the death-knell for Mother Nature, and I’m pretty sure we will not see those spoiled and mindless brats from “Fridays for Future” demonstrating for this forest’s life, because that would be tantamount to Nazism, racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

“He who refuses to learn deserves extinction.” — Hillel the Elder (110 BC — 10 AD)

Video transcript:

00:09   Today we were here as young AfD-members in the Hessian Reinhardswald to stand up
00:13   for our natural heritage. The black-green state government
00:16   would like to cut down this forest in order to replace it with wind turbines.
00:20   If they get away with it, it would be an ecological disaster.
00:23   I’ve been fighting this for four years now and have spoken to all environmental organizations
00:27   Here you can see what’s up a bit, here’s groundwater
00:31   the size of Lake Constance. You don’t see it, it seeps in from above
00:36   In some places, as if from heaven, it comes out like a fountain
00:40   after two weeks, and in other places it can take up to a thousand years for the water to come
00:45   to the surface. Water protection zones where it is actually not allowed to build at all.
00:49   This is all very strange; why are wind turbines being built here?
00:52   Simply out of ideology.
00:59   This has nothing to do with the fact that they don’t really belong here
01:02   or that they fit here in terms of energy policy.
01:06   You know, electricity cannot be stored in the grid.
01:10   Come on, all of you, help out here… We have gathered here
01:13   in northern Hesse today to oppose the clearing of the Reinhardswald
01:16   and to protest against the erection of wind turbines.
01:19   Places such as the Reinhardswald are symbolic of the mythical German forest.
01:24   Legends and fairy tales have their origin here.
01:27   The German Fairy Tale Route leads through the forest.
01:30   The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Sababurg is known trans-regionally.
01:33   The Reinhardswald with an area of over 200 square kilometers
01:36   is one of the biggest forests in Germany.
01:39   In addition, the largest self-contained forest area within Hesse.
01:42   There are many scientific reports that speak,
01:45   especially here, against the construction of wind turbines.
01:48   This is the CDU Minister President Volker Bouffier,
01:51   and of all things his “Green” minister irrelevant. When they build wind turbines here,
01:55   not only does the forest die, but also a part of our homeland.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have to Destroy the Forest to Save the Trees

  1. Thanks. I remember reading an book published in the late 1970’s about the German Green movement; thoughts even then was this political movement had little (really) to do with actual ecology and almost nothing but communism being pushed under care for the Earth.

    It makes sense that the Hesse government wants this – trash and gut the German soul and character by cutting down the forests.

  2. These Green devils of Germany are of the same religion as the Satanic maniacs that are destroying the USA and my own Demo-Commie state of New York.

    They claim to worship Mother Nature but in truth their lord is the Prince of Darkness who wants to do away with light and liberty.

    EVERYTHING these fascists do is designed to destroy Western Civ and our way of life. In many respects “oil is life” as people are saying around the globe.

    This story coming out of Germany is especially heartbreaking- it is like a fairy tale of good vs. evil. How stupid and brainwashed can people be not to see and understand what the enviro-wackos are doing?

    Never forget what they got away with because of the Scamdemic and know that “Climate Change” is the new CCP Flu.

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