Heim ins Reich

H. Numan’s latest essay provides an overview of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Heim ins Reich

by H. Numan

Russia attacked Ukraine. They don’t want Ukraine, they want Mykraine.

I was watching this when things started to heat up. I thought: either Putin will attack right now, or he will wait until May-June. There’s a reason for that. The same reason why Germany attacked on 22 June 1941. The reason is mud.

Most people know Germany got stuck in the mud during the autumn rains deep in Russia. That season is called Rasputitsa. It’s not one season, but two. First you get the autumn rains that turn the ground into a quagmire. Snow and frost make it passable. The second Rasputitsa people always forget. During the spring, thawing turns the ground into a quagmire again. That’s the reason why Germany couldn’t attack earlier. A few weeks earlier wouldn’t have made any difference to the outcome. Winter didn’t defeat them; the Red Army did.

I’m certain people will come up with the attack on Yugoslavia to counter my argument. That attack didn’t influence Operation Barbarossa significantly, not enough for it to fail. It lasted 12 days (6-18 April 1941) with a mere 151 casualties on the German side. April is well within the Rasputitsa season, so they couldn’t invade Russia anyway. It was too early in the season. You can only fight in summer and winter in Eastern Europe.

Putin is using that to his advantage. When the ruckus heated up I saw three possible options:

1: Acknowledge the breakaway areas as independent

Give them Russian passports, and send troops to defend the Russian population. That’s standard Russian procedure. Exactly the same happened in Georgia in 2008. Russia supported insurgents in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Gave the locals Russian passports and sent in peacekeepers. They are still there. He did it in Crimea in 2014 and again in the Donbas region a few days ago.

2: Occupy the entire Donbas region

Before hostilities began, insurgents and Russian troops occupied about 25%-35% of the area. There is a lot of industry and it has large mineral reserves, especially coal and gas. The population is pro Russian; Russian troops would be hailed as liberators.

3: Go for broke

Occupy the entire country. It’s clear now that Putin planned to do just that. The other two options make no sense. Option 1: Why do anything at all? Option 2: Looks good on paper, but it has some serious drawbacks. You see, Ukraine is largely flat country with a high mountain range in the west, the Carpathian Mountains. These are excellent for defense. The Germans were able to hold back a vastly superior Russian army for over a year during World War 2.

That’s what Putin wants to do. Occupy the entire country, set up strong defensive positions in the Carpathians during the Rasputitsa and wait for what comes. Which probably is not a lot. The EU doesn’t have an army. All EU nations have are a few clowns clad in green, except France and the UK. The state of the German army is pathetic. Years of serious neglect changed it from the backbone of Euro defense into a blunt broken butter knife. The Dutch army, by the way, is an integral part of the German army nowadays. In even sorrier condition. In the unlikely event we have to send our army to the Ukraine, the question will be: one or both soldiers?

France very clearly doesn’t want to fight for Ukraine, and why should it? Even economic sanctions won’t be unanimous. Germany and Italy do not want Russia out of the SWIFT system. [This article was written a week ago, but publication was delayed. The situation has changed.] The EU is strongly divided. Of course former Warsaw Pact nations are really worried. They know what’s coming. Everybody is doing what they do best: Light up a national monument with blue and yellow, and express support on Facebook. Oh, the EU announced very strong measures. Russia is banned from the European Songfestival. That’ll teach ’em!

America, then? With Biden? He’s likely to order his troops to move west of Kansas. The poor man has no idea what to do or where Ukraine is located. Perhaps he can ask his son, who has vast business experience in Ukraine. On second thought, better not. Let sleeping dogs lie.

Besides, Ukraine is not a NATO member. There isn’t a lot we can do. Sanctions won’t work. They usually don’t work on global powers. To remind you: every time Putin salami-sliced, sanctions were thrown in. With zero effect. All it did was show him what to prepare for. When he occupied Crimea, sanctions caused the ruble to drop. Not this time. Putin made sure of that. There is plenty of money in reserve, and he’s working with China to set up an alternative for SWIFT. In the international game of poker Putin showed his cards. Problem is that he holds four jacks.

Not aces, because not everything is going his way. First of all, his invasion is not working as smoothly as planned. Hitler had the same problem. The Dutch, for example, were supposed to surrender within 24 hours. We fought for five days. Ukraine is putting up a fairly credible defense. They will be defeated, but so was Finland in 1940.

Now it gets really funny. In both Europe and America the common man does not support military action. Only the progressive elites do. Look at the banner-waving and rally-round-the-flag rhetoric. The common man is not interested. Why? Well, the common man will be called up by the draft to die in a war that’s none of his business. Now things are getting messy, suddenly all military trannies and women look the other way. This is not what they signed up for. They want the respect for a uniform for free. Military women begin to realize rape happens a lot in combat areas. Not exclusively of women, but something they should worry a lot more about than men. The Russian army especially has a certain reputation here. #MeToo is not a Russian word!

The big words of president Brandon are coming home to bite him. Let’s go! He literally said during his election campaign he would make mincemeat out of Putin. Will he? Tell us how. The very shady business dealings of his son in Ukraine were covered by him, as vice-president. Something that would stay nicely under the rug if not for the unfortunate events happening right now. Either the Republicans will start asking questions or Putin will. Or both.

America just suffered its biggest defeat ever. The withdrawal from Afghanistan trumps Vietnam by a mile. Vietnam was a nation, with the resources and determination of a nation (plus a superpower). In Afghanistan the US Army withdrew after a few Neanderthals with stone axes got unruly. No superpower was involved. They left equipment worth $80-$100 billion behind. More than enough to set up a medium-sized regional power. Believe me, if sleepy Joe were to donate $100 billion to the Bundeswehr, Putin would withdraw immediately!

That kind of defeat is rather embarrassing. I’m certain Putin toasted with champagne when it happened. “We won’t have to worry about America in the coming decade!”

There is also a huge red dragon in the east. It’s possible Xi Jinping will grab the chance and invade Taiwan. Not likely, as I wrote earlier. Taiwan knows China is coming for them as long as they exist. Just not when. They’re ready anyway. For Xi this is a golden opportunity. A geriatric moron in the White House, who has to focus his attention on ice cream Ukraine. That’s like a kid in a candy store with nobody watching.

That geriatric moron in the White House has been busy politicizing the Pentagon by appointing transvestites and women as generals. I kid you not. That’s what happening right now. Putin knows it. So does Xi. Almost certainly the reason why Putin decided to attack now is exactly Biden. Both of them will never get a better chance. From now on, things will get tough. Really tough.

On both sides of the pond we see utter disdain for the common man. The left clearly forgot how they railed against nationalism, the military and borders for the last half-century. Nationalism was bad. Soldiers are bad. Borders don’t matter. All of a sudden, they beat on the drums of war and expect everybody to do their bidding as usual. Why don’t they respond? Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. We, the common men, have bigger worries. Gas prices are exploding. Fuel prices, especially of natural gas (most of which is imported from Russia!) in Europe have doubled and will double again. Yes, natural gas prices are quadrupling. You read that right.

At the same time, all pet projects of the left continue like nothing has happened. The Dutch government promised €60 billion for the environment. Muslim refugees (almost all are male only) are coming in as before. You haven’t heard about it, but in Holland this is getting close to boiling point. Several strikes of public transportation workers show they’ve reached the end of their tether. In one refugee center alone more than 50 illegal immigrants are detained on serious criminal charges, without being deported. This week the first batch of real refugees from Ukraine are coming to places that are fully booked. Those Ukrainian refugees, by the way, are real refugees. Most of them are women and children. Not men. The men remained behind fighting for their country.

Geert Wilders is unequivocal about it: this is not our war. With him, all conservative leaders of Europe. That doesn’t mean to say he supports Putin. Far from it. He’s all-in for accepting Ukrainian refugees, and supporting Ukraine. Just not with weapons.

All of this will almost certainly lead to collapse of society. We’re back in the thirties with only Chamberlains in control. The title said it all: Heim ins Reich was the German slogan to get all Germans wherever they were in the German Reich. Putin is doing exactly the same. What Putin wants it to restore the might of the Russian empire. Not necessarily the USSR, just everyone who speaks or understands Russian is Russian according to him. He wants every part of what once belonged to the Russian or USSR empire back in the fold. Are you Orthodox? Great, he wants that too. Anything remotely Russian is Russian. All of you Heim ins Reich. You don’t have to move, though. Russia is coming to you.

Make no mistake about it: Putin said in so many words he expects the former Warsaw Pact nations to continue behaving as Warsaw Pact nations. He warned Finland not to join NATO, or face the consequences. Finland knows very well they used to be part of the Russian Empire. Given their background, I think their prospective membership of NATO is fairly certain. Even Sweden is worried enough to consider joining NATO.

First we got an unnecessary pandemic. Unnecessary, because the reason why it happened was corporate greed. Dr. Fauci circumvented the rules (no gain of function research at all) by farming it out to a Chinese military laboratory. He knew that. A lab run by a colonel is a military lab. Not a civilian lab. Nobody got punished for it. Even worse, despite knowing the Chinese are behind the pandemic, the winter games were still held as if nothing had happened. The games were a disaster. NBC lost a huge sum of money on it. People weren’t interested in distractions anymore. The same happened with anything woke. It goes broke. The Oscar ceremony? Never before watched by so few people. Football in Qatar? Not there yet, but the same will happen. People are no longer buying (or watching) it.

The Covid crisis fades away into another crisis. At the moment it’s Ukraine. Probably next week it might be World War Three. Putin is already threatening to station nuclear weapons in Belarus. There isn’t much more he can do. This is the ultimate threat possible. All he can do now is set up a tripartite pact with China. Hoping an attack on Taiwan will distract enough attention.

Western governments have been thoroughly socialized and are found wanting. The current crop of leaders is far less capable than Chamberlain, who at least was an honest man. (For a politician, that is.) Very few of them will survive the coming crisis politically. Let’s hope they won’t get hung from lampposts or eaten.

On the bright side, “nature always finds a way,” to quote Jurassic Park. Churchill was elected on the very first day of Fall Gelb, the invasion of Western Europe. The new batch of leaders is already there. We just don’t know who they will be.

Will the EU or NATO survive? Too soon to say. The unification of Europe is going to hell in a handbasket. We desperately need new leadership, and fast! The problem is that new leadership almost certainly won’t be elected. The current crop of failing leaders will do everything it can to hang on to power. Even if that includes hanging on lampposts. I don’t see Rutte resigning or coming to reason. Nor will Biden resign. Certainly not his minders.

I have said often dark times are ahead. This time I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, it’s the headlight of the approaching express train.

— H. Numan

20 thoughts on “Heim ins Reich

  1. Yeah, and as soon as Putin has the Ukraine secured, give him until around June or July, then Turkey and Iran will insist that he finish the job he started in Syria, Jordan, and MOST of all…..ISRAEL! He will be Putin his place by the Lord who told Ezekiel around 2,500 years ago what would happen. Islam will have its head handed to it so stay tuned.

  2. I doubt Putin wants to barge into the Carpathians and face a chronic guerrilla war from western Ukrainians. What’s to gain? Western Ukrainians have a different history, and they don’t like Russians, and they are not likely to appreciate being messed with again. I hope Putin is not so foolish as attempting that. (The Germans holed up in the Carpathians because it was the route home. For Russians, the opposite is true.)

    I think Putin wants a multipolar world. And wants buffers from aggression on the borders. And I hope this awful war is soon over, and something good can come out of it in the long run for the sorely abused Ukrainian people.

    • Well, he’s already starting to face resistance from ethnic Russians in newly-occupied areas like Kherson and Melitopol – so why not also from Ukrainians in the Carpathians?

      See also this, addressed from an ethnic Russian to the Russian “liberators”…

      “When you lose the war, it will be we Russian-speakers who will beat you…. It is we who hate you the most now and will stand until our last breath.”


      Putin’s occupiers will be hated everywhere they go… The question is, what does he intend to do? Obviously, democracy is out of the question – and controlling a population which hates you so much will be an expensive and difficult business…

      So, what’s the plan?

  3. Any serious analysis of this war must take into account the obvious fact that this war is not between Russia and Ukraine but between Russia and the US (plus their not-so-willing allies).

    The US spares its own soldiers and conducts this war by proxy. Whatever else Ukraine is, it is not an independent state. Its puppet regime take their orders from the American embassy.

    Neither can Ukraine be considered a democracy. It is an ultranationalist oligarchy whose ideology is summed up as “Ukraine above all” which has been copied on “Deutschland über alles”.

    This is not fortuitous. The most famous national hero of the country is now Stephan Bandera, a Nazi collaborator. The members of Bandera’s group have conducted a pogrom in Lviv in 1941, during which the whole Jewish population of the city was exterminated. They also exterminated the polonised Armenian community of Lviv and the Polish teachers of Lviv University. Later, they embarked on a campaign of extermination of ethnic Poles in Volyn.

    Modern-day fans of Bandera organise violent demonstrations, Gypsy pogroms and attack anyone whom they might consider insufficiently patriotic.

    Of course, one wonders why the Jewish president and prime minister of Ukraine as well as infuential Jewish oligarchs not only tolerate but encourage such activists and engage in ultranationalist Ukrainian propaganda themselves?

    The reason is simple: Banderites hate not only Jews, Gypsies and Poles, they hate Russians even more. And the American curators of Mr Zelensky and his government find it expedient to use Bandera’s legacy in their war against Russia.

    The ultranationalist ideology allows the supposedly democratic Ukrainian regime to suppress Russian-language education, to close down Russian-language media and to restrict the use of Russian in public. Here it would be useful to remind that the first language of an absolute majority of Ukrainians was Russian. And not all of them were willing to switch to Ukrainian.

    At present, the US is using Ukrainians as cannon fodder in its global conflict with Russia.

    Considering that since its accession to independence, the death rate in Ukraine has been lower than birth rate (last year twice as many Ukrainians died than were born), this war is the last thing we need if we want the Ukrainian nation to survive. However, for Washington the survival of Ukrainians is not a priority.

    • Whatever the faults in Ukraine’s democracy – and there is plenty of corruption, for a start – it is a hundred times the democracy that Russia ever was… Since 2000, Ukraine elected 5 different presidents, representing different groups. How many presidents did Russia or Belarus have, during that time?

      As Poles, we are also well aware of what happened during the Bandera era and angry about support of Bandera in Ukraine today… However that anger is nothing compared to the anger at Russia now, for launching this invasion. The parallels between 24.02.2022 and 01.09.1939 are all too obvious – and that is why all of Poland is now united behind Ukraine… Even those who were very recently anti-Ukrainian.

    • just a kind enlightenment about a common misconception, that „ Deutschland über alles“ topic: it was coined in the 1840 ies when a central german state did not exist and did NOT express feelings of supremacy, on the contrary. It expressed the longing for a united state( sic) in a then weak bunch of around 35 small states and was proclaimed national anthem only after WW I.
      The birth certificate of one grandfather of mine states in 1866: kingdom of saxony.To wit.

    • It doesn’t matter at this point on who is who, as long as they are shooting Russians, it is immaterial.

  4. I will not fight.
    I was (and still am) denigrated, bullied and I am still threatened with the vaxx – so why should I even think of donning the uniform?
    Yes, the army of Germany is in tatters. Last I read was that of the 200+BOXER APC less than half are running. And the airforce takes its CH-53 and Tornados apart to keep some of them flying because they dont have spare parts. (Yes, after the end of the cold war they went to McKinsey who told them to switch to just-in-time production of replacement parts – as if that works especially in a crises, lets forget about a war.)

    On westernrifleshooters https://westernrifleshooters.us/2022/03/05/saturday-meme-dump/ I found this hilarious meme:

    As a German I just wanna get some things straight.
    The entire western world wants us to:
    -build up a large army
    -march through Poland
    -fight the Russians if needed.

    Just writing it down, so there is no misunderstanding in the future.

    Yes, that Putin is fighting the war only half-hearted (my apology when I come over as a cold-hearted evil person), but in a war you minimize your losses and maximize the enemies losses, e.g. you go all in. No limitations, just full attack. In the german tabloid BILD they showed a russian FAE bomb, so in a real war this bomb would already been used at least 200 times if not more.
    Remember Vietnam? There the US placed limitations on its forces and they lost. The same applies to Afghanistan.
    I know, that Afghanistan during russian occupation is a counterpoint to my argument, but I disagree. The russians back then were not Stalin. Stalin would have won. He would have sent the Red Army marching west to east and back and then the KGB Border Guards north to south and back and the surviving Afghan people would have been shipped to the north, the Kara sea. And some Warsaw pact dissidents would have been sent to live in the territory of Afghanistan.

    And the german site https://ansage.org/geht-es-im-ukraine-konflikt-in-wahrheit-nur-um-migration/ they say that Putin is fighting in Ukraine with all his hands and legs tied behind his back because he just wants to start a massive immigration wave so that in a few years the european countries implode on their own.

    And to the Trans…(situation).
    They are already pushing for the tearducts:

    And to your last two paragraphs:
    YES! You are so right. The best way to sum up our situation.

    • Alex, you will be fighting in Germany for your own Germans soon anyway against the 3rd world invasion taking place, your leaders are not going to last and the military at some point will take over. The EU I predict will fall soon because you just can’t take the nationalist out of people of Europe, it is against their nature to be people of the world. As for the trans, they will soon shut their complaining caterwauling or there is a lamp post or wall for their use.

  5. The trannies and women running the armies signed on for an army which provided “work life balance” good conditions and lots of promotion over men without having to “suffer” to get it. They thought they could let the men do all the dying then take over the top jobs. Happens in the police force as well.
    Liveuamap shows their action is along the Kiyev line of longitude. Virtually nothing to the west of Kiyev.
    Fertiliser and food will be short soon. RT kept reporting a few months ago about China having the largest grain stockpiles in the world. I wondered why and shared with others. Now it is obvious they were warned to stockpile grains because Russia/Ukraine produce 30% of world wheat and Russia produces a large quantity of fertiliser. China produces the most but with gas prices rising many countries may not be able to afford to buy it. Australia and Canada use the most per m2 in the world and Australia imports most from China the biggest global producer. With out fertiliser our production reduced so global impact likely greater than 30% of grain production impacted. Russia and China must laugh at how stupid we are to be so dependant on them for our food. I despair at how stupid and short term our thinking is. Urea also used to make adblue for “green diesel”. Without adblue “green transport” stops as the software won’t allow the truck/bus to start. Australia nearly shut their only plant but the feds gave them a bail out over gas prices to stay open.
    Stockpile food.

    • Much of USA corn production goes to making ethanol. If a food shortage were to occur, ethanol plants can be shut down and corn can be used as food. Also, acres that normally would be planted to corn, can be planted to other crops. When prices rise for farmers and ranchers, they can produce more than they normally would because they can spend more on inputs. About 30% of food goes to waste in wealthy countries because there is a good supply. Check the waste baskets in any public school if you don’t believe me.
      Sadly, if there are any food shortages it will occur in the poorer nations of the world who can’t afford the higher prices.
      War is stupid so therefore governments must be stupid.
      So many sinners wanting what their neighbor has.
      China may have stockpiles of food, but they can’t feed themselves in the long term without a cut in their population.

      • War is man’s natural state of affairs, peace is just a tempory lull in until the next storm. Since WW2, the US has not won a war it has participated in, unlike before WW2 where when it put it’s military might to good use, people listened and took notice.

  6. My thoughts were, this invasion would never happen now, precisely because of the Rasputitsa.

    But obviously, Putin had other ideas – and Russian vehicles are now sticking to the road, as they quickly get stuck in the mud off it.

    As for Putin “salami-slicing”, brings to mind this video about “salami tactics”…


  7. Ukraine is another deep state LoE (Line of Effort) towards the Great Commie Takeover, in many ways.

    I guess the next big thing, when the Ukraine LoE is about to be over, could be the ‘Cyber PLandemic’ LoE which ‘they’ will blame on the Russians and the freedom lovers in general. And THAT will be nasty…

  8. Fear, the great mobilizer. What is fear mobilizing, action. In this case fear mobilizes putin to military action. But what is putin fearful of? The quotes of putin, that I have read, says that Nato, nato? Yes Nato is a big fear, not the only one though. He fears Nato missiles in Ukraine, so I’ve read. Nato is a defensive alliance, why would Nato put missiles in Ukraine? Just some of the reasons for Nato putting missiles in Ukraine, (1) Western(American) politicians like Obumer, Hillary and Bill Clinton, getting into power and bombing Serbia again, or overthrowing a quasi ally like Qudafffy (sp?) of Libya. (2) as a deterrent, to prevent Russian invasion of a targeted sovereign nation. (3) as intimidation. to persuade putin against doing something , not in the interest of the West, crowding his style, so to speak. These might be reasons why putin fears Nato. I don’t believe that there is any way to assuage putin’s fear, with the present combined actions of the West.

  9. The WEF, Klaus Schwab inc., is pushing to get rid of Putin at this time because of his New World Order aspirations. Biden is dutifully destroying the United States’ economy, so now Schwab pushes Biden’s Regime to take out Putin.

    America keeps inviting others to go fight Russia in Ukraine, namely Poland, saying ‘you and him fight’. Poland has so far been too smart to fall for the American suggestion of gifting their fighter planes to Ukraine, (which has no airports to receive them). America says ‘oh, we will replace your NATO planes later if you do this’, but I would never, ever trust the Biden Regime to live up to their word on anything!

    I’ve read Ukraine just about has their social credit passports ready to go, as well, which is a huge part of the NWO plan to subject everyone on earth but the ‘elites’ to serfdom. Oh, and they only want earth to have a total population of 500 million. So many billions ‘have to die’ according to the WEF NWO. They started out with the Covid injections, and now have moved on to Ukraine. The propaganda for Ukraine to NOT make peace is strident here in the States.

    Its a very evil plan, and the nukes don’t seem as far off as they used to.

  10. The reason I don’t think the red chinks will hit Taiwan is that the Japanese run it, the important families run Japan, and if the chinks hit Taiwan, it will drag out the Japanese to war and the Japanese have been very busy because of the Obummer administration, since they determined the US is no longer a reliable ally and they would be right to think so. Anybody pay attention as to how many ships the Japanese have produced since Obummer? I’ll give a little hint, in numbers in the hundreds, and if anybody wants to know, the Japanese Imperial Navy never got rid of the Bushido Code.

  11. It doesn’t matter at this point on who is who, as long as they are shooting Russians, it is immaterial.

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