Report From Donetsk

The following report was recorded in Donetsk (which is functionally the capital of the Donbas region of Ukraine) on the first day of the Russo-Ukrainian war. The reporter is a young German woman named Alina Lipp.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It’s February 24, 2022. War has broken out.
00:05   Russia has begun to bomb military bases, weapons depots and so forth, in the Ukraine.
00:14   It’s being reported that the city of Kharkiv has been taken over.
00:19   Here in the center of Donetsk, it’s really quiet.
00:25   In the background, explosions can be heard, but that’s not anything new for residents here.
00:30   They go about their daily business. However, compared to usual, the streets are emptier.
00:36   Behind me you can see a sign which says, “We are Russian Donbas”.
00:41   People here really want to belong to Russia, and they are celebrating the current situation.
00:49   So what should I tell you about the current situation?
00:53   I’ve heard how the Western media is reporting on the current situation,
00:58   “Evil Russia is attacking Ukraine”.
01:02   It’s very difficult to explain if you aren’t familiar with the topic,
01:07   but you need to understand that Russia has been asking
01:12   for eight years that the Minsk agreement be upheld.
01:16   Ukraine did not adhere to it, nor did they approach
01:20   the Donbas region in an attempt to come to an agreement.
01:24   They didn’t even want to meet with the Donbas leaders.
01:29   Instead, they have been bombing the outskirts of the Donbas region for eight years.
01:37   They are shooting at civilians, who now also have to live in completely shot up houses.
01:44   Very many people have died here. Children.
01:52   That’s the reason people are celebrating here about what’s going on now.
01:56   They see it as a liberation. It’s finally over. They have suffered for eight years,
02:01   constantly under bombardment. Constantly living in fear.
02:07   It just isn’t being reported in the Western media why the people in the Donbas region seceded.
02:15   The reason is that a Nazi government chased out the former president in Kiev and since then
02:24   has been terrorizing the Russian population.
02:28   Just try to imagine that in 2014
02:33   a nationalist-oriented group chased out Merkel,
02:39   set themselves up in Parliament and declared that German is no longer the official language.
02:47   Following that, some German states then secede from Germany because they don’t accept that —
02:56   this illegal National Socialist government.
02:59   Imagine, for example, if Russia started to support this Nazi government.
03:06   Russia starts to send government officials, sending people like Klitschko.
03:12   Basically publicly supporting everything that happens.
03:17   Even though they are clearly supporting Nazis, right in the middle of Europe.
03:22   This is exactly what has been going on in Kiev since 2014.
03:26   So then, one fine day,
03:31   these National Socialists in the German government,
03:36   they start to terrorize those German states that seceded,
03:41   with heavy artillery. They start bombarding small towns. A real sniper war.
03:50   That’s what has been going on for the last eight years, and it’s not just the militias
03:55   that have formed to defend the Donbas republics.
04:00   Snipers are shooting civilians. People who are on their way to work.
04:07   I heard from a lady that they are even targeting children. School buses.
04:14   I’ve seen with my own eyes many schools and pre-schools that were completely shot up.
04:23   And that is being supported by the West and no one is condemning it.
04:27   Have you even seen it being reported on? In the background explosions can be heard right now.
04:32   I don’t know if that can be heard in the video.
04:36   So, dear listeners, that’s why people here in Donbas,
04:42   especially here in Donetsk, seen as the capital,
04:48   are extremely thankful that Russia finally did something. Finally,
04:54   the people here have been liberated from the terror
04:57   that they’ve been experiencing the last eight years.

10 thoughts on “Report From Donetsk

  1. Undoubtedly she’s an apologist for Putin. After all, there’s no possible way that western news media could ever be lying; either by commission or omission. And one should be in full agreement with whatever side that the neocons, warmongers, arms makers, financiers and globalists are on because they clearly have your best interests at heart.

    Not all trolls are Russian. Some of them are green.

  2. Mein Gott!! No one ever told us this! Obama and Mdme. Hilarity should be strung up on the nearest lampstand, with John Kerry along with them.

    • Check out Graham Phillips and his Interviews with people in the Ukraine and Donbas Region over the last 7/8 years –

      Also something that the Mainstream Liars have been adamant didn’t and isn’t happening, because that’s what is being told to them in their luxury Hotel rooms and don’t ever check those that pay large parts of your Pay-cheque.

  3. A lot of reports from that region sound like this:

    Here is Gerald Celente “Special Report From the Front Line in Ukraine”

    or here, Gonzalo Lira “Coach Red Pill” – has some interesting reports from Ukraine

    …so judging by this the “war in ukraine” is no surprise to the locals because there is this crazy “ultra nationalist group” in Ukraine which does not live and let live… And now Russians are the good guys for the eastern Ukraine but the evilest evil in the west – so much so that it is forbidden by EU laws (?) to say that the Russians are the “good guys” in this Ukrainian war. And the EU is always true and correct, ALWAYS!!! 🙂

    PS: I still think that the West is being played, and the overemphasis on Ukraine in the mainstream these days is just like that other important topic with the injections and stuff. Weaponized Behavioral Science, Fear FEAR Watch out or you gonna DIE oh NO!!! etc.

    I do recommend to watch UK Column, last friday, this monday and wednesday, for good media analysis:

    • I agree, there are no ‘good guys’ here (except those who just want to live their lives). This is a conflict that has been going on for hundreds of years and is a point of friction that can be exploited to start a major conflagration.

      This current bout started in 1918 with the post revolution civil war where Ukraine was one of the main battlegrounds and peasants were executed for not taking sides.

      The Holodomor essentially started in 1928 with de-kulackization and collectivisation and in 1932/3 between 4 million and 6 million Ukranians were starved to death whilst their grain was sold to the world (and Walter Duranty in the NYT assured the world that there was no famine).

      Then in WW2 the Ukraine became a major part of the Eastern Front battleground with particularly severe fighting around Donetsk.

      In modern times, although the USSR fell, its shadow has never ceased to fall across Eastern Europe. Now the flames are being fanned, it takes only one to make a war, but two to make peace. But before one can make peace one must understand who the REAL players actually are, is this another Obama/Clinton escapade? It is certainly not Biden or Trump or Zelinsky, it is Putin, but is he an aggressor or is he a victim?

      Fast and Furious mk2?

      Alll the time the media is doing another Duranty on us we will never know – The Old Grey Lady is a whore!

      I cannot help but feel that that Delaware laptop is involved here too…..

      • Is Putin an agressor or a victim? I guess neither one, because he’s a player, and players don’t suffer when the horse takes over the little guy… But for the little men of Russia and the EU, and USA, I quite like the term “mutually disadvantageous non-cooperation”. We will be poor, but at least we showed them and damaged them too!

        So – who are the real players? Frankly, I am appaled by the way the mainstream press can push some agenda, like that Russia is now the greatest enemy on Earth, and people eat it and then do crazy stuff just to damage the Russians, because they are Russians… I mean, it was rasism here, and racism there, and now “Facebook breaks its own rules to allow for some calls to violence against Russian invaders” – The Washington Post

        So the little people will start killing themselves like crazy…

        I have come to the conclusion that the Devil is in fact a very righteous individual, laughing out hard when he watches the little men do unbelievable stuff, like shoot rockets into apartment buildings, or steal other people’s property, etc, just because “It’s war now, we have to do this, now!”

  4. It’s very disappointing to see this Putin propaganda, crafted in the style of Goebbels, on Gates of Vienna. A few links to the pictures of Russian war crimes from the Daily Mail are vivid and accurate. I’m writing this about 200 miles from the Ukrainian border in a Visegrád Group country, where shopkeepers are displaying Ukrainian flags in their windows, refugees are welcomed and comforted, and the Russians are DESPISED.

  5. “Russia has been asking
    01:12 for eight years that the Minsk agreement be upheld.”

    That is [vulgar intensifier] hilarious. The rebels never abided by the Minsk agreements nor have they ever been implemented.

  6. I heard last night from a friend that Alina, the young German woman interviewing people in the Ukraine here, is apparently, as it turns out, now registered on the official Ukrainian terrorist site as a Russian terrorist.
    I guess that every Journalist that isn’t following the official Narrative will eventually be labeled as a Terrorist.

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