Jumping the Fence at Melilla

Last week I posted about a recent wave of migrants that has stormed the border fence separating the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco. The video report below describes a day on which more than 2,500 “refugees” tried to breach the fence, with about 500 succeeding.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   A new massive assault on the fence at Melilla. On Wednesday group of more than 2,500 migrants
00:07   of sub-Saharan origin tried to gain access to Melilla,
00:11   and more than 500 succeeded. The assault occurred
00:15   early in the morning when the migrants, in a coordinated manner, approached the fence
00:19   after mocking the Moroccan police and deterring them by throwing rocks.
00:25   The Spanish Civil Guard tried to contain the assault.
00:28   Three officers were injured and three migrants had to be treated for
00:32   minor injuries at the foot of the fence. Those who succeeded
00:36   in stepping onto Spanish soil managed to get to the Center of Temporary Stay for Immigrants (CETI)
00:40   and are being treated by the Red Cross.
00:43   This crossing is one of the largest in recent years. In the first two months
00:47   of this year there have been 57 assaults on the border, according to figures
00:51   from the Ministry of the Interior.

7 thoughts on “Jumping the Fence at Melilla

  1. Wonder what the response would be if a truly gargantuan horde of say, 50k orcs decided to simultaneously assault the entirety of the fence. That many orcs would easily be able to overwhelm the guards and likely could just cut away whole sections and proceed to pass through at their leisure.

    Would the Spanish allow every one of them to gain Spanish citizenship then? What if once the border fence had been destroyed, the guards beaten or driven off and the city occupied, would the Spanish still recognize all that continued to arrive? I suspect they would. Perhaps the savage hordes are just thinking too small and need to assault the fence with tens of thousands instead of just a few thousand if they want to be successful.

  2. This is a game that must stop. Once in, they’re in. There’s no getting rid of them. But first, they must get past the border controls. They need only to keep trying, probing, testing and rushing the borders. Then “Stop” becomes “Stay”. The game makes no sense other than to demoralize First Worlders and encourage Third Worlders.

  3. Obviously Spanish government want this invasion, they don’t want put a electrical wires , so invasion will be continuing, but for what ??, who gonna feed them ? Europeans?, tax payers money?, what is the plan to bring all this savages, parasites on European soil? More crime , more reap its very sad ..

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