German Lawyers Protest Against Corona “Justice”

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Der Wochenblick:

Demonstration in Karlsruhe

Lawyers are calling for the resignation of the President of the Constitutional Court, Stephan Harbarth

On Friday, a sensational demonstration took place in front of the Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG) in Karlsruhe against the bias and obvious partisanship of Germany’s highest legal authority.

In addition: the Corona measures, the relevant case law of the First Senate and the impending vaccination requirement.

by Daniel Matissek

It wasn’t laypeople who called for the protest action, but rather experienced lawyers: the organizer was the association Anwälte für Aufbildung (Lawyers for Enlightenment). According to the association, in addition to 150 to 200 lawyers and assessors, there were also several hundred nurses. Among other things, the demonstrators called for the resignation of the controversial President of the Constitutional Court, Stephan Harbarth, a CDU party vassal who owed his appointment exclusively to the protection of Angela Merkel after he had previously made a name for himself as a member of the Bundestag in Heidelberg, above all through scandalous additional income in law firms.

Question of Judicial Independence

Above all, the demonstrators questioned Harbath’s judicial independence. To date, “no judge in the post-war history of the Federal Republic of Germany has damaged our highest German court, the Federal Constitutional Court, as much as this President.” Other topics were the Right to Resist, the separation of powers, the “delegitimization of the state”, profession-related accusations against doctors regarding education about Corona vaccines and their side effects and other topics related to the Corona measures.

Ideological Influence

“We are committed to the promotion and preservation of the democratic state. This includes an independent judiciary. A judiciary that respects the Basic Law, guarantees the neutrality and independence of the judges in decisions, and evaluates and ensures the rule of law without ideological influencing factors. This is in danger. Currently, in the course of the decision on general compulsory vaccination from the age of 18, Article 2 paragraph 2 of the Basic Law, according to which everyone has the right to physical integrity and the freedom of the person is inviolable, is being disregarded and broken.”

Against restrictions on civil rights

According to the statutes, the Berlin-based association pursues the goal “to promote a democratic state in connection with the ‘Corona crisis’. He sees the main task as raising public awareness of constitutionally relevant grievances and massive violations of the law and tries to ‘counteract this with legal expertise.’ Furthermore, the association stands up for the observance of justice, law and human dignity and wants to counteract the impairment of civil rights.” Within the framework of these objectives, the lawyers are also vehemently opposed to the introduction of a general Corona vaccination obligation and further Corona restrictions.

Afterword from the translator:

In my humble opinion, President of the Traitors would be the right term for this guy. He’s one of those who have bartered their lives for an authority that as men they’d never have owned. I’m also pretty sure that those Lawyers will have their offices raided by the Gestapo and their licences suspended, since the Globalist Cabal cannot afford to show any weakness. Punish a few harshly and educate thousands is a tried and tested method of tyrants throughout the ages. I hope I’m wrong.

3 thoughts on “German Lawyers Protest Against Corona “Justice”

  1. Kafka and Orwell look at us from beyond and weep with envy.
    So let’s go! Until recently, the fine for not wearing a mask in a public place was 5,000 rubles. However, everything changes 180 degrees.

    In Moscow from tomorrow will be fined for wearing masks.

    The Mayor’s Office’s message emphasizes that Muscovites and guests of the capital from 00:00 on March 15, 2022 will be required to “refrain from wearing medical masks in personal and public transport, public places, private houses, apartments and other places.”

    After the mayor’s decision to cancel the mask regime, doctors found out that such funds not only do not help protect against covid, but also pose a danger to health, as well as to public safety.

    – The use of medical masks is justified only in medical institutions if there is an appropriate order from the head physician. The use of masks on the subway, on buses, on the streets or in any other place will be equated with the intention to hide one’s identity from surveillance cameras or law enforcement agencies. Citizens who do not comply with the mayor’s recommendation and hide their faces with masks will be detained until their identity is established, the fine for wearing a mask will be from 5 to 75 thousand rubles.

  2. I think they are too good entrenched and they may win, but in the end, we all stand before the big Throne of the Big Boss who judges us and I think I can say with 100% accuracy that this guy takes the elevator down to his boss, the Prince of Lies aka Lucifer.
    There he will be given his reward, the 30 pieces of silver, liquid, down his throat. For all eternity.

    (Reminds me of the movie “Little Nickie” and the punishment of Hitler. I just say pineapple…)

  3. He is a biggest traitor in German just of judge, He cover Angela’s Merkel&CO illegal breaking laws this savages she invaded in 2015 , AFD was trying suing Her and this traitor swipe everything under the carpet.. thus system is broken and corrupted big time..

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