Who Is Bombing Whom?

In the following video a French journalist reporting from Ukraine asserts that the Ukrainian forces are bombing their own people. It’s not clear where she gets her information from. It’s also not at all obvious that she’s a stooge for Putin.

All in all, though, I’d say: take this with a grain of salt.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   These actions, are they by the Russians or the Ukrainians?
00:05   From where I stand, they are Ukrainian.
00:10   The Russians are at the center of the country and near Donbas. So near the front line.
00:17   And at [?] where I’ll be going soon. It’s the Ukrainian Army.
00:23   I’m very sorry to shock everyone. —No, not at all. Quite the opposite. —I’m not taking sides.
00:28   I’m not defending Putin, OK? The truth is I’m close to the civilians. Last year I was in Armenia.
00:35   I’m not taking any position.
00:40   So what you’re saying is a fact. —The Ukrainian government is bombing its own population.
00:48   Children are at least still alive, living in cellars.

15 thoughts on “Who Is Bombing Whom?

  1. By the body language, the voice, even the looks she might be a moslima. Just a strong feeling. What she says is possible, too.

    • That is what NATO wants to talk about side things unimportant points that have nothing to do with the start of the war the reason why the war started the reason was strangling Russia from all sides

      If Russia dies everyone will Russia didn’t start the war Ukraine did by being a puppet in NATO’s hands no problem if Ukraine is neutral.

      Russia was cornered it was forced to defend itself

      It is difficult for human beings to empathize and put themselves in the shoes of Russians and feel what they feel

  2. What she says is not just possible, it is the approach that the “Ukrainian forces” have adopted. Problem is, the Ukrainian forces are not a monolith, they are split in at least two factions: more or less normal military people and the literal terrorists who take pleasure in killing civilians. Look up Azov Battalion, they are just bunch of literal nazis who worship Bandera, the famous collaborationist. They take positions in the high rise apartment buildings, shooting at the Russian positions and thus inviting the unavoidable return of fire. They also have no qualms shooting the civilians since they are considered pro-Russian and thus not worthy of their respect. Fresh development from today: all the humanitarian routes of escape for the civilian population were blocked by them and no one was let out in Mariupol or Kharkov.

    • So where’s your comments about neo-nazis fighting for Russia?


      As for civilians being “pro-Russia” – where, exactly?

      Tons of videos of civilians resisting Russian occupation, in significantly Russian areas like Melitopol, Kherson – and see also the massive pro-Ukraine rallies in the big ethnic Russian city Kharkov, just before the war broke out…

      And now with Russian soldiers raping women (confirmed by doctors in Kherson), and indiscriminately shelling ethnic Russian cities like Kharkov, they are ensuring they’ll be hated everywhere they go.

      See also this, from an ethnic Russian in Odessa, addressed to his fellow Russians fighting to “liberate” him…

      “When you lose the war, it will be we Russian-speakers who will beat you…. It is we who hate you the most now and will stand until our last breath.”


      • And you believe it all, eh? Go figure. How many lies out of Kiev have you believed? Is there a point you will say, no more?

        • That dude is most likely part of the psy-ops operating in Lvov / Warsaw who’s paid to sit on various websites all day and participate in the “comments” warfare. But it fools no one. The irony.

          • So Albrecht, how many Ukrainians have you spoken to about the situation? I know 7 here in Poland, some of whose families had to leave their homes because of the “liberators”. And will probably know more when we start taking refugees into our home (currently preparing it).

            Also, here in Poland, everyone knows what “denazification” and “liberation” by Russia really means, and plenty are speaking out, and countering the [spurious information]. You don’t need any paid “psyops”.

          • I’ve already been renting rooms to Ukrainians in a house for 4 years.

            Plenty of my family’s valuables there, but none of it has gone… But thanks for your concern.

        • Vera, I don’t need to “believe any lies out of Kiev”. I’m in touch with people there, and in the region. People I know had to leave their homes near Kiev, because of the shelling by your “liberators”.

          How many people are you speaking to there, in the middle of it all, by the way?

          • Sure, help the descendants of Bandera who slaughtered your ancestors. Just watch for your valuables and silverware, they may be gone.

      • There are no naxi’s anymore and haven’t been since 45, as for the azov battalion, there are more foreign fighters in Ukraine right now than those in that small battalion, but nobody cares who you are at this point as long as you are killing russians.

  3. Where in Ukraine is this journalist, and is there any confirmation of what she’s saying, from other sources etc?

  4. This mayhem should speed the Ukslavian and Euroslavian ization of Western Europe. Turks are tracking carefully. Thanks girls. Plus ca change.

    • Thanks. Will watch it later.

      Also, the same journalist is described here, as – “the journalist quoted by lavrov”… Useful for the Kremlin propaganda machine (like Tucker Carlson, lately):


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