Francesca Donato Speaks Out on the War in Ukraine

Francesca Donato is an Italian member of the European Parliament. Formerly a member of the Lega, Ms. Donato parted company with Matteo Salvini when the latter promoted the “green pass” and other Corona restrictions. She was featured here in a video last November.

In the following video from the floor of the European Parliament, Francesca Donato expresses her objections to the dominant narrative on the war in Ukraine. After concluding her remarks, she is rebuked for her opinions by the speaker (or moderator; the role is unclear), another Italian woman.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The declarations of the European Council on the Ukrainian war
00:05   are neither effective nor useful to achieve the goal we all should pursue.
00:10   That is, the end of the ongoing conflict.
00:13   To demand that Russians withdraw unconditionally, enabling the resetting of the situation
00:18   prior to their troops’ intervention into Ukrainian territory,
00:22   is purely rhetorical, unrealistic and pleonastic.
00:27   Besides, I remind you, that before the February 24 last,
00:30   Ukraine was not exactly a peaceful country.
00:33   Given that there has been a war in Donbas for eight years.
00:36   In Donbas too, there have been massacres of Ukrainian civilians, women and children.
00:40   And we remained indifferent to that. And it was not even a democratic country,
00:44   given the government’s repressive measures
00:47   against Russian-speaking citizens and the political opposition.
00:50   Anyway, the sanctions towards the people of Russia and Belarus
00:54   have had no effect on the warfare scenario.
00:57   Whereas they have triggered a very serious energy crisis, with impacts on the industrial,
01:02   agricultural and food systems within European countries.
01:06   Today I have heard people supporting a total Russian gas embargo.
01:10   Which is absolutely unsustainable for our economy, actually.
01:14   This, on the basis of the Bucha facts reported by the Ukrainian government.
01:18   Whose truthfulness has already been doubted.
01:22   We should rather implement an independent inquiry in Ukraine.
01:27   In order to investigate the facts of what really occurred
01:31   and the real responsibilities for the violence and massacres towards civilians.
01:35   At the UN Security Council, the UN Under-Secretary General mentioned
01:41   that rapes committed by Ukrainian forces and Civil Protection militias were reported.
01:47   And the UN is verifying these allegations, through a humanitarian mission.
01:51   So, the more the EU funds the weapon industry,
01:54   and the more the EU imposes sanctions, the more this conflict will go on,
01:58   increasing the death toll,
02:01   and aggravating a crisis within an already weakened Europe.
02:05   The European Union should have an independent and impartial role,
02:09   by appointing a super partes representative.
02:13   In order to facilitate negotiations and to put an end to hostilities.
02:17   This is only possible through an effective mediation
02:20   that disregards the notions of “defeated” and “winners”.
02:23   Our citizens want the European Union to promote peace and stability.
02:28   They don’t want to fund a war and exacerbate a divide with governments and peoples
02:33   who are geographically and culturally close to us.
02:37   Let’s listen to our citizens. Thank you.
02:43   Thank you, Mrs. Donato. Well, I did not want to interrupt you, but let me say just one thing.
02:48   This Chamber cannot give voice to stances which are absolutely unacceptable.
02:57   The Bucha massacre images, Mrs. Donato, were seen by everyone.
03:02   And I am going to speak clearly, we cannot accept that people in this Chamber cast doubt on that.
03:09   The images of the massacres of innocent civilians
03:13   that have been occurring right now are being seen by everyone.
03:18   And we cannot accept that this may be questioned, in this Chamber.
03:23   Mrs. Donato, this Chamber is not super partes.
03:26   There is an attacker, Putin and there are the attacked, the Ukrainian citizens.
03:32   Whom this Chamber and the EU institutions defend.
03:35   Please, deal with it. Let us give the floor to Mr. Bogdan, now.

7 thoughts on “Francesca Donato Speaks Out on the War in Ukraine

  1. An independent enquiry by the UN into everything is urgent.
    That goes for both current and previous killings.
    There are images from the eight years of war in Donbas that have not been seen by everyone in the West, but everything should be exposed and investigated equally.
    Here are some, primarily from 2014, most are pixellated, but still gruesome.

    • @ Jean

      The UN, the creeping totalitarian One World Government? Let the fox guard the henhouse? Problem-reaction-solution? The PTB created the problem in the first place, so that their own World Government can ‘solve’ it for us and decide for us what our reality is, right? The only price we have to pay for their service is buy into their New Reality and submit to their ‘new world order’ slavery system, don’t we? No thanks.

      This is the MAIN power game of our time.

      It is too transparent, Jean.

  2. “we cannot accept that people in this Chamber cast doubt on that”

    — Unbelievable! Reality is now a real-time dogma, projected by the Comintern, that nobody is allowed question.

  3. Mrs Donato is a breath of fresh air in
    the European Parliament. The pasta brained Soros tool who followed and made the usual snarky woke feminist remarks can go to Ukraine where the Russians will quicky rid the planet of another corrupt politician.

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