A Handgun Against the New World Order

In my introduction last week to Thierry Baudet’s video I said, concerning the implementation of the New World order, that “…the same is true here in the USA. The process is fully underway now, and not enough people are aware of it for it to be stopped, by democratic means or otherwise. Not only can we not vote our way out of what’s happening, we can’t shoot our way out either, because we are too fragmented and isolated, and under such constant surveillance that the formation of any coherent mass resistance is now all but impossible.”

Western Rifle Shooters Association featured Mr. Baudet’s video (and my comments), but is not as pessimistic about the future of the Country Formerly Known as the United States of America. Concerned American said:

Perhaps here in the former USA as well as Europe.

But perhaps not.

Or more properly, the demon is most certainly in both places, but his final standing — victor or vanquished — is yet to be determined.

Earlier today, the state of Georgia became the 25th American state to remove any form of handgun license requirement for Georgians who otherwise can legally possess firearms.

That means that every day in each of those 25 American states, the servants of tyranny will have to assume that some significant portion of the “civilian” population is both armed and trained at least as well as the average policeman.

So too every politician and bureaucrat in each of those states.

And in another relatively recent post, the Baron was kind enough to bring back a voice from the grave on just what can be done with a handgun.

L’audace, mes amis — l’audace!

Once you know that the government stooges intend to inject, imprison, starve, and eventually kill you and your family as part of the Great Reset, then make them each pay for their bloodthirsty allegiance to Evil.

No matter what weapon, adequate or not, you have at your disposal.

No matter your enemies’ titles, costumes, or alibis.

For the NWO jackboots, their masters, and their bureaucrats:

No prisoners.

Far be it from me to gainsay his remarks. There is no doubt that millions of Americans are well-armed, well-trained, and — shall we say — skeptical about the designs of the federal government.

The problem is not that ornery Americans lack the firepower, or the will to use it. The problem is: Who are you going to shoot?

I’ll present a couple of examples that illustrate the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Imagine that your son is in the second grade at George Floyd Memorial Elementary School. You have some suspicions about the kind of indoctrination that is being inflicted on him, so you slip a micro-recording device into his backpack before he goes to school so you can find out what’s going on. You discover that it’s even worse than you expected: he’s being instructed by his “non-binary” teacher in the explicit details of homosexual erotic practices, and cautioned not to tell his parents about it.

Who do you shoot?

The teacher, maybe. The principal. The superintendent of schools. The mayor and various members of the city council. And perhaps, just for good measure, the purple-haired pierced genderqueer being who represents your district in the state legislature.

And then what happens? If you don’t get blown away by the cops while exacting retribution on the people who did this to your son, you get locked away in the slammer for the rest of your life. In either case, your son grows up without a father. And he still gets instructed in the mechanics of gay sex in his elementary school classes.

The obvious alternative is to pull your kid out of the public schools ASAP. A private school, or, if you can’t afford it, home schooling. The latter can be costly in its own way, if both parents had previously been working for wages. Plus the state or city where you live may make it difficult to home-school. You might be required to use an approved curriculum, which would of course include explicit instruction about gay sex for 7-year-olds.

At that point you might decide to relocate your family to Florida or a rural area in Texas where people are still relatively sane.

In any case, there’s no obvious way to solve the problem by shooting people.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Another example.

Imagine that your employer decides to mandate as a condition of your continued employment that you agree to be injected with the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. You assert your basic human right not to undergo a medical procedure against your will, and decline to comply. As a result you receive two weeks’ severance pay and are shown the door.

You’ve got three kids to support, so you have to find another job pronto. Unfortunately, all the other employers in your area are imposing the same vax mandate, so you can’t find one. After several months of fruitless searching, the mortgage company forecloses on your home, and you’re out on the street with your wife and kids. The entire family ends up sleeping in a van and using the portosans in the park where all the other homeless people live.

Who do you shoot?

Your former employer, for a start. The bank manager, maybe. And, for good measure, the purple-haired pierced genderqueer being who represents your district in the state legislature.

Then you get put away, and your wife and kids are still sleeping in the van down by the park, only now they have no husband or father to protect them from marauding drug addicts and/or violent rapists.

Once again, shooting people didn’t solve the problem.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The above examples are relatively trivial compared to what’s rapidly coming down the pike at us. I’m talking about the Great Reset, of course.

The full New World Order will be upon us shortly. The conversion of the tattered remnant of the American republic into a province of the Global Paradise will be ushered in by the collapse of our currency, which is already well underway.

Two essential components will be necessary for the new system to function: universal personal digital identification and a global digital currency. The recent vax passport or “green pass” schemes were a test run for the universal digital identification. The digital ID will be combined with the global digital currency (I’ll call it GDC), and will be mediated by your cell phone.

And everyone has a cell phone, right? I am literally the ONLY person I know who doesn’t have a cell phone. Everybody I know, even the most deplorable libertarian types, has a baby monitor. There must be a few other stone-age weirdoes like me, but they’re few and far between. When the time comes to implement the NWO, it will hardly be necessary to make ownership of a hand-held device mandatory.

If you have a cell phone, the government and major corporations (yes, I know, same thing) know where you are. They know what you buy. They know who you hang around with. And, obviously, they know what you say or text through your phone. If you have Siri or Alexa or something similar, they know what you and your friends converse about in your living room.

Once a personalized digital currency is added, the corporate state will have achieved total surveillance and total control over your personal life.

“Ah,” you say, “but I’ll never be willing to use their digital currency. So they won’t have that.”

Well… You might not have any choice.

It’s not that cash will be outright abolished, not immediately. The first step will be to make it worthless.

That’s where the inflation comes in. The severe inflation that’s beginning right now isn’t a bug in the system, it’s a feature. In order for you to be willing to embrace the new GDC, the currency you’re used to has to lose 99.9% of its value.

Let’s look ahead to the hyperinflation that’s just over the horizon. Imagine what it will be like when a quart of milk costs $10,000 and a gallon of gas costs $20,000. You will be like the proverbial German citizen in 1923 — if you fill a wheelbarrow with banknotes, you might just be able to buy a loaf of bread, provided that you throw the wheelbarrow in on the deal.

That’s when the new digital currency will be rolled out to save you. If you are lucky enough to still have a job at that point, your employer will be required to pay you in GDCs. Otherwise, you’ll be eligible for the Universal Basic Income (UBI), also in GDCs. For a limited period you will be allowed to convert your old currency to GDCs (at maybe a 1,000-to-1 rate). After that what you formerly used for money will become worthless pieces of paper. And you won’t be able to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies instead — those will most emphatically not be convertible to the new digital currency, nor accepted in financial transactions.

That’s because the new GDCs will be personalized, which is very important to our global masters. When your employer or the government pays you, your wallet will be credited with a virtual amount that is marked with your personal digital stamp. Since all businesses will be required by law to use only the new currency, your purchasing behavior will always be tracked by the government and financial institutions (yes, I know, same thing). Furthermore, the system will be programmed so that an individual’s GDCs will only be allowed to purchase certain things at certain times within a given region. If you’ve exceeded your mileage allowance, you won’t be able to spend money in Seattle or Chicago for a while, nor even charge your car to get there. If you’ve been eating too much beef, you’ll be locked out of the meat section in your local MonstroMart. And if you’ve said doubleplus ungood things on social media, you won’t be able to buy much of anything at all.

Welcome to the Future!

Where you own nothing, have no privacy, and eat crickets. And you’re happy.

When that time arrives, when you can’t transact any business without GDCs, when your every movement is tracked, when your every behavior is observed, who are you going to shoot?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

None of the above is the raving of a tinfoil-hat paranoid. It has all been written up, more or less the same as I summarized, in articles and treatises and papers put out by the World Economic Forum and the other institutions that are planning our globalized future. None of it is hidden. It’s not secret. But it’s TLDR for most people, so they pay no attention. And besides, they like their phones and TikTok and Alexa and touch-free purchases — why would they mind a global digital currency and a universal personal digital ID? They’re almost there already.

All businesses, in order to keep their licenses, will be required to conduct transactions using the new currency. This will include anyone who sells firearms and ammo, of course. So you won’t be able to buy more guns or bullets except with GDCs — and even then, your GDCs won’t be accepted by them unless you’re one of the fortunate few who are permitted to bear arms in the Brave New World. Think FBI, the police, and the personal bodyguards of the people running the new system.

Before you bring it up: yes, of course there will be a black market. There is always a black market when totalitarians place this many restrictions on people’s lives. Anything you want to buy will be available — for a price.

And that’s where it really gets interesting: what will the black market be using for currency? It won’t be like it was in the old days in the communist bloc, when seedy-looking fellows took your dollars in payment and added them to a grimy roll of bills pulled out of the pocket of a trench coat. It will be impossible to use CDCs in a black market. So how will the underworld of the new order transact its business?

That’s a topic that merits an essay of its own for an in-depth discussion. And anything I might say about it would be pure speculation, anyway.

Just think about what would be involved. Barter is always an option, but it gets cumbersome. Carrying around a couple of chickens and a ham to trade for spare bicycle parts is not really workable.

There will have to be a medium of exchange. It will have to be compact, and hold intrinsic value. Gold and silver will be the obvious candidates. If your grandpa left you a little strongbox with some gold eagles and silver dollars, they’ll come in handy when the time arrives. And I can imagine that eventually a new generally accepted scrip may emerge, each one specific to a very local area.

But transacting business in the new black market will be difficult and dangerous, because the penalties for such illegal activities will be harsh, and surveillance will be omnipresent. Everyone who participates will have to give up their phones and other devices, but even then there will be those ubiquitous government drones hovering overhead, just out of pistol range…

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Imagine what it will be like when the New World Order is finally implemented. Your cash will be worthless. If you want food, or medicine for your kids, or chips for your 3-D printer, you’ll have to use GDCs to get them. Or you’ll have to venture into a very dangerous underworld to acquire the same things by other means.

When that time comes, tell me: who, precisely, will you shoot?

46 thoughts on “A Handgun Against the New World Order

  1. That’s why John the Babtist was the greatest guy on Earth – because he just left the rat-race and went out to live in the wilderness, having nothing to do with the powers that used to be… (except for critisizing and exposing them, of course)

    In any case – I often comment on the gypsies here, and I believe that this is a base the gypsies have covered. I sometimes believe them to be the real “Ishmaelites” – wild men in your face, because there is something strong and “wild older brother-ly” about them. They also tend to go outside of the system, but are not shy to come into the system and steal whatever they can…

    Their main strength is their “in-group-preference”, if a gypsy gets caught by the police, and taken to custody, 20, 50, 0r a 100 “family members” show up at the police station and just abuse the place to make it very uncomfortable for the police officers to keep that guy in. And most of the time, it works. It is a corruption on the policemen part, but then – we are just human, and – the gypsies know how to collectively put pressure on the “human”. That is why so many people hate them, I guess. Well – that and the thefts and frauds and robberies…

    “The System” will certainly try to get rid of John the Babtists, and the gypsies. I have no doubt about it. In this way, Babylon the Great will become habitation of every faul spirit, because they will get rid of all “normal” human beings.

    If there was only one righteous man in Soddom and Gommorah, would God save the cities of the plane?

    PS: “Siri or Alexa or something similar” – like, for example, and “android phone”. Yes they listen what you say, and write small reports with time stamps and send them back to the hive.

    • ai robots and mind controll 5g plus gtaphene oxide will do the policing , courts all aspects of government jails executions ect ect while the elites “have special status not affected and “harvest our young for their satanic worship …. dear good god save us all from evil

  2. You’ll shoot them all.

    I think something that is missing from the equation is that when things get bad enough and there’s little remaining to lose, the fear of consequences will be outweighed by the need to exact vengeance upon the most visible symbols of those who destroyed your livelihood or repossessed your home or perverted your children.

    In that time it will be exceedingly hazardous to one’s health to be a purple-haired pierced genderqueer, or bank manager in a suit, or the law enforcement jack booted thug who protects them and does their bidding.

    Rather than some kind of dystopian 1984 style Great Reset there will be a Great Terror more along the lines of the French Revolution where anyone associated with the old regime along with their families, friends, and acquaintances will be hunted and slaughtered mercilessly. And I believe this because the problem with those whom they persecute isn’t that they don’t know who to shoot, but that there are just so many who are deserving of a bullet. Besides, no one wants to be the one who goes first, unsure if anyone’s got their back. Once that ice has been broken and restraint is gone, those who protect the ones at the top will be insufficient to hold back the tide. And with their henchmen gone, the villians just aren’t all that tough.

    • Some wars start because people become greedy and proud, but the greatest slaughter comes with hunger, because hunger and anger are correlated. The people don’t have enough bread? Let them eat cake. That’s when things get bad enough.

      Check out the sattelite photo map of Ukraine. I mean – I live in a hilly forest mixed with fields. But I looked at Ukraine yesterday, and it’s like a country of fields. I wonder what’s that gonna do to the price of bread and cake.

      This summer seems like a good year to plant big potato field.

    • Whom to shoot?
      Black Ops.
      And dont forget to leave your smartphone at home.

      And, no I dont own one.

      And if they force me to use one I will of course do my best to make sure it is always good protected, you know in a steelcase thats not a Faraday cage. How could you come to such a conclusion?

    • Yes, it will be a time of judgment that the Lord knew was coming. Read Revelation beginning in Chapter 4, as the Church that was described in the first three chapters is now in heaven with the Lord leaving those who have rejected Him on the earth. Judgment is poured out, quite literally out of the seven bowls, upon a satanically energized rebellious world.
      When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness and Satan tempted Him with the rule over all the kingdoms of the world that were Satan’s property if Jesus would only bow the knee to him, Jesus did not dispute Satan’s claim of ownership of this world and its governments but replied with the First Commandment, “You shall worship the Lord God and Him alone shall you serve.” Also, Jesus warned that those who live by the sword, or in this case firearms, will die by the sword (firearm).
      My family and I are here only temporarily as this planet is not our home as we have died to this world and are now alive in Christ. I have been watching this roller coaster ride for the past 15-20 years. We crested the top in 2020 and now we are going down into the “loop-de-loop” ala Magic Mountain. I will admit to being surprised by the descent being much steeper and more rapid than I initially thought. Our response to all this has been and will be an increased focus upon our relationship with Jesus Christ and God our Father as we look up and await our redemption. The powers-that-be presently will have their day, and will throw their gold out into the streets as it won’t feed them while they suffer the judgments along with everyone else who chose earth over heaven.

      • well said …i pray for the redemption of our fallen demon possesed world leaders ” and myself” intercessory prayers are accepted by the good god because many of us are so many possesed by demons that they/ we cannot and willnot seek salvation from evil … dear good god please save us all from evil

        , because they cannot and willnot seek salvation … therefore the good god accepts intercessory prayers

    • Yep.
      What he said.
      Think “The Purge” meets Mad Max…
      Law will still exist where I live in these formerly united States, but not because of government. Local local local… the school board in my town is already purging the purple haired trannies, the locals have gotten wise… this is the way.

  3. The universe tends to disorder and it is a lot easier to tear the world order down than to establish a new one. Consider for just a moment who you inconvenience the most when you do away with cash. That would be the people already operating outside the law – pimps, bookies, drug dealers, loan sharks, organized crime families, outlaw bikers, street gangs, and of course crooked politicians. You don’t really think Joe and Hunter Biden or the Clinton crime family want their transactions tracked do you? How is Hunter going to pay his hookers? All these folks already have no fear of the law. I’d also assume that all this tracking and digital currency will require a huge number of IT folks most of whom are intel’s who would kill their mothers to get a woman to touch them in their special place. Human frailty is the thing that will keep us free. Tyranny requires too many incorruptible people to last for long.

      • And those incels will only stay loyal for as long as their desires are fulfilled.
        They can be touched and maybe some of them are freedom loving.
        They can code, but the Clintons, Soros, Bidens cannot. They have to rely on them and if only one of them is disloyal, he can bring the entire system down.

        And dont forget organized crime. Just one Ransomware attack that gets through and BOOM, system down.

    • The universe might tend to disorder in the beginning, but after all the chaos, comes order from the most ruthless strongmen, after the French Revolution came Napoleon, after the Weimer Republic came Hitler, it will be the same way once this so called reset comes to be, none of these one world technocrats will survive the coming Great Purge, for human nature will come out with a bloody vengeance, Moon is completely correct.

  4. The mistake here is that Baron assumes that our community is so atomized that you will always be a lone actor. You have probably noticed that there is a growing awareness, amongst the ‘resistance’, of the need to form communities, and people are doing just that.

    The purpose of being armed is not about finding someone to shoot (they will just be replaced with someone else anyway), but to protect the communities, and be willing to cause enough trouble for anyone who wants to mess with them that they won’t bother. Barn Swallow pointed out that the authorities are reluctant to crack down on Gypsies because of group pressure. The same is true for Muslims. They treat Muslims with a light touch because Muslim communities are ready and willing to riot when they feel aggrieved.

    The same needs to be for us. At the moment it is easy to control us because we are atomized (and pussified), but that is changing. We need to form communities, and communities of communities, armed and organised into militias, ready and willing to go to civil war. And within those communities we will have our own schools, and markets, and currencies.

  5. “…home schooling. The latter can be costly in its own way, if both parents had previously been working for wages…” in that, we find out who deserves freedom. If $$$ is the most important thing in your life, the NWO has your number and will use it. A meaningful percentage of the population (doesn’t have to be 100%, there are always free riders) must say with Patrick Henry “Give me liberty or give me death”

  6. I think they are going for food supply first, much easier. The drought and factories burning down is far more effective.

    • I am writing one (*). By the way, I already have written a short story (*) on this theme, but on a more limited script (QR codes for all activities, and one day the system bugs…), for a SF webzine ; the selection for it is in process : I am not sure my text will be published ! Even in SF community, Politically Correct is powerfull.
      Let us wait. If published, I’ll let Gate of Vienna know.

      (*) in french, of course : my basic english prevents me to be a “writer” in this lanquage.

  7. That’s why you need friends.
    With friends you have a chance of killing them all and fighting the police.

    • The police, like everyone else, has a home to go to. Once that home is unsafe and their families in danger, that changes everything.

      • ai robot police courts ai judges all law has been codyfied no need for human judges ai robots controll graphene oxide jabbed people with 5g etc etc

  8. The NWO isn’t going to disarm you… they won’t have to.

    They’re going to starve you out of existence.

    Jack Lawson
    Associate Member, Sully H. deFontaine Special Forces Association Chapter 51, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Author of “The Slaver’s Wheel”, “A Failure of Civility,” “And We Hide From The Devil,” “Civil Defense Manual” and “In Defense.”

    “It is literally impossible for anyone who has even a basic grasp of history to believe that any government genuinely has the best interests of its people in mind at any time.” – Vox Day
    From Jack Lawson… American in 1RLI Support Commando and attached to Rhodesian “C Squadron” SAS Africa 1977-79

  9. Baron Bodissey and, eh, James Bond, are both convincing, so the combination creates some perplexity. Let us try to get further, using the gun picture as a stimulus.
    The Frenchman I am (you should have guessed it from my language) was somewhat amused by the gun : it is very peculiar … and France-related, as it was one of the arms produced to be parachuted for “Résistance” groups during WW II. Its official purpose was to kill one (isolated…) ennemy, in order to immediately take his gun, for the pistol was one-shot. That leaves no choice for the target : an armed enforcer of the NWO. And the context really is one of those situations where and when “résistance” is a necessity. This gun was named “Liberator” : another signifiant coincidence, the meaning of which is : Be sure to identify and target the top of the power chain.
    This is not easy, as the more totalitarian the power, the more unidentifiable the men in charge. (Joe Biden is the most obvious example, but there are many other puppets in our world. Perhaps Xi Jinping himself is one, who knows ? ).
    I guess Baron Bodissey has carefully chosen this very polysemic picture…
    This gets us to J. Bond reply : shoot them all, yes, this is fairly good precaution.
    But never forget that in the revolutionnary activists, there always is a core of power-hungry men (and women) : think of Lenin, and all his staff, who very efficiently and very quickly managed to steal the revolution from the hands of the real people.
    So shoot, yes, but be prepared to continue against unexpected ennemies, coming from your own ranks.
    And now, the case is even more historically french : as J Bond writes, a revolution can go far in matter of killings. Alas, that often goes farther than the “associated with the old regime”, as the “terreur” period demonstrates. Such chaos and uncertainty becomes quickly unbearable for the population, and it ends nearly always in the same fashion : comes a leader, who sorts the chaos : something like a Bonaparte, should I say…
    I can’t see any other end, if the NWO is to be overcome, individually (but how ? Baron Bodissy is right in his secpticism) or collectively.
    This do not mean that I whish it : I am not very fond of “strong men”, even in chaotic situations. But in very dangerous occurrences, as is the case with the NWO, you have to be realistic, and chose to be on the winning side rather than staying ethically pure, but losing.
    So the question “who are you going to shoot” ? Is perhaps better transformed in “who are you going to help (gun included) gaining power ?” Of course this is very unsatisfactory, but perhaps it is not always evil : after all, Bonaparte was not Hitler, far from it. By the way, despite his imperial ambitions, Bonaparte neither was a Poutine. And at the other end of the spectre, you can hope to find a Pericles…

  10. Great essay and right on point.

    Made me think of one of Solzhenitsyn’s best quotes,
    a remarkably moving passage marveling at the universal lack of resistance.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

    Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?”

    The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    What is it about the human heart that prevented this most reasonable of responses? Why is it that nobody thought of it until they were in the camps and it was too late? From our comfortable vantage point, we can easily call them foolish. But would we do any better? More to the point, are we?

    When the enemies of freedom come, they cannot devour an entire people by direct power. They must first divide before they can conquer. Division can be created in two ways: hatred and fear.

    And here we are.

    • today they will use killer ai drones and vax graphene oxide 5g with for remote controll humans also a kill switch in the vax etc etc … only prayer can help now war is being fought in spirit ,that is spiritual war fare… pray for the redemption and salvation of our leaders ” and ourselves … they cant /wont pray for themselves because they are demon possesed … the good god accepts intercessory prayers “

  11. I rarely comment, but my father and I routinely have this discussion; who do you shoot? There are clearly some bad folks doing bad things that need to be stopped, but shooting them seems to take forever and gets you locked up and thus, taken away from your family, the very ones you’re trying to protect by doing the shooting. I think the GDC aspect is very much in line with their stated goals at WEF. The thing most people are missing is POWER. And I mean electricity. Our grid in America is incredibly inept. Who do you shoot? Transformers. With no power or extremely limited or unreliable power, GDC and linking of data and data mining break down.

    This is NOT an advocating of preemptively taking down the grid, but by the time the totalitarians roll into town, what would there be to lose? Watch what happens when the power goes out for 5 days after a storm, people lose their minds. Good luck controlling NYC with no power for a month. The major cities will devour their own and any chance of retaining control of rural areas is nil. It’s an interesting thought experiment that looks to be heading for real-world testing in short order.

    • The Civil war will be fought with cordless tools
      Some that use bullets and some that use batteries

      Plant a larger garden, None of us have enough food for the ten years the troubles will last

    • Well said, kids with 22s or larger can take out insulators on transmission lines all over the country. No possible way to watch them all and the arcing may wait until the next storm.

  12. Um…why would anyone limit themselves to just shooting? Like bombs, which have a mass casualty effect, haven’t been made before. When I was growing up in the late ’60s, early 70s, bombing was all the rage from WeatherUnderground and their ilk. So, I would say guns-all guns-have their place in the coming unpleasantness; but many ideas are swirling through the winds. The good thing about bureaucrats, is that they work from routine without exercising any intelligence. It provides so many opportunities.
    The push should be to get out of the government schools NOW, get a trailer/RV/Fitted Van NOW, and think your independence NOW. Start making plans to Go Galt NOW without waiting for “the crisis” to hit. Time is wasting.

  13. It’s flagrantly obvious that the LARPing CUCKS lack “the will to use it.” If the will existed your above posted article would not exist.

  14. Viking Warlord is correct. The key to either the people, or Leviathan controlling the flow of our present civilization is electricity. We are nearly totally dependent on it for our everyday, and long term needs. Without electricity, nothing else will work. Those mighty diesels that bring our food to market and everything else we need and use will stop moving, perhaps for good, without electricity. Diesel cannot be manufactured or distributed without it. Large buildings, sans electric, are uninhabitable without AC and running water. Means no hospitals, businesses, apartments, grocery and hardware big boxes, skyscrapers, warehouses, you name it. NO WATER distribution. It ALL grinds to a halt, without electric. Masses of people will die, mostly from drinking contaminated water. Leviathan will stop at nothing to preserve it while they control things, and will stop at nothing to destroy it if someone else does. The money is important, but without electric power, meaningless as sand beneath your feet. We’re stuck here, in the Electric Age

  15. Everyone has their own personal red lines and those adversaries that cross them do so at their own peril is the simple answer to your question. Also, you think supply chains are strained now? For want of a nail….

    In times of active resistance…who do you shoot? Anyone who lets their guard down and has a bigger gun than you or something else you need. When you have enough, its hunting season. Just look at how much havoc was wrecked by one ex navy vet on the LAPD with just threats…lol. The tough talking global homos are just that, talk.

  16. The way forward is to gather together a group that is large enough to have enough separation from each member, to carry out the reprisals among strangers of that group-so the actual victim has no connection to the act.

  17. To paraphrase General Curtis LaMay and others:

    Kill them.>local
    Kill all of them.>local
    Kill all who come.>state/fed
    Then, none will come.

    Repeat as necessary.

  18. I completely disagree with your philosophy because you entirely ignore the effectiveness of deterrence. The main reason the globalists and their Marxist minions have been able to so rapidly implement their “Great Reset” and agenda of Cultural Marxism in the West – is because neither the architects, the bureaucrats or their useful idiots (BLM/ANTIFA, teachers unions etc.) have faced any consequences to their actions.

    Our entire criminal justice system and rule of law (when enforced) is primarily based on the deterrence effect of imprisonment, fines, and in extreme cases for extreme crimes – the death penalty.

    Our national defense is based on deterrence. And although no nuclear weapon has been used as a weapon of war in nearly 80 years – no one doubts their deterrence effect.

    Solzhenitsyn identified your philosophy as the number one mistake made by those ultimately rounded up and sent to Soviet gulags.

    So will Christian conservative America within the next decade, perhaps even as soon as the November mid-terms if we see another “Red Mirage 2.0” and another stolen election – which because of no consequences or deterrence to their actions will lead the sheep yet again into the gulags and the camps, be they for Covid or political dissidents.

  19. I can’t believe I am the only one who knows, and I don’t write blogs.

    One filthy rich capitalist. He uses his money to hire a team of assassins. He funds research, logistics, and training.

    Now go watch The Dirty Dozen.

    Location: Davos.

    Next target? You decide.

  20. Fathers should not jeopardize themselves. They need to home as protectors and support systems. Grandfathers should be out extracting justice. I think the “over the hill gang” could raise a lot of havoc and are expendable. We have to stay and fight, to damn old to run. Still can hit a 400 yd. target though.

  21. The author assumes the shooter will be caught. Why? Can’t these activists plan better than “blaze of glory” and wait for the constabulary? Learn from the IRA.

    The author assumes an infinite resupply of purple-haired trannies. Why?

    Any “replacement” that follows the doctrine of the dearly departed, and is removed through ‘unlawful means’ (vary your technique), eventually will result in non-replacement, or non-doctrinaire. To encourage the others.

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