Of Eyeballs and Face Masks

As most of you know, I have to visit the retinologist’s office every couple of months to get an injection in my left eye to treat choroidal neovascularization (wet macular degeneration). That’s where I was this afternoon, and, as usual, I’m not yet back to full functionality here at the keyboard. So I’ll just give my observations on the Corona situation as it is currently evolving.

When I got to the doctor’s office, I noticed that the “masks required” note was gone from the front door. That cheered me up no end, and I stuffed the mask back into my pocket. Everyone else in the place, however, seemed to be still wearing their face nappies. That didn’t bother me — if it’s not required, I’m not going to wear the [vulgar intensifier] thing.

I found out later that the change in rules had trickled down from the top: the retinologist himself was no longer wearing a mask, and he was the ONLY member of the staff who didn’t have one on. We got to see each other’s faces for the first time in two years.

I really like that guy, and I think his staff must like him, too, because a number of the highest-level technicians have been there since the first time I went in nine years ago.

All the patients in the waiting room were good little drones with their masks on. But after I had received my dilation drops and been ushered into the back waiting room, I noticed there was a woman there of roughly my age who was also unmasked. A few minutes later a married couple, also my age or maybe a little older, sat down opposite me. Both of them had their masks on. However, after we said hello, I think they must have noticed my (horrors!) bare face, and decided, what the heck, they’d live dangerously — they took off their masks, and the wife stuffed them into her handbag.

It made me wonder how many other people out there are like that: ready to be mask-free again, but too timid to bin the stupid things until they see someone else do it.

After my ordeal was over, with my shades on and the annoying air bubble dancing in my left eye, I went to Wegmans to do some shopping, especially for wine. I noticed that there were even fewer masked people in the store than there were last time. This maskless trend really seems to be catching on.

And, once again, people who were roughly my age — in their 60s or 70s — were more likely to be bare-faced than younger people were. I had noticed the same thing back during the height of the plague, when I was often almost the only maskless person in the store: if there were other unmasked customers, they were usually geezers in my age group. This was true both before and after the vax came in.

I don’t know why it’s that way, but it’s quite noticeable: old people are more likely to eschew the mask. Make of it what you will.

16 thoughts on “Of Eyeballs and Face Masks

  1. Listen to an eloquent ‘truth teller’ laying out the text about miserable Sweden, political life and not least, the situation in Ukraine, where he is currently staying.
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    • Interested parties, if any, are informed that a Swedish version of this text has been sent to all Ministers, State Secretaries, Departments and other staff of the Government Offices of Sweden. The country’s 349 members of parliament are next in line.

      Another text that has suffered the same fate is the already famous essay entitled: SVERIGESYNDROMET,
      by Professor Emeritus Karl-Olov Arnstberg, which he has presented as follows:

      “I hope that readers will do their best to spread this chronicle.
      Today it is published in Swedish and next Sunday there will be an English version. Our politicians should not be allowed to continue spreading the image of Sweden as a well-functioning humanitarian superpower undisturbed to the outside world.

      The Stockholm syndrome, as we know, refers to the fact that kidnap victims show solidarity with the kidnappers, against the police who are supposed to free them.

      The Sweden syndrome means that a nation’s ruling politicians and opinion leaders, acting on behalf of the electorate, put the interests of their own country and the security and welfare of their own population second. It becomes more important to take responsibility for “helping the world”, i.e. to assume the role of a humanitarian superpower.

      The Sweden syndrome means that politicians in charge in general elections continue to be trusted by voters who have been misled by the media.

      The Sweden Syndrome displays the same approach as the Stockholm Syndrome – a form of misplaced solidarity.”

      Hopefully Baron Bodissey will publish .

  2. I ran errands today, and made a big haul at BJ’s. I was pleasantly surprised at how few Branch-Covidian customers wearing a M.O.O. (Mask of Oppression) there were. Store employees still seem to be wearing them, but that is probably just to keep their job.

  3. I stopped wearing a mask a year ago, with the exception of my dentist. I know for a fact (we’ve discussed it) he doesn’t buy the whole Covid=Certain death scenario, but the ADA is apparently full of Karens so he feels he must comply. I can’t descale my own teeth, so I comply for the total of 10 minutes I’m required to wear it for Covid fealty, which I despise. And of course I don’t go to the dentist often. If I had to, I’m guessing I’d rethink it. I still do see people wear them all over, probably about 15-20 % where I live here in New Hampshire. Live Free or Die??? Only if you’re able to think for yourself.

  4. I’ve been unmasked throughout this scam and also noticed that the few like-minded souls I encountered were, like me, older. That the young are such sheep does not bode well.

  5. Regarding the masked youth, that’s an ominous sign. We boomers share little with the youngest generation. While we wish for the ship of state to be righted, they have no inclination. They’re as likely to welcome communism as they are to “like” a video. These seem to be the final throes of the good old days.

  6. In my small woke town, it’s also the older crowd who seem less scared/brainwashed. With the occasional exception, such as today’s cheerful maskless high school student working the till at the grocery store.

    The bigger city nearby is much less brainwashed, and there I got to see the phenomenon of more maskless staff than clients in a pharmacy. That would never happen here! A few shops even still *require* masks after the “mandate” was dropped. Obviously, I don’t shop in such crappy places.

  7. Where I work, we all had to mask: however…..I did not get the jab, I just kept telling my boss to let me know when it would be required so I could give my 2 weeks which would have enabled me to return. I love where I work:my father used to say; you take a job because you need money, but you only stay there if you love the people: and I do…anyway; only one other person and I refused to get it. *phew* as we said, we got away with it, and kept our jobs. I am 68 and the oldest there.
    yes my Wegman’s is nearly an hour away, Wilkes-Barre PA, but quite the haven.
    and yes, the young are quite the followers. of all the wrong stuff, like ‘trans’ et al

    • We got an email last end of last July saying that everyone in our office building MUST be jabbed.
      Literally 15 minutes later I had everything in my cube boxed up ready to be gone.
      We got it set up that I could work at a separate facility (a building with 10X more employees than our office and NO MANDATE)
      Hopefully I will be going back to the office in the next week or so.
      The email never said “Jabbed or else…………………….”, so I’m not sure what the process would have been.
      In saner days, I would think that all of this [excrement] would be clear medical discrimination but today wouldn’t trust going to court on it.

  8. Very astute observation about we oldsters being more sensitive to the tyranny of the muzzle mask.

    At this point the muzzle is nothing but a symbol- the brain dead morons who insist on wearing the face diaper should just wear a sign that says “I voted for Biden- Kick me.”

    I live in the Blue Gulag State of New York and cannot believe how many of the Demo-Commies still insist on wearing the filthy things.

    It all depends on what town you go to. My small town is filled with gun owning conservatives, most of whom refused to wear the mask in the first place or fought every step of the way.

    When I go next door to the predominantly Demo-Commie town that supported Biden by 95%- more than half of the morons are still proudly wearing the mask of the Beast.

    Not to mention that at least half the shops on their Main Street still have signs up saying masks are required!

    I almost forgot to post this previously, but it will give you a good idea of just how screwed up NY still is.

    Two weeks ago I was almost ARRESTED because I refused to wear a mask in the town library. They actually called the sheriff on me after I got into an altercation with one of the library staff, an insane woman whom I’ve know for many years.

    I was able to drive away just as the sheriff pulled into the library with lights flashing on his car. When he wasn’t able to find me at the library, he went to my home TWICE to inform me that I wasn’t allowed back in the library for 30 days.

    I am now looking into filing a lawsuit against ALL of them. Will let you know how that turns out.

  9. “It made me wonder how many other people out there are like that: ready to be mask-free again, but too timid to bin the stupid things until they see someone else do it.”

    Not me. Mask free the entire time except at work (minimal time for that as well)

    The day before the scamdemic, the CDC study and official policy was “MASKS DON’T DO [solid waste] FOR STOPPING A VIRUS”
    2 year later exactly nothing has changed or been updated.
    MASKS STILL DON’T DO [ordure]

  10. Here in Israel we have a new Jewish tribe, named after one of the lost daughters of Jacob, the Karens as they are called were the tribe that supply the community with informers, nosey neighbours and general KAPOs,

    These were the enforcers of the masquerade of masking here.

    The nicest thing about the Karenites is that they soon get bored and move on to new fads so for the last weeks I have not been challenged about not wearing a mask in those places where I theoretically should.

    Of course it take an ultra-Karen to challenge an elderly crippled gentleman who has little command of the language (and who naturally plays dumb if necessary….)

    Went to the beach with 5 y.o. grandaughter today, not one mask in sight….

  11. Funny that it’s pretty much the opposite here… I live in regional Victoria, a few hundred miles from Melbourne. The mask mandate was dropped here about a month ago and I still see quite a large majority of people wearing them. However, in contrast to your observations, it’s predominantly the older generation here that still wears them… They have been pretty much spooked to death that Covid will kill them if they don’t wear the mask so they continue to wear them. It is truly a sad sight to behold as the masks will surely do them in faster than Covid ever would…

  12. I am not wearing the muzzle. It is not mandatory now, so nobody can force me to wear it; but I have not worn it for a long time, not even when it was mandated. Only in huge supermarkets and in the bank, and only when they were actively policing.

    It went like this:

    Most of the time the gatekeepers of systems (bus drivers, shopkeepers etc.) told me that I must wear it to use the service. Then I said NO, I will use the service and not wearing it; “are you going to push me down the bus”? “Are you going to deny service/food for me? Are you going to call the police on me? Because you have to do that, otherwise I am not going to wear it.” In other words I broke their will, till they gave it up. It worked. Nobody told me recently that they would deny service; it only happened a few times back at the very beginning in 2020. And then I would not get grilled chicken without a mask for example. Once I gave in for the food and put the muzzle on when they demanded it. Now that was humiliating, so I decided to never do it again. I should have walked away without the food instead of giving in.

    But that experience taught me that I must fight for that clear conscience and that dignity and be prepared to go to extremes. So I started to keep bars of chocholate and enough cash in my pocket, in case the police would arrest me and I had to sleep in a prison cell that night or I had to pay a lawywer to get me out. But it never happened to me, though once the police questioned me when they caught me breaking the curfew. They stopped me but they let me go. Corona police arrest never happened to me, but it did happen to some people, especially back in 2020 when the PTB were conditioning us. Those guys were fined or taken to the police station, allegedly.

    In some cases security guards got psysical and stopped me in a plaza when they saw me maskless. But that was rare.

    I had to learn how to play the game. One must be able to endure a bit higher level of adrenaline, because some people may try to intimidate or hit you, so you must be prepared for an altercation or a fight as well. But it never went that far, probably because I am bigger than the average, which is a deterrent.

    So the New Normal has been breakable at some points. In this respect it is sort of an illusionary construct. If a substantial number of people would have resisted it, the whole system would have fallen apart in a matter of days or even hours.

    It is interesting that once I broke a person’s will, he/she never ever tried to impose once again the facenappy on me, at the places I frequented. Perhaps they thought I was an obstinate weirdo, just an exception to the rule, so it would not hurt them much if they let me get away with it. And they were right because almost everyone was wearing the muzzle but me in those places.

    At the beginning this freedom-fighting game was a burden for me and I was not always able to play it when I did not have the extra energy. But then I slowly got used to it. I regarded it as my contribution to everyone’s freedom, and a constant social experiment. When others saw me barefaced, sometimes they followed suit. And also, I could not afford to bend my spine, because I knew that the mask was a psychological weapon. Then I should have spit myself in the eye in the mirror if I accepted that disgusting slavery training tool, with that knowledge. So I had to keep on fighting the system.

    I hate this ascending totalitarianism from the bottom of my heart. And I will never let them inject their goo in my body, except at gunpoint. Even if they deny me food without a ‘social credit’ ID, I will try and find a way around it. But if it ever goes that far I will escape to another land and let the sheeple enjoy what they cooked, without me.

  13. Since I am in my early 30s, and contact with a lot of people around my age, these are my takes on why young people are more likely to mask up, get all the boosters they are told to take, and so on:

    1. Most young people never had contact with death. A lot get to their 30s without knowing more than one or two elderly relatives that passed away. A lot of young people these days are completely unable to deal with death and will do anything they are told “if it saves one life”.

    2. Most young people, specially the college educated, have a blind trust in science. You put someone on TV saying anything, and they will do it if the person is introduced as a scientist.
    Does it matter that the Ferguson guy from the Imperial College in London had a decades old track record of completely missing his doomsday scenario predictions? No. What matters is that he is a “scientist”, and says we have to lockdown, or many people will die.
    Does it matter that Fauci has a track record of being wrong, and of trying to suppress actual scientists that were right? No. Fauci said it, young people believe it.

    3. Most young people are in social media.
    I have the thesis that covid is a disease that is only relevant because of social media. I don’t personally know anyone that died from covid. And I believe most young people also don’t know anyone (unless they work in a nursing home, or ICU).
    But if you have social media you know that the grandfather of your elementary school friend that you have not seen in 25 years died of covid. And that the mother in law of your cousin that lives half a world away died of covid. And that the uncle of a work colleague you have not seen in 10 years died of covid. And all of a sudden a disease that killed absolutely no one you personally know looks like it is killing lots of people.

    4. A lot of young people want to fit in. And most live irrelevant lives. From tens of people I have contact with from my University days 3 got to their mid 30s with a child. If that is bad for the men, what to say about the women. Sitting in boring meetings as a career is their greatest life achievement.
    All f a sudden something as simple (even if inconsequential) as wearing a mask, and staying home all day becomes something they are praised for.
    For a lot of young people continuing to wear a mask is the most significant thing, and the best contribute they gave to the World ( and in many cases it will be the most significant thing they have done with their lives). They don’t want to let go the only thing that makes them feel relevant.

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