Putin’s Fanboys at Fanpage

The following video is from the left-leaning Italian website Fanpage.it. It incorporates some of the footage from Vladimir Putin’s talk that I posted here last week.

This clip is an indication that pro-Russian and pro-Putin sentiments are not confined to the “far right” in Italy.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Russia, unlike the West, will respect foreign companies’ property.
00:05   Vladimir Putin, quoted by TASS, has spoken about the Ukrainian issue.
00:11   and of what the Western sanctions have been unleashing in Russia:
00:16   A drastic collapse of the ruble and a new package of economic rulings.
00:23   Arrived from Europe, Putin keeps affirming that his country
00:28   has the suitable means to counter the effect of these measures.
00:34   Enough, basically, to ensure Russia survival.
00:39   Despite being isolated from the West, its army has enough ammo to carry out the war.
00:46   According to Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian invasion is not an act of war.
00:51   He keeps defining it a “special military mission”,
00:57   definitely rejecting the accusations of genocide made by Ukraine’s President Zelensky.
01:03   The real genocide has been occurring in Donbas, for eight years.
01:09   He said “On the morning of February 24, I publicly mentioned Russia’s reasons and main goal,
01:14   that is, helping our own people in Donbas, who have been enduring a genocide
01:17   for eight years, committed using the most barbaric methods. Nevertheless,
01:20   Russian troops have no intention of occupying the country,” he stated.
01:26   As for the military offensive in Ukraine, Putin repeated that the troops
01:29   “are successfully carrying out the operations. Everything went as planned;
01:32   we had no other choice,” he said in his speech.

3 thoughts on “Putin’s Fanboys at Fanpage

  1. Die Linke, Germany’s far-left Marxist Leninist party, is also a strong supporter of Putin. The United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the party of dictator Nicolás Maduro, is also a supporter of Putin. The Sandinista Party of Nicaraguan communist dictator Daniel Ortegal also defends Putin. The Cuban Communist Party, which has influence in Latin America as well.

    A large number of politicians or parties support Putin. The difference is that in Europe, the left has metamorphosed, to incorporate itself into the globalist structure of the European Union, so that its radicalism is less exposed, but its policies are gradually put into practice. It is as if Leninist and Stalinist parties voted for Social Democrats to run the state of which they are a part, only moderating the discourse, but implementing the same agenda.

  2. You aren’t loyal to Ukraine? Traitor.
    Have you accepted Zelensky as your lord and savior?
    They need mercenaries over there all the true believers.
    Yes you can!

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