Then We Take Skåne

When Muslims make the hijra to infidel lands, they typically vote for socialist parties, because progressives are more inclined to pander to them and help them advance their interests. However, when their numbers become large enough, they start to form their own political parties so they can move straight to sharia.

That seems to be what’s happening now in the southern Swedish region of Skåne. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nya Dagbladet:

Islamist party promises “to take over Skåne”

In a Twitter posting, the Islamist party Nyans declares that is on the way “to taking over all of Skåne” and that Malmö will be the first to fall.

Nya Dagbladet earlier drew attention to the party which, among other things, demands that Islamophobia should become its own crime classification, and that Muslims should receive a special minority position in Sweden. They also accused all other Swedish parties as being racists.

The founder and party leader Mikail Yüksel has a past in the Center Party but was forced out of the party after it was discovered that he had close contacts with the pan-Turkish extreme-right organization Grey Wolves, and the party is believed to have close contacts with the Turkish dictator Recep Erdogan.

In a tweet, Mikail Yüksel posts a photo from the party’s candidate meeting and writes that “Soon we will take over all of Skåne with Malmö at the top”.

Thus far, the interest on the part of the mass media in the party that describes itself as the obvious alternative for the country’s Muslims has been relatively cool, but the party, which among other things, wants to make it illegal to criticize religious extremism, has still received a certain space in which to market itself in both the tax-financed SVT [Swedish state TV] as well as the evening newspapers.

In Muslim-dominated and immigrant-dense areas, the Social Democrats till now have been the most popular party by far.

3 thoughts on “Then We Take Skåne

  1. I suppose I need not remind any here that poisonous snakes do not invade to coexist. They come in to invade and even more so when gladly invited. And when, the homeowner, discovers his home infested with snakes he will leave. The snakes know that.

  2. I thought they already had Malmo! Its a big town with very little traffic, because many of the “locals” can’t afford a car. Good luck conquering the rest of the country, though 🙂

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