A Culture of Denial

The German government is adamant in its insistence on mandatory “vaccination”, and will not consider the evidence showing the high rate of adverse side effects of the vax.

The following video shows testimony given to the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag by the nurse Stefanie Bresnik and other knowledgeable witnesses.

German Bundestag — Petitions Committee

The deliberations of the Petitions Committee are diametrically opposed to the statements that Karl Lauterbach (health minister) permanently makes in the media. (Covid) Vaccine side effects are very high compared to other vaccines.

Various studies show 80% unreported suspected cases.

(Source: Twitter)

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   What happens to those who are freshly boosted,
00:04   happily getting on with their lives because they’ve received their vaccine,
00:08   but possibly end up needing medical care? —Your two minutes have expired already.
00:13   That is my question. Excuse me. —Thank you. —Ms. Bresnik, please.
00:21   Yes, exactly. What you’ve just mentioned is exactly what my fellow colleagues fear.
00:26   Many of the colleagues that signed the petition actually witness
00:30   many of the side effects on a daily basis in their hospitals.
00:34   They also witness that the connection between these side effects and the vaccine is being denied.
00:39   For that reason, the fear is quite large, especially since these side effects,
00:44   compared with other vaccines, are vastly larger. In addition to that,
00:49   there are various meta-studies that estimate 80% of these cases are not officially registered.
00:57   For my colleagues these are all alarming warning signs. For that reason,
01:02   we do not trust these vaccines. Thank you.
01:07   I work in intensive care, especially with intensive care for neurological conditions.
01:15   I can add observations from my colleagues from the ICUs in the entire Ruhr region.
01:21   As I said, I’m from the city of Essen. Especially in the neurology units,
01:25   undefined auto-immune diseases have been appearing.
01:29   No one can explain where this is coming from. You may have heard the abbreviation GBS before.
01:34   Guillain-Barré Syndrome is one example. As I said, no can explain the origin.
01:40   We know, the medical care workers also know, that this vaccine can create blood vessel damage.
01:49   This happens in the very, very tiny vessels which supply the tiny nerve fibers.
01:57   This entire system is damaged, which can result in auto-immune diseases.
02:04   It is difficult to find an explanation for this
02:08   except for similar reactions during past vaccine campaigns.
02:12   Thank you. Now questions from The Left Party, Ms. Latendorf.

5 thoughts on “A Culture of Denial

  1. Now this is how I know my fellow Countrymen –
    Denial, Denial, and even more Denial when it comes to facing the naked truth.
    They rather blindly embrace a barefaced Lie than to acknowledge it.
    I don’t even think that the vast majority of Germans ever have grasped the meaning of the Parabel “The Emperors New Clothes”

    Again I’ll close this litle rant with the words of Schopenhauer;
    “I make here the confession that I despise the German nation because of its exuberant stupidity and am ashamed, to belong to her”

  2. Meanwhile in Poland, with 2 million refugees arriving from Ukraine, tightly-packed in trains, buses, railway stations and government/aid centres, wearing few masks and mostly-unvaccinated, there’s been a decrease of Coronavirus cases, and deaths. (The government still “encourages” the new arrivals to get vaxxed, but seeing the attitude of Ukrainians I know already here, I suspect the uptake won’t be high – eapecially given that now, people have totally different things on their mind).

    Was hoping that, in view of the new crisis, the Covid madness would subside, but obviously in some places it doesn’t. And, as seen after President Zelensky’s speech to the Bundestag recently, the German parliament prefers to discuss Covid, rather than even the situation in Ukraine…

  3. I just read the article in the local newspaper regarding the discussion in parliament.
    They wrote that the politicians argued with empathy and feelings.

    I want facts – 100% accurate and TRUE .
    And this little girl of the greens who nearly screamed that the unjabbed are the ones responsible that she cant go to the cinema etc I have just one wish.

    Give me a big tank of this juice and thousands of syringes. And all those who feel threatened by the unjabbed and by this virus should assemble before me and I will jab them until they feel secure. I dont care if I have to jab them 1.000 times or until thsyringes are on top of syringes, but I will give them my 100% assurance I will stop jabbing them only after they feel secure.

    And if those people have in the end for every drop of blood 10.000 gallons of vaxx in their veins – I dont care. I will jab them until they feel secure.

  4. This stupidity of German people and this communist government on top it’s very disturbing, I just hope something drastic happens to wake up this reckless people..

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