Culture-Enricher Goes on a Knife Rampage in Bayonne

A culture-enricher went on a knife rampage in the French city of Bayonne on Saturday, sending two women to the hospital. The following report doesn’t specify the ethnicity of the alleged perpetrator, only that he was under a deportation order.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the France Bleu radio network:

Bayonne: Man arrested after knife attack on two women on Friday

April 2, 2022

Two women aged 64 and 28 were attacked with a knife Friday evening in an apartment on the Jouandin esplanade in the Haut de Bayonne quarter. They were hospitalized in serious condition. A 30-year-old man was arrested and placed in custody on Saturday.

A man was arrested Saturday after an attack on two women Friday evening. The accused man was placed in custody. He is a 30-year-old man who was already the object of an expulsion order in the Rhone Department, explains the Bayonne Prosecutor’s Office. Provided housing by the two victims, he had gone out to buy a knife after an argument with them, before returning to their residence to attack them.

Victims not yet interviewed

Emergency services responded Friday evening shortly before 20:30 after the knife attack upon two women aged 64 and 28. The events played out in an apartment at the Jouandin esplanade, in the Hauts de Bayonne quarter.

They were evacuated in serious condition to the hospital center of the Basque Coast. Transported to the Pellegrin hospital at Bordeaux, they have not yet been able to be interviewed by the police, and, in particular, require facial surgery. When the emergency services and police arrived, the attacker was no longer at the scene. An investigation for attempted homicide has been opened.

3 thoughts on “Culture-Enricher Goes on a Knife Rampage in Bayonne

  1. The ethnicity doesn’t really matter so much, but the age of the perp and by using the knife and attacking with it the Head/Neck of his victims tells me that he’s a fervent follower of a certain 7th. Century Dersert lunatic.
    And if he would have used a gun, then he wouldn’t be a good fundamental Muslim.
    Like all “fundamentalist” who draw inspiration from the early Muslims, the Quran and Hadith, they seem to believe that religious ideals are contingent not on historical conditions but on ethernal and immuteable truths.
    Using a Firearm for their personal Jihad is ipso facto not authentic.

    On the other hand, using a knife is more certain – if you know what you’re doing – and you have a smidgen of the anatomy of the human body.
    But that just me.

  2. Gentlemen need to start accompanying ladies when they go out.
    And sturdy walking sticks with heavy brass or steel heads need to become important fashion accessories.
    And the techniques for using those fashion accessories needs to be taught again.

    • I have one of those lovely sword-canes, I take with me everywhere, even while walking my dogs.
      Got it 15 years ago as a present and made here in South Africa.
      They are works of art, although the blades are only 45 cm long, but great at close quarter.
      I still wouldn’t mind one with a 30 cm longer blade, since as we’re getting older, close quarter fighting becomes a bit more tricky and keeping your oponent more than an arms lentgh away is a handy option.

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