The Vibrant Multiculture of Heerenveen

The following report gives an account of a culture-enriching social interaction in the Dutch town of Heerenveen.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Flemish alternative news site React Nieuws:

Attack on two young women in Heerenveen

March 12, 2022

On Sunday, March 6, two young women, friends, were walking happily along the Julianaweg in Heerenveen. Near the toll house, they came upon a man with an Arab appearance, who, without any reason, gave one of the ladies a violent blow in the neck. Half-numbed, she began to yell, and when her friend came to help, she became the next victim. The man banged her head against the curb several times while screaming that this was all in the name of Allah. Fortunately, a group of people rapidly came to the scene of the tumult, and the miscreant quickly ran off.

The police were called, and an ambulance arrived quickly on the scene and took the woman, bleeding from several wounds, to the hospital. There she was diagnosed with a broken nose, and her teeth were badly damaged to the point she had to undergo root canal treatments. The assistance of a psychologist was also called in because the victim was so anxious that she was unable to sleep at night. Fortunately, the perpetrator was quickly arrested. It turns out that he is a 28-year-old resident of Emmeloord. One is curious as to how the judge will punish this misdeed, although in this country we have no high expectations, based on experience.

Like the large cities in the West, Friesland isn’t spared from the blessings of the imposed multicultural society.

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