Culture-Enriching Shootout in Rinkeby

Rinkeby is a culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm, much of which has become a no-go zone for police and emergency services personnel. The following TV news report concerns a recent gun battle in Rinkeby in which an immigrant gang called the “Scorpions” allegedly participated.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Two arrested after shooting at police in Rinkeby — Two persons have been arrested as suspects
00:05   after shooting at police in Rinkeby, Stockholm yesterday.
00:09   One of them is suspected of attempted murder, and the other as an accessory to attempted murder.
00:14   Just after 5pm on Friday afternoon police were called
00:17   to Rinkeby based on information regarding masked persons and sounds of gunfire.
00:22   According to information received by Expressen, it was a suspected gang shooting that
00:26   began with gunfire between various persons.
00:30   One of the persons was reportedly injured, which has not been confirmed by police.
00:34   When police arrived at the scene, a shooting occurred between those involved and police.
00:39   One person was arrested shortly thereafter.
00:42   One person fired his weapon at police personnel, and police personnel
00:45   used their service weapons, says Towe Hagg, police press spokesman.
00:49   The new Rinkeby group,
00:52   the Scorpions, is suspected of being involved in the shooting.
00:56   They may be connected to a murder in Rinkeby in January.
00:59   Police have opened a preliminary investigation
01:02   into aggravated weapons offenses and attempted murder.

6 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Shootout in Rinkeby

  1. The Scorpions???

    Isn’t it enough that these mouth breathers are a putrifying stain upon every land that they inhabit but they also must come up with completely unoriginal names for the packs in which they run?

    How about “The Saracens”, or “Yersinia Pestis”, or even better and more anti-social “The Putins”?

      • As you recall “Private Eye” from your time in the UK, Baron, you may remember the satirical TV programmes (“That Was the Week, That Was”, etc) involving David Frost, but I think it was in “The Frost Report” that he gave us the tabloid headline which had everything (in 1970s terms): “Teenage Priest in Sex Change Mercy Dash to Palace”.

        If only I could recall more recent stuff so clearly!

        • Oh yes, I remember TW3 quite well. Frost went on to do an American version of it, if I recall correctly.

          There were quite a few British television programmes that were ported over to the USA. “Steptoe and Son” became “Sanford and Son”, and “Till Death Us Do Part” became “All in the Family”, just to name two that I remember. The American versions were always watered down from the originals, not nearly so acerbic and trenchant (some might say harsh). Back in those days British comedy was the best; witness Monty Python’s enduring legacy.

          • Sadly, it’s gone downhill since; too “woke”, of course, but also unnecessarily cruel, like “reality” shows.

  2. Back in the 1990, shortly after the fall of the wall a lot of people travelled to Eastern Germany and bougght AK-47 from russian soldiers.

    If you ask me if I regret not doing something, yes I do…

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