But Why?

Over the last two weeks our Polish correspondent Green Infidel has been posting thoughtful and reasonable comments about the Russo-Ukrainian war. I agree with much of what he says, but he made one comment last night that I must take exception to:

No-one “manoeuvred” Russia into doing it. The whole world was hoping it wouldn’t happen… The decision was only Vladimir Putin’s.

The last part is exactly correct: Russian President Vladimir Putin made the decision to invade Ukraine, and is responsible for the consequences. He was the aggressor: he ordered unilateral military action against a sovereign state.

However, it’s not true that “[t]he whole world was hoping it wouldn’t happen”. There is overwhelming evidence that what I call the Powers That Be were determined that there would be a war between Russia and Ukraine. From the leaked phone call by Victoria Nuland in 2014 through the machinations of Lindsey Graham to the current conniving of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, it is quite clear that the American subset of the Powers That Be was pushing to foment trouble with Russia over Ukraine.

Back in the 1990s the United States promised Russia, in writing, that NATO would not be expanded eastwards. That promise was never honored, and when the machinations concerning Ukraine began, Vladimir Putin made it clear that he would never accept Ukraine’s joining NATO, and would use any means necessary to make sure it never happened. He considered Ukrainian membership a threat to Russia’s security. You can agree or disagree with that assertion, but that was Russia’s position, and the Russian president stated it quite clearly.

Fast-forward to 2021. The United States continued to talk about NATO membership for Ukraine. In December “Joe Biden assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that Kyiv’s bid to join the NATO military alliance was in its own hands.”

I don’t think Mr. Biden had any idea of the ramifications of what he told Mr. Zelensky. But his handlers did. The people who told President Biden what to say knew exactly what they were doing, and what the consequences would be. They wanted a war between Russia and Ukraine, and ultimately a war between Russia and NATO.

However, it’s not at all clear that the European branch of the Powers That Be was at all keen on a war with Russia. It’s possible that the UK might go along with the idea, but the Continent is a different matter. And the further east you go in the Continent, the less keen they are about poking the Russian bear with a big stick.

During a visit to Moldova few days ago, Secretary of State Antony Blinken offered up Poland as a conduit for NATO fighter planes to Ukraine. This reckless decision was taken unilaterally, without consulting either the Polish government or the Pentagon. Poland handled the matter adroitly, offering to deliver its MiGs to the US military, which could then hand them over to Ukraine if it so desired. But the Pentagon declined to do so, correctly pointing out that this was tantamount to an act of war against Russia. Evidently the military brass are not quite as foolhardy as the stripy-pants set at State (and by extension, the CIA).

Unfortunately, the media have been beating the drums of war for so long that there is now substantial public support for doing whatever is necessary to “save Ukraine”, whether it means a no-fly zone over the country or American boots on the ground. Sober, well-informed discussion has been set aside — as our good friend Commander Salamander says, “The Blob wants a war.”

But why?

Why would anyone in the USA think it was a good idea to start a war with Russia? The Pentagon is clearly reluctant to go toe-to-toe with the Russian military. Based on what I’ve read (and I’m not at all an expert), the Russians not only have thousands of nuclear weapons, they also have hypersonic missiles that can evade US state-of-the-art missile defense. This means they could sink one or more of our gazillion-dollar aircraft carriers without even using a nuclear warhead. And if they did decide to go nuclear, they could take out the power grid in a substantial portion of the country with an EMP, while vaporizing a city or two if they felt like it.

No wonder the military brass is not too enthusiastic about declaring a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

But somebody wants this war. Who might it be?

There are various factions of the Powers That Be, and not all of them are always in agreement. There’s a George Soros faction, and a John Brennan faction, and a Klaus Schwab faction, and a Hillary Clinton faction, just to name a few. They don’t all want exactly the same thing, and they may disagree among themselves about the best strategy for realizing their common interests.

The first question is: Cui bono?

Among the usual suspects is obviously the Military-Industrial Complex — Raytheon, Boeing, etc. — which stands to make out like a bandit if Russia starts destroying America’s military assets. All those assets will have to be replaced, and then some. Happy days are here again!

Some of the other players must be calculating that they will come out on top after all the strife and carnage is done. Someone will have to rule over the ruins, and they must be expecting that they will be the ones. They evidently think they can come through intact, with themselves in charge. It seems kind of iffy to me, but maybe I just don’t understand the evil genius of their plan.

I’m not so sure they can pull it off. To remain unscathed, they will have to be protected by well-paid mercenaries. After the currency collapses — which also appears to be part of the plan; de-dollarization has already begun — what will they pay the mercenaries with? Gold and silver? If so, how long till the mercenaries notice that they can just take all that gold and silver for themselves? After all, they’ll be the ones with the weapons and training — at that point, why should they obey the orders of the likes of Klaus Schwab and George Soros and Bill Gates?

The Brave New World will be a world of ruthless thugs and warlords. Somehow, I can’t see Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos as warlords.

But that’s just me. I’m not as smart as those NWO dudes. They probably know what they’re doing.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

There are other theories out there about why someone might want to foment a war between the USA and Russia. Depopulation. The destruction of the dollar. The hastening of the End Times, etc., etc.

However, as far as I know, there is no hard evidence for what the motive is, nor any paper trail about how the movers and shakers have conspired to make it happen. Yes, we know that the State Department and the CIA have been hip-deep in the Ukrainian mess since the early 21st century. And we know that they engineered the set-up of bioweapons labs in the country — Wuhan West, overseen by Dr. Antony Fauchenko, no doubt — which they are now urgently trying to keep out of Russian hands.

But we don’t have any specific, documented details of why this is being done, and who ordered it.

At least I don’t. I haven’t come across anything in my reading that identifies the culprits and provides documentation for what they have done and why they are doing it. But I’m an amateur; if any experts have access to better information, you are welcome to leave it in the comments.

One final word: This post is not about how bad Vladimir Putin is, or how bad Volodymyr Zelensky is. It’s not about Putin as the savior of civilization. It’s not about Zelensky as the hero of Ukraine.

It’s about the fact that someone — or more accurately, a fairly large group of someones — desires a war between the West and Russia. Somebody wants it to happen, despite the possibility of an apocalyptic outcome.

I’m interested in who those people are, and what their possible motivations might be.

I’m looking for hard evidence, and not just speculation and assertion.

Who wants this war, and why?

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  1. You hit a high note where you said you were just an amateur, well guess what? Those SOBS pushing for war are the same amateurs that got us into 2 world wars and various other skirmishes since that time, and now pushing for us to poke the Russian bear, so you really aren’t an amateur after all. Gates, Soros, Schwab and the whole bloody lot of those one world bastards won’t rule in the end, it will be exactly as I have stated for awhile here, the cold, hard ruthless men amongst us will rule in the end.

    • Whatever do not let USA boots get onto Ukrainian soil, they will simply make matters worse as they ever do wherever they go. This World is in a troubled state and at its weakest point so the evil of NWO/Reset bunch creep out of the holes to scavenge around to find the weakest links like rats.
      They are the vermin of this world, their smell is invasive.

      • There are over 20,000 American men in Ukraine as we speak, and more arrive everyday, 98% are military combat vets and the rest of Europe is following suite.

        • Right on..but number is under estimate :-)) growing every day in numbers..
          They where some Germans in ” reception centre”in Poland..
          We reject them..We can’t afford saboteurs and traitors posing as a colleagues with weapon in hand behind our back..
          Russians are not allowed ether..Only White , with proven war skills and experience with Christian background.. NO LGBT or BLM ..
          Our Supreme commander is a Pole with extensive SF Military experience in GROM ( Polish Delta like )
          Proud to be under his command !


          • From what I am hearing, lots of Germans from their special forces who were forced out under Merkal have joined the Ukrainians same with a lot of former Bundeswehr, estimates are over 5,000, so the numbers are growing from all over Europe. Lots of former French Legionnaires as well.

    • I’m normally not a big Oliver Stone fan, but watch his “Ukraine on Fire, documentary” (I would not exactly claim the documentary status for anything he does, but it’s interesting to view in hindsight). Mr. Soros’s name does come up. It also answered my question as to when Crimea became part of Ukraine (Khrushchev arbitrarily made it part of the country when it was all part of the Soviet Union), so no, Crimea technically has never actually been Ukrainian. The pro Russia government that was widely supported by the more Russian eastern parts of Ukraine was overthrown in a coup. Of course, those areas did not support the results of that coup, and we have ended up where we are today.


      • The part 1 made a few years earlier then the follow up..
        The part 2
        Revealing Ukraine – 2019 [ENG AUDIO]
        1 hour 27 secs : 2019

        Mirrored here :—-
        Rumble version:

        Revealing Ukraine
        By GlobalTreePictures : Published March 9, 2022

        Documentary film by Igor Lopatonok, produced by Oliver Stone.

        Continuation of “Ukraine On Fire”

        I see in the U tube comments they are making warning how Part 1 was taken down by U tube, and I hope others have copies of this Part 2 & lining them up on rumble and other more “freedom” sites.

        Nothing is straight forward, but the bits of evidence, some of the facts, brings more learning to a greater understanding.

        Then to match in with other things we may know.
        It certainly is shows everything is not what it seems.
        Information, with thought, bringing some Knowledge gives one more power of what is going on in many things.

    • ..”the cold, hard ruthless men amongst us will rule in the end.”
      I swear..i have not such a desires :-))
      But you are on right track..
      Warriors always run History..
      Kings, Politicians just in the time of ” peace” :-))

  2. Putin is saving from “ Great Reset” , Zielinski is a young Klaus Schawbs globalist fascist , can be this , like Trudeau, Macron, and all this elite from globalist school ..

  3. Never rule out mental illness and drug abuse. These two seem to have spread across America like a prairie fire. In my previous life I worked in a well known agency, the alleged president was a known coke head.

  4. US allows cinema lab in Ukraine

    Published 9 March 2022 at 12.21 in Fria Tider
    RELEASE: Russia accuses the United States of funding a secret bioweapons program in Ukraine that dealt with plague and other deadly diseases. Now a top US diplomat admits that biological research facilities exist in the country.

    Russia on Sunday presented what it said was evidence that secret US-funded laboratories with deadly pathogens were located in Ukraine.

    Documents reportedly show that the Ukrainian health ministry ordered an “emergency destruction” of evidence of the operations as Russian troops entered Ukraine. The documents list pathogens such as plague, anthrax, rinderpest and cholera.

    The information has been dismissed in Western media as Russian propaganda. But Victoria Nuland – identified as the architect of the 2014 coup in Ukraine and now US Assistant Secretary of State – now admits the existence of “biological research facilities” in Ukraine.

    Senator Marco Rubio brought up the Russian allegations in a committee hearing with Nuland in Congress.

    – Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons? he asked.

    Victoria Nuland replied:

    – Ukraine has biological research facilities, and we are now concerned that Russian forces may try to gain control of them. We are working with the Ukrainians on how to prevent any of this research material from getting into the hands of Russian forces.

    If there is a biological or chemical attack in Ukraine, it is ‘one hundred percent certain’ that the Russians are behind it, Victoria Nuland further explained.

    – It is a classic Russian technique to blame the other side for what they themselves are planning to do,” she continued.

    China, however, seems to be taking the Russian information seriously. A statement from the Chinese government says that the US operates 336 different biological laboratories in 30 countries.

    • The allegation if true that the US operates 336 different biological laboratories in 30 countries should be grounds for impeachment and trials for treason and crimes against humanity of multiple former presidents, numerous department heads, and a vast multitude of congressional and senatorial swamp creatures who failed to exercise proper oversight of what their subordinates were doing. There is absolutely no reason why these biological labs should exist in the first place, let alone operate in multiple countries that have zero business running a biolab. The only reason for operating these kinds of labs in other countries free of oversight is because they are doing something highly unethical and forbidden under US laws.

  5. I think this is an act of non-subordination of Russia to the global hegemon.
    And a new reshape of the world. Our media write about the panic in the Arab countries, because Russia and Ukraine are the largest suppliers of wheat. They also write about the panic in Turkey, where the population is buying up sunflower oil.

    I wonder what will happen to Monsanta, which has taken root in Ukraine?
    By the way, the global hegemon, through agents of his influence in Russia. all these years destroyed the food security of Russia.

    The seed fund of agricultural plants, which has been collected for 114 years, is a guarantee of Russia’s food security, and is exported abroad.

  6. @ Baron

    Re: “Why would anyone in the USA think it was a good idea to start a war with Russia? The Pentagon is clearly reluctant to go toe-to-toe with the Russian military. Based on what I’ve read (and I’m not at all an expert), the Russians not only have thousands of nuclear weapons, they also have hypersonic missiles that can evade US state-of-the-art missile defense.”

    There is a story going around in certain circles of a identity-unknown/nameless military officer who had a sign on his office wall inside one or the other of the five rings of the Pentagon. It read, “There is stupid, really stupid …. and industrial-grade go-to-war with Russia stupid…” The tale may be apocryphal, but the sentiment is apt.

    As an American, born of parents of the WWII generation, I have always been proud of the accomplishments of our armed forces and the “Can Do!” spirit of those Americans. Our armed forces in that war did things – difficult things – that no other nation (including the USSR) could have done. The USSR could not even begin to have waged the war in the Pacific against the Empire of Japan, for example, let alone conducted it as the U.S. did. Alone among the Allies, we possessed the infrastructure and resources to produce a working atomic device.

    But the Russians, the Soviets, in their turn, did something we have never done: They waged and won the largest land war in history and managed to beat back and eventually defeat an armed force many observers at the time considered the finest in the world, namely the German army.

    The western third of the USSR was devastated as well as many of the nations now considered part of Eastern Europe, such as Poland and the Ukraine. During the harsh early months of the war, the Red Army employed a scorched earth policy as it retreated, destroying or putting to the torch anything which was left behind and might be of use to the enemy. That on top of the damage done by the fighting itself. Later, after the tide turned and the Germans retreated back the other way, they repeated the tactic.

    When the German advance threatened the defense plants and factories producing tanks and other weapons, they were disassembled, hastily-loaded aboard trains and moved eastward beyond the Ural Mountains to Siberia, where many of the cargoes were dumped unceremoniously in the frozen wilderness along with the people charged with rebuilding the factories in question. Life even for the “non-combatants” was brutal, hard and enormously difficult in ways that most modern people cannot imagine. A great many people starved as food, already in insufficient supply, was diverted to the armed forces. More died of exposure as coal and fuel oil to heat shelters and homes was simply unavailable. During the Siege of Leningrad, hunger was so bad that some people resorted to cannibalism.

    The Russian people lost, at a minimum, an estimated ten million dead in that war, civilian and military combined, and the true figure may be as high as twenty million dead, and that’s not even counting the wounded and maimed. To put things into perspective, the U.S. lost around 600,000 dead in that war, but the Russians suffered casualties which surpassed one million deaths in a single battle, on a number of occasions, including the Siege/Battle of Leningrad, and also the Battle of Stalingrad.

    Now, there is no question whatsoever that the extreme number of casualties was in part due to the many and often cataclysmic errors and mistakes of the Soviets themselves, especially Premier Josef Stalin himself, a.k.a. “The Breaker of Nations,” but that in no way diminishes the extraordinary and frankly quite horrifying suffering endured by the Russian people or the steep cost they paid to drive the invaders out of their country.

    An entire generation of young men was lost, and for years after the war, there were not enough marriageable men available for all of the Russian women who wished to marry.

    The United States has not suffered anything remotely similar to this experience during the last century, perhaps ever in her history. The closest thing to it is probably the American Civil War 1861-1865, a conflict which happened long-enough ago that no one who witnessed it remains alive or has for many decades. In contrast, there are still elderly survivors of the “Great Patriotic War” alive in the present day Russian Federation, and the war is still very much a part of Russian consciousness.

    There used to be a school of foreign policy thought termed “foreign policy realism” which took such things as the information above into account, but that left town for good around the time Senator Barry Goldwater retired in the mid-1980s. The fanatics running U.S. foreign policy now are ideologues whose view can be summed up thusly: “Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

    Any idiot with a room-temperature IQ or better would know that it is extremely foolish, indeed industrial-grade stupid, to poke and prod a giant sleeping bear with a sharp stick, but that is precisely what our so-called “elites” seem to be doing.

    None of the foregoing, by the way, is intended to paint a flattering picture of the current president of Russia. Rather it is simply to let the reader know what we are dealing with in Russia and the Russian people.

      • @ Colonel B. Bunny

        Re: “The present president of Russia is an extraordinary man and far from the caricature purveyed with such ignorance, dishonesty, and/or glee by the Western media and Western officials. The charge that he longs to re-establish the USSR is absurd.”

        I’ll say this much for the man: Like Donald Trump, anyone who makes all of the “right people” so foaming-at-the-mouth angry and gets them so unhinged, can’t be all bad. Sometimes, one can judge a man by the identity and caliber of his enemies. By that standard, Putin is doing quite well.

        It is also plain that he is a cool customer who is both highly intelligent and extremely disciplined. Russia is famous for producing world-class chess players, and in Putin we may see one, who always seems to be many steps ahead of the West and its feckless leaders, on that geopolitical chessboard.

        Honestly, looking at the manner in which the so-called “elites” in the West have run this civilization into the ground over the last 40-50 years, how much worse could/would the Russians be? The “elites” and ruling class of the West hate it and hate its people.

        Whatever else may be said about him, Putin seems to love and genuinely care for his nation and people. Gee, I wonder if that attitude could somehow be made contagious around here?

  7. There is a very interesting analysis of the conflict on The Saker blog linked below:


    In the comments section there is a link to Archbishop Viganò: “Globalists have fomented war in Ukraine to establish the tyranny of the New World Order” :


    There is also a link to an interview between Lee Camp and Scott Ritter:


    The I wonder what conclusions others here come to from these links. My opinion is the Russia has been pushed into a corner.

  8. So again we hit on talking points of Putin. Years ago he said that fallout of Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century (really ? not WWII?). Just recently he sent a letter to NATO, something along the lines, get back to status of 1997, or else.

    Let’s get logical for a minute. By that reasoning the happiest times must have been pre-1989, with Germany divided, Soviet Union having the largest landmass Russia ever had. The russians should have been happy to no end, peace abundant. Then tell me why in that other part of Germany US had to keep large army and lots of missiles? Against whom ? Surely not peaceful russians…

    You have to realize, Stalin wanted to conquer Europe just as Hitler did. He was getting ready for that. That he was played is another matter. Just read Stalin’s speeches and study other documents of that time. Some people would say, Russia is now a normal country. You can believe that at your own peril.

  9. I am not deprived of a metaphysical view of the world. Look at these fertile lands (Monsanta has a great interest there.)
    Is it because this land is fertile because it is abundantly watered with blood? For example, I live in a territory where the wars were not serious, and then in those distant times when the Russians colonized them. The soil here is very poor.


  10. Bismarck concept of CEE Europe..it is what about..
    CEE Europe based on two ( 2) teers..German and Russian..as in the Bismarck time..
    Arrangement and deal with Russia , was made before Merkel exit office..
    ( Hiko Mass visit in 2018 in Moscow , and Treaty signed with Lavrow about German-Russian, political and economical ” Cooperation”)
    Biden after coming to power, blessed and sign this arrangement ( Biden visit to “our German allies “)
    Immediately after that, Trump sanctions on Nord Stream 2 where waved..
    Canadian , oil and gas pipe canceled..
    Russian Oil and gas start flow to US..and Germany..
    But Russians are Russians..For them , there is no treaty , they can’t throw to garbage bin..
    Putin want more !!
    NATO withdrawing to 1995 border line, on Oder River..( Eastern German-Polish ) borders.
    Romania out, Slovakia out, Hungary out, Poland out ,Bulgaria out of NATO..
    He overplay his hands..Thankfully fot us in CEE !!!!!!!!
    Hi start a War ( unintentionally in the first place. Hi has no intention , to start this War..Hi thought , bullying , politically blackmailing NATO and Biden will be enough) call it, Military, Political pressure..
    Bismarck CEE Project collapsed , in the front of ours eyes..
    All political arrangement made between Germany, Russia, USA ( Biden administration) disposed in the bin of History..
    German, Russian cooking and alliance exposed to the whole World..No place to hide..
    All this happen , because greed of Putin..
    God can turn Evilness into Goodness , at no time ..

    • Hmm. This is a Prussian nest i/m in..

      We suspect that long time ago. what this things here is about..
      There was NOT! any promised Russia, in writing, that ” NATO would not be expanded eastwards. ”
      They just making up and cooking history books again….
      Prussian-Russian outlet, that’s what it is..

    • I have not seen anything in writing stating that NATO promised to not expand eastward. My understanding is that it was a verbal agreement only. As has been proven innumerable times wisdom can’t be legislated and so NATO did precisely what every real expert on Russia said not to do if you wanted peace in eastern Europe and rammed itself hard aground on Russia’s western frontier thereby establishing in the Russian mind that they were perfidious and grasping.

      On the other hand there is absolutely nothing in writing that obligates the United States or NATO to defend Ukraine. That would require a treaty agreement and no such treaty was ever been negotiated, much less submitted to Congress.

      As to the argument that an agreement between the U.S. and Russia that Ukraine would never be part of NATO makes “a mockery of the idea of sovereign nations” is fallacious at best and disingenuous at worst. Membership in NATO is by invitation only. To say that Ukraine has a right to demand admission by virtue of its sovereignty is to defacto remove the sovereign right of NATO members to determine with whom they will be allied to the death. Ukraine has had the sovereign right since the dissolution of the USSR to make formal treaties with whom ever would agree, but it has had and does not have any right do demand a military alliance. Russia didn’t ask for assurances of individual States at the time all of this was discussed but only raised an objection to the organizational alliance with NATO. It is absolutely in line with Kennan’s observations on Russian cultural thought process in the Long Telegram.

      Keep in mind Stalin had been dead near 40 years and Putin was one of a thousand KGB Colonels that were wondering if they would have a job, and one of millions of Russians wondering if they would have a country, tomorrow when all this was discussed in Munich in the ’90’s .



    Perhaps we are being played. Again. I guess the “open letter” is written by the right hand of the same PTB whose left hand will take it and hold it up for the cameras. One of the signatories is Donald Jensen, Johns Hopkins University: https://www.politico.com/f/?id=0000017f-6668-ddc5-a17f-f66d48630000&nname=playbook&nid=0000014f-1646-d88f-a1cf-5f46b7bd0000&nrid=0000015d-a357-df20-adff-b3ff37130000&nlid=630318

    (Someone pls check the other names on the list — regarding the clubs the play in)

    So this seems to be ‘Biden deep state’ urging ‘Biden deep state’ to create a no-fly zone. Which means it is all but a political sleight-of-hand. For the moment.

    >> These are the facts and the conclusions. The rest is mostly my speculation on that basis:

    This is just another psyop with basically the same strategical purposes as the Corona-psyop: the demolition of the West and total control over humanity.

    Of course, this psyop has its own complex psysical surroundings, background and basis as the Corona-psyop has had:

    I turn the question, put by the Baron, around: Why would an all-out war in the West be disadvantegous or dangerous for the PTB? I do not see any reason. These warmongers are fearless, high-profile psychopaths who love dangerous brinkmanship, with all the means they need to survive all kinds of upheavals, including nuclear, for decades. I do not see that ‘disloyal mercenaries’ problem at all, either: the Deeps State is a whole world withing our world. Any world war would not threaten them personally more than a war in the ME or Africa.

    There is evidence that George Soros is fomenting this war on the side of Ukraine i.e the US deep state (see Tweets by Soros). And Soros is a Black Rock tool. Black Rock is THE Deep State itself — the most powerful “state” and the largest deep state in the world. Why would they have to be personally afraid of anything? Especially that it is a pyramid: only the top few decision makers think strategically, the rest have only partial knowledge of the strategy.

    Who are they on the top? They are The Familes we all know. Rockefellers etc. etc. Under them there are only partial, tactical interests in the organization. Do the Families worry about a WW3? I do not think so. They never did in the past. Would they care about a total, global nuclear demolition? To some extent — but they think big and think in generations. However, they are not playing on TOTAL nuclear escalation. They are just pulling a stunt with it; which of course may include dropping some bombs, just for the fun of it.

    There seems to be two competing “New World Orders” though: the Black Rock axis vs China axis. However, they have a sweet pot they can agree upon: both want the European continent to fall and the West to disappear for ever.

    China, Islam, DS — all want the West to fall. The US deep state also wants Europe dead. And they want US dead as well, to some extent. But in a different manner because they mostly live there; than again, they can live anywhere.

    That said, this “WW3” is still controlled demolition at the momment. If we compare the “what could happen” to “what is really happening” we get the result that what is really taking place is the same war waged on Western societies that was waged wiith the weapon of the Covid psy-op.

    The “fringthening prognosis” (vs. reality) was the main theme of the Corona psyop as well.

    It is war on the little people’s minds: “you will all die, we prognose 600 million dead in this pandemic” … “you will all die because, because, because … yes, nuclear Putin! And you do not want to kill many people do you? Then let us kill even more the way we want to (small letters in the contract: including you). It is a win-win: your consciense remains clear and we get total power. It is a deal!”

    And what is the main weapon of this psyop? It is not the thing: it is the PERCEPTION of the thing. It is not escalation of war: it is the THREAT of escalation, especially nuclear escalation and war in Europe.

    This lethal threat must be as believable as possible, so that it can be used to destroy and control the West. We have to believe in WW3. Otherwise the psyop DOES NOT WORK. It is that simple.

    (A koan here: is there WW3 if nobody is looking at it?)

    Therefore they are now pushing Europe on the verge of the precipice. High-profile pschopaths love escapades and use them very skillfully. They provide them with total control because they are the perfect tools for hostage-taking.

    When, in the history of manking was a world war ever a problem for the PTB? Never.

    But first and foremost they want to make us hostages. They want to blackmail us into the the “4th Industrial Revolution” at gunpoint. I.e at nuclear warhead point.

    This “WW3” is a perfect control-situation they can float over our heads as long as they want and need to. They want this process of torture be long, profitable and sadistically enjoyable. This is still the controlled demolition phase. Before the total war they can suck the Western middle-class dry, force the remnants of nations on their knees with them, make fortunes on the greatest recession ever. Where is the problem?

    Now they can pull false flag “Russian” cyber attacks, as planned in the “Cyber Poygon”, to take down the infrastructure and beat down the US and Europe even more, in a controlled manner. And they can collapse the banking system and the monetary system too, and get away with all their crimes against humanity, including the Grand Theft of the 100 Year Money Scam and the Corona mass-murder.

    When — after the cyber attacks, the internet, electricity, banking, water, heating and food supply finally comes back, the access to these essential goods will be tied to having a global personal ID.

    The weapon of hostage-taking is just the perfect tool at the moment.

    And if, in the downward spiral of war, things escalatate and Europe gets burnt down again to its ashes, “they” do not care. They are dwelling in the US or in their NZ luxury bunkers but not in Europe. They make a fortune on weapons and then on the rebuilding (and Reset) of the whole infastructure.

    Will they completely demolish the infrastructure in western Europe? I think they are not planning that. They want to level Eastern europe to zero while, if possible, keep the infrastructure in the western part of the Continent (but not the population). They need a new kinetic battlefield with all the bloody footages in the stripe of the V4 and beyond, between Russia and western Europe. A contained war, in their plans, that creates a new buffer zone, and annihilates all opposition in Central-Europe to the globalist wokism for ever.

    They can starve the whole world out, especially the third world, but also the West. Then comes Gates and saves us with his farmland GMO food products and lab meats that have no profit-pressure whatsoever, since his farmlands and factories will be mantained from the money they suck out from the population by wrecking the profitability of our national and private farmlands.

    In the process of the kinetic war and after it they will buy up EVERYTHING, including 99% of the people, for one evening meal literally.

    Before “we own nothing and are happy”, the food-riots will give Them unlimited “emergency powers”. TOTAL POWER. To make us really happy slaves.

    At that point all the survivors in Europe and elsewhere will beg to be injected, wired and cyborged into any weird being, for a slice of cricket-pizza.

    TPTB will then have all of the newly rebuilt infrastructure with the hive-like, fully controlled “smart cities”; with all the nice natural rural areas restricted for ordinary folks and becoming the sole playgrounds of the new aristocracy. And the the whole society will be remote controlled, including the former humans. That is the Plan, at least. Where is the problem?

    I do not see the problem. At all. This is the perfect Great Reset. The Corona-psyop ended up a bit bumpier for them than planned, so they now pull this tactical WW3-stunt which was also among their emergency plans.

    Everything will be alright! For them.

    Happy WW3 psyop!

    • From the immortal wisdom of Mike Tyson “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

      Somehow I don’t think their well-laid plans are going to work for them as well as they think they will.

      • @ The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

        I like the Tyson quote 🙂

        But the PTB have pulled two World Wars already; so now they have the perfected know-how and the scenario in the drawer for the third one that they have launched.

        I am sure that they have kept records on a very different history than we, regular folks, are allowed to know; and they learned a lot from it. Just the way it is happening now: there is one official story for the livestock, as they call us, and one that is actually happening. No, their subversive efforts have not started with the Corona psyop, and they are not ending with it, either.

        Noticed how similar everything is to WW2 now? We are at “1938”, if you will. And it is also how they seem to think about the present. Except that ‘they’ came to the surface more visibly this time, mainly because Trump and “Covid” exposed them. (And except the more advanced technology — which is just a mere tactical element in the new wars anyway.)

        Therefore this time we know that it is THEM who are doing it: it is not a string of coincidences, natural cycles of economy or chaos-theory, you name it, that’s doing it. It is a relatively small group of people that is making WW3, in a planned and deliberate manner, in order to change the whole world again, to erase history again, and to come out on the top of it all, again. The way they did it many times in history.

        The body of their organization does have a historical stream of continuity that supersedes arbitrary and temporary individual motives in their ranks.

        And even if some of them do end up punched in the mouth, they are the only group that cannot really lose in this war; financing both sides as usual. It is a zero-sum game on Earth, where humanity loses and the parasitic overclass wins.

        The tangible part of this power is secret societies conspiring in the background, consisting of people of different races and religions now, but sharing one goal and one view.

        That said, the Tyson quote is appropriate: defeatism in the face of a powerful enemy does not lead to victory or even survival.

        By the way, don’t you need a nice watch?https://pod.vladtepesblog.com/system/media_attachments/files/000/014/899/small/e4565a2b01ed8354.jpeg?1646861771

          • Yes. And perhaps in Moscow as well! That’s the point. It was a favourite in the Soviet Ministry of Defense…

  12. In the 1990’s, after the fall of the Soviet Union, there were numerous knowledgeable statesmen, historians, and even generals that warned against taking advantage of the situation to expand NATO. You can read all about them at this thread:
    Suffice to say, there were plenty of people warning that this is exactly the situation we would eventually be in as far back as THIRTY YEARS AGO all the way up to 2015, and yet, beginning with the Clinton administration, did exactly the opposite. You want to know why? Read this following story:
    I’ll tell you why.
    George F. Kennan, second in the Kennan family to be a foreign policy level expert on Russia, who authored the containment policy that turned into our Cold War strategy, later lamented that if we always treated the Russians as mortal enemies then they would have no choice but to become exactly that. He also made the prediction in the 1950s that in order to counter the Soviet Union’s expansionist ambitions, the United States would have to leave behind its insular policies of a republican nature, and become something as close to an Empire itself as to make no difference, and once that happened, would be unable to stop being an Empire.
    The United States did indeed become an Empire, and the United States doesn’t know how to stop being an Empire. An Empire conquers, then extracts tribute. The US Empire doesn’t often do this with a column of tanks. It does it through wielding of economic power, through cajoling, then threats, and then actions, of destabilization and regime change.
    And then it extracts tribute.
    How many members of the political class, of the military industrial complex, of the Foggy Bottom and Langley crowd, of their associates and families, sit on the boards of the largest corporations controlled by the oligarchs in the countries US policies have put into power? The children of Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, and Nancy Pelosi with do nothing jobs and big paychecks at Ukrainian companies are only the most obvious. The Clintons didn’t even bother with that little subterfuge, instead running their money through a charitable foundation.
    The US has become the second Roman Empire, from a republic to an Empire first by necessity and then out of greed. An Empire can only sustain itself through expansion, new territories to conquer and wealth to extract, and when it can no longer expand, then it begins to contract, and when that happens the elites begin to extract wealth from their own citizens, which heralds the death of the system.
    And here we are.
    “When plunder becomes a way of life, men create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” -Frederic Bastiat

  13. Very good question you are asking.

    You describe how the result of war would be so devastating for all, including for them, but I think those people can’t even consider the possibility of the harm coming close to them.
    Why would they? Since I can remember they have led to catastrophe after catastrophe, endless suffering for so many, resulting on more power for themselves.
    They really consider themselves as a different species, where normal rules don’t count, and their experience proved them right.

    What ever the reason they are all for war, I am sure personal war kind harm as consequence was never considered, and the concept does not exist in their minds or imagination.

  14. My bad – “the whole world was hoping it wouldn’t happen” was too much of a generalisation. This invasion is set to shake up the world order and, as you write, there may be various actors who may like what they see…

    But first, to the consequences of Putin’s decision to invade…

    1) Widespread destruction in Ukraine – both in terms of people killed, and buildings and infrastructure destroyed.

    2) An energy crisis throughout Europe. Already filling up your car costs around $6.90 per US gallon, in Poland, while heating bills are exploding throughout Europe. This may lead to runaway inflation of many products.

    3) A huge crisis in Russia, due to the sanctions and collapse of the Rouble, but also due to the costs of the invasion. The recent intrusive measures, such as police asking to see peoples’ phone chats will surely also not be taken well by the young, who grew up expecting some Western freedoms.

    4) A huge refugee crisis in Europe. Already in 2 weeks, Poland took in more refugees, than Germany in 2015. And the numbers are growing rapidly.

    5) The crisis will have an impact on host countries: both financially, and possibly in terms of social cohesion. (though in Poland’s case, the Ukrainian culture and language are very similar and we share a long history, although admittedly at times a painful one).

    6) There will be a big impact on the lives of the refugees: mostly women and children. Sometimes forced to live on the street, and with there already being warnings about women being forced into prostitution. No doubt many are willing to exploit them, not least “cultural enrichers” further West.

    7) Putin’s ally Lukashenko, dictator of Belarus last year deliberately imported many Muslim migrants to storm the EU’s borders. Poland is now building a barrier on the Belarus border, however if Ukraine is taken by Putin, the migrants could use it to enter the EU, and hence accelerate Europe’s “cultural enrichment”.

    8) If Putin’s invasion turns out successful, this will likely encourage him to do a similar “non-attack” on other countries. But it will also emboldenother actors. Most obviously China, with regards to Taiwan, but perhaps also North Korea with regards to the South, or Turkey with regards to nearby Greek islands it has its eyes on (and especially emboldened, having seen the success of its Bayraktar drones against Russia).

    And it’s this last point, that may disrupt the world the most, after many decades of peace and prosperity… Hence why, in my opinion, it is of the utmost importance to make Putin’s adventure as difficult and painful for him, as possible.

    It’s true that Eastern European countries don’t want to “poke the bear”, but they also recognise, that they may become its next prey – hence it’s important to help the bear’s current prey to defend itself, in any way possible. If official delivery of the Migs to Ukraine is not possible, perhaps it could be done in another manner – or for them to get “stolen”, by Ukraine’s now-famous tractor drivers 🙂

    And the Bear is also known for attacking only non-nato countries, like Georgia and Ukraine… For that reason, I for one am glad that Poland’s ex-Communist president Kwasniewski made the decision to join, at just the right time in 1997, 3 years before Putin’s arrival.

    • Erdogan believes, truly believes, himself the rightful heir to the Ottoman Caliphate.

      Concerning the Ukrainian “tow” John Deeres I have watched at least a half dozen different clips of them and only observed one towing a vehicle with a V from the Russian invasion force. None with a Z or the diagonal line from front to rear on each side. Without those I have no idea if I’m seeing Russian or Ukrainian equipment.

        • Yes and they help distinguish Russian from Ukrainian equipment since they all of the same manufactory. Easy identification would be essential in combat. The point is what are we seeing? What we want to? What the narrative directs us to? A picture is worth a thousand words, but which thousand words? A smoking hole in the ground means exactly what? A hospital being struck by an artillery barrage is a war crime. But all I’ve seen is collateral damage, sheetrock knocked down, windows blown in, etc. What and where was the real target? An occasional glimpse at the edge of the frame of something on fire in a parking lot or some sort of open space next door. No one that has ever seen an actual artillery strike, or airstrike for that matter, would think for a minute that that building was the target, mostly because it is not a pile of rubble. Ok, they were aiming for it and missed. No follow up? A target that really wasn’t worth destroying after all? The Russians must be pretty well supplied if they can afford to just lob ordnance around at random to no discernable purpose. U.S. military rich.

          The Ukrainians, Zelensky particularly, are new media masters. That’s fine. I understand that they have something important to sell. On the other hand I understand that they are selling something.

          I take to heart Benjamin Franklin’s advice, “Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.” In the case of media I reduce my acceptance factor by another 25%.

    • To finish off my previous comment (which I’m replying to) – in order to see who gains what, one needs to think about each of the likely consequences of this invasion, and maybe more I didn’t notice, and who gains.

      There are certainly gains from Putin’s invasion for both “soft globalists” (points 3, 4, 5, 7), Islamists (points 4, 6, 7 and maybe 8), Klaus Schwab-style WEF “hardcore globalists” (points 2-5) and Putin (points 4-5 and, depending on his motivations, maybe 1).

      On the other hand, for Putin point 3 is a serious risk, which may see him lose power and join Hitler and Stalin, among the worst figures in history.

      During the 2014 invasion of Crimea, the situation was different. Such an operation could be explained by one word: Sevastopol, the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, whose lease from the Ukrainian government was due to expire soon… And it could have been assumed, that the local largely-Russian population may welcome, or at least tolerate such an occupation.

      In the current situation however, it’s difficult to see, for me at least, an overall win for Russia – taking into account not only the sanctions and international isolation, but also the difficulty of occupying Ukraine, if it was indeed conquered.

      Seeing as Putin’s background is KGB however, a key part of whose philosophy was revenge, perhaps it may indeed have been that his motivation was precisely such revenge, whatever the cost – in the same way that some men, having been definitively rejected by the woman they sought, pour acid over her face.

  15. Here is much of the globalist mindset about Ukraine, from the horse’s mouth, written by Alexander Soros. It is clear from his article, what we all knew, that their goal is the subversion and takeover of the nation states from within; and he is whining about how Putin is hindering that operation in Russia and possibly in Ukraine. So it all seems to be the clash of two different autocratic NWOs, at least on the surface. Note how he compares the present situation to WW2 (1938), covertly comparing Putin to Hitler. The PTB are obviously playing WW3 now.


    • If Putin is smart as they say he is, he would go after these world elites and their minions with a bloody vengeance. No better killers than those in the GRU and FSB.

  16. 1 + 2




    This Is How Much Money Volodymyr Zelensky Is Actually Worth
    4 days ago – Volodymyr Zelensky is the president of Ukraine, comedian, … he founded several offshore companies and created contacts with various criminal and suspicious figures, mainly Ihor Kolomoyskyi..



    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Revealed: ‘anti-oligarch’ Ukrainian president’s offshore …
    https://www.theguardian.com › oct
    Översätt den här sidan
    3 okt. 2021 — Volodymyr Zelenskiy has railed against politicians hiding wealth offshore but failed to disclose links to BVI firm.

    Pandora Papers Reveal Offshore Holdings of Ukrainian …
    https://www.occrp.org › pandora-…
    Översätt den här sidan
    3 okt. 2021 — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rode to power on pledges to … for Zelensky’s family to continue receiving money from the offshore.

    Pandora Papers Expose Secret Wealth, Dealings Of Aliyev
    https://www.rferl.org › pandora-p…
    Översätt den här sidan
    för 24 timmar sedan — The secret records also show that Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and his close circle were the beneficiaries of a network of offshore …

    Pandora Papers: Ukraine leader seeks to justify offshore …
    https://www.aljazeera.com › news
    Översätt den här sidan
    4 okt. 2021 — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office has sought to justify his use of offshore companies as protecting him against pro-Russian …

    Russia sanctions show offshore tax havens can stand up to …
    https://www.washingtonpost.com › …
    Översätt den här sidan
    för 2 dagar sedan — With Russian offshore wealth estimated conservatively as equivalent to 85 … On Monday, Ukrainian President Zelensky made his first public …

    Al Jazeera: Zelensky seeks to justify offshore accounts
    https://www.kyivpost.com › al-ja…
    Översätt den här sidan
    5 okt. 2021 — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office has sought to justify his use of offshore companies as protecting… – Oct. 05, 2021.

    Ukrainian President allegedly used offshore scheme to benefit …
    https://www.republicworld.com › …
    Översätt den här sidan
    4 okt. 2021 — Pandora Papers alleged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of using an … leaders who used secret firms to store their wealth overseas.

    Pandora Papers: Secret wealth and dealings of world leaders …
    https://www.bbc.com › news › w…
    Översätt den här sidan
    3 okt. 2021 — The offshore dealings of presidents, prime ministers and royalty … Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky transferred his stake in a …

    Zelensky’s Ukraine, Where The Pandora Papers Hit Hardest
    https://worldcrunch.com › volod…
    Översätt den här sidan
    5 okt. 2021 — The global probe of offshore accounts around the world strike at the heart of … Photo of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a crowd.

    Page navigation


    • So Zelensky, a former TV celebrity, has some offshore accounts – like a lot of famous entertainers, celebrities and sports stars in the West… Well done!

      Now, can’t wait to see your investigation on Putin 😉

  17. Something has changed in the World New Order team. For a very long time they slowly advanced in measured steps, secretly behind the curtains, in a cunning way. But suddenly they became impatient, came into the open, can’t wait and are in a rush to achieve their goals now now now, without delay.
    I see this war as part of it.
    What happen I don’t know. One possibility maybe, I guess the big bosses don’t act by themselves, but use lower layers, like politicians, activists, etc. This lower layers are
    euphoric from their power but not very brilliant, and started to do what ever they want. Because they believe the power and success comes from themselves, and because they are stupid and because they aren’t aware of the big plan and their assigned role in it.
    So maybe this is what is going on behind this war. Some wrong agents in the right places playing Caligula.

    • I sense that we are the prey in a global nerge. Being driven, towards what I don’t know, but all the accumulated knowledge concerning human psychology, sociology, and language has been marshaled and weaponized against us.

      What happened?
      It could be that Trump’s unlikely 2016 election was such a Black Swan event that it scared the hell out of the Executive (my term for The-Powers-That-Be) so they advanced their timeline. Can anyone imagine that the clowns that make up the Democrat party are actually smart enough to pull off something as intricate and well coordinated, coast-to-coast, as the 2021 installation of J. R. Biden. Too many events dovetail together too smoothly to be accounted for by coincidence or random bad actors.

    • I heard an explanation that the spoiled younger generations within the PTB are not so committed to “the old traditions” and are more self-serving, which led to some disfunctionalities within the organization and thus to shortsighted decisions.

      If this is true, it is ironic because it would mean that the evil subverters inadvertently subverted their own group as it is not completely separated from the society it constantly seeks to rule.

    • This happened. Corona.3.0 isn’t getting the job done, and the young dictators club can’t deliver the goods.

      Translated from german language edition


      deep thoughts by herrfurher Klaus ‘cockroach’ Schwab
      by: Klaus Schwab

      This year the Covid-19 pandemic and the myriad crises it has spawned could finally subside. But even then, major challenges are in sight – from the failure of climate protection measures to the erosion of social cohesion . To mitigate the risks, leaders must opt ??for a different governance model.

      When our institutions are well governed, we pay little attention to them. They are barely visible infrastructure that supports the economy and virtually every aspect of social order. “Good” governance made income growth and social peace possible in the second half of the 20th century.

      Today, however, many people have lost trust in institutions and their leaders. Faced with mounting risks and our collective failure to manage them, we instead look for culprits.

      Some point fingers at incompetent political leaders, others blame CEOs – and a growing minority blame everything on an “elite conspiracy . ”

      However, the truth is much more complicated. At the root of our failure to anticipate and manage global risks – including climate change and deepening social divisions, debt crises and inadequate technological regulation – lies in an unresolved problem of global governance.

      Our institutions and their governance are no longer fit for purpose. We tend to think of history as a series of cataclysmic, seismic events. But the deterioration in global governance is a case of gradual erosion.

      The rule of the boss used to work
      In the Governance 1.0 era immediately after World War II, both public and corporate governance were mostly characterized by the rule of “one man”: the elected or unelected “boss”. This type of leadership worked well in a society where the cost of information was high, hierarchical power often functioned smoothly, and technological and economic advances benefited almost everyone.

      The Governance 2.0 model that emerged in the late 1960s reaffirmed the primacy of material wealth and coincided with the rise of shareholder capitalism preached by economists like Milton Friedman and ongoing global financialization.

      Accountable only to shareholders, the new managerial class ruled unreservedly and with global reach. Although the global financial crisis of 2008 seemed to delegitimize Governance 2.0, their view still prevailed until the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

      The brutal social and economic shock caused by Corona ushered in Governance 3.0 . Today operational crisis management dominates the decisions, possible unintended consequences are rather meaningless. This short-term, trial-and-error approach has resulted in a haphazard approach to the pandemic and its socio-economic fallout.

      When the pandemic is over, we need a new model. Governance 4.0 would differ from its predecessors in several fundamental ways.

      First, today’s short-term crisis management would be replaced by long-term strategic thinking. The focus on current issues such as the pandemic, socio-economic crises and people’s mental health must be complemented by measures to protect the environment and combat climate change, as well as addressing related social challenges such as involuntary migration.
      Second, a Governance 4.0 must replace the tunnel vision and top-down approach that has prevailed in the past. We live in a highly complex and interconnected world. This also means that the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder in society must change. Business can no longer ignore its social and environmental impacts, government can no longer pretend that it alone has all the answers.
      Third, the current emphasis on a narrow view of economics and short-term financial interests must end. Instead, the primacy of society and nature should be at the heart of any new system of governance—whether for corporations or governments. Finance and economy are vital, but they must serve society and nature, not the other way around.

  18. WHO asks Ukraine to destroy dangerous lab infection
    Published 11 March 2022 at 06.42 in Fria Tider

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is now asking Ukraine to destroy infectious agents it researched at its US-funded plague and cholera labs in the country, Reuters reports.

    “WHO has strongly recommended the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and other relevant agencies, to destroy high-risk pathogens to prevent potential leaks,” WHO wrote in a statement.

    The White House yesterday dismissed reports that the US was running the controversial labs, calling the information conspiracy theories. According to Reuters, the US helped fund the labs, but there is no evidence that they were involved in developing biological warfare agents.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  19. Dear Baron,

    I fear that you, like other such truth-seekers who know the truth before they have met it, have deliberately refrained from watching this video – I would therefore like to throw it at you with the invitation: watch it, it is compulsory, you can start with the second half, which is more substantial.

  20. >desires a war between the West and Russia. Somebody wants it to happen
    of course it is the main western powers (mainly USA). Why ? The Western Oligarchy have opened their borders to the whole world after the collapse of Soviet Union and by the means of Globalist agenda, they tried to conquer the whole world. China would have to be the manufacturing machine, while other countries could have join, the New World Order ruled so far till some years ago, but that has finally changed. The wet dreams of conquering the world by delocalization of production and international commerce, actually turned out to be counter productive and to end to be conquered by foreigners, which is what has happened with China. It was tried many different times to install “democracy” or better say controlled puppets in the whole world, but this resulted in multiple failures. So we had failures in the foreign policies, but also in internal policies, because no-global politics like Trump and others tryed to erode the western oligarchy power from under their feed in their homes. I would place the first real act to end globalism by the arrest of the finance chief of Huauei in Canada in 2018. What is following is just the final part to rebuild the Iron Curtain by ending globalism and stop of international trade, movement of people and circulation of ideas. So the period of globalism lasted roughly from 1990 to 2020. Biden is continuing the cycle that was already started with trump. The war in ucraine started as a mean to overthrow russia oligarchy some 8 years ago, and will turn as the final decisive act of rebuilding separated island of influnce in the west and the east.

  21. Just a simple observation. putin, on TV, announced that russia was conducting a military operation into Ukraine by using peacekeepers. As of March 11 2022 this has been an abject failure. The russian peacekeepers have done the exact opposite, waged war. So is believing what putin says, trustworthy? Not in MHO.

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