Culture-Enrichers Disturb a Palm Sunday Procession in Catalonia

Last week in Catalonia a group of “youths” from Morocco expressed their disapproval of a Palm Sunday celebration by attempting to block the procession. Police were forced to intervene, and at least two of the high-spirited youngsters were arrested.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following news report describes the same incident shown in the video. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from El Nacional:

Five young men try to break up the Palm Sunday procession in El Vendrell: Video

Serious incidents during the Palm Sunday procession this Sunday in El Vendrell, in Baix Penedes (Tarragona). According to what police sources explained, as they were processing a few minutes after 7:30 in the evening, an officer who was doing guard duty for the procession, which was crossing through the center of the city, observed the way a group of five Maghrebians were creating insecurity in the area, bothering the people who were awaiting the passing of the procession, and also provoking disturbances. The young men were on Angel Guimera Street and heading toward Nova Square, right in the path of the religious event.

The local police officer alerted the station and several officers headed to the location to try and remove the youths from the situation. Far from listening to the police, the young men confronted them, pushing and attacking the officers, who had to use their personal defenses to try and repel the attack, as can be seen in the images in this video, which El Caso received.

Two arrested for attacking police

Three of the youths were able to escape the scene, and two were arrested by El Vendrell police officers. According to police sources in the capital of Baix Penedes, the two detainees are 24 years old and of Moroccan nationality. They are accused of an alleged crime of attacking police officers. An investigation has been opened to try and identify the other three young men who participated with the group with the intention of breaking up the El Vendrell Palm Sunday procession. The officers were applauded when they were able to take the two violent young men away.

Neighbors in the municipality explained that it is not the first time that these young men have created insecurity in the center of the municipality. Though they cannot be connected formally, sources of the Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, have explained that the two detainees are related to the young men arrested a few weeks ago for participating in violent fights in El Vendrell. In these confrontations, which occur during the evenings, one of them lost the sight of one eye as a result of the attacks with machetes and rocks.

Holy Week in El Vendrell

The religious events of Holy Week in El Vendrell began this Sunday at 12 noon in Francesc Macia Square, where the blessing of the palms and mass was conducted. In the afternoon, around 4:30, the Procession of Brotherhood began, which brought together the participation of some 300 people and two musical bands. In spite of the disturbances, the event was able to conclude at the church around 9:30pm.

Video transcript:

00:02   They tried to forbid the Palm Sunday procession.
00:11   The actions took place in El Vendrell (Catalonia).
00:21   The police identified five Moroccan young men.
00:32   Two of them challenged and attacked the police officers.
00:42   The two attackers were arrested by local police.
00:53   The people attending the procession applauded the officers.

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  1. It’s so disturbing, every year around Christmas and Easter, Europeans have new normal now , be attacked and stabbed by Muslims imported by traitors and EU. Sad ..

    • In the days of olde, no one would have called 911. The ” brotherhood would have taken care of the perps, and the loss of one eye would have been a minor damage.

  2. I don’t suppose Spain has even considered deporting these muslims, together with their families, because this hatred of Christ and his followers is taught to muslims from birth.

  3. Serious work to be done to convince Muslims. It’s looking like nothing less than massive has a chance.

  4. What’s really disturbing is that none of these stores make the news outside the country. Only through sources such as our wonderful, ever watchful Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Otherwise, we would never hear about any of it. Unless you have the time to peruse media from many different countries every day, know what to look for, and keywords in those languages.
    Ridiculous non stories make international news if the perceived evildoer is white. A story that involves yelling or “somebody tugged her hijab” 🙄🙄🙄 but the desecration of churches, Christian cemeteries, violent assaults – murders – rapes & other attacks on Europeans or 5h3 direct targeting of churches & Christians are NOT picked up by global media.
    When you try to tell people about it, they don’t even believe you because they haven’t heard about it. 😩😩😩
    Thanks, for reporting these crimes!

  5. I remember the days that if you tried to interrupt any Catholic procession anywhere in Europe that they would have lynched them.

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