R.I.P. Luc Montagnier

Dr. Luc Montagnier was a French virologist who headed the team at the Pasteur Institute in Paris that discovered HIV in 1983. In 2008 Professor Montagnier was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in recognition of his work.

Professor Montagnier died recently at the age of 89. Not long before his death he spoke at an anti-mandate rally in Milan.

The following report features interviews with mourners at Prof. Montagnier’s funeral at Père Lachaise Cemetery. Among those who paid their respects were supporters who shared the late professor’s contrarian views on COVID-19.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

According to the translator, this is how France Soir introduced their report:

“Gratitude, Montagnier!”

A grateful crowd pays tribute to Luc Montagnier

More than a thousand people, but no minister: the funeral ceremony of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine (with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi), Luc Montagnier, took place this afternoon in the dome room of Père Lachaise. A tribute which a grateful crowd had joined: nearly a thousand people of all ages came to pay homage to the great researcher who died on 8 February.

Video transcript:

00:05   A special day. Can you describe how you feel
00:09   about this exceptional yet unhappy event?
00:13   At the same time very touched, because Luc Montagnier was a giant.
00:17   He was an outstanding scientist, a humanist, a person of integrity,
00:21   of generosity, of simplicity. The few times I had the honour of talking with him,
00:25   he displayed an absolutely splendid kindness and generosity.
00:33   I knew him in 1983 when he came to present
00:37   to us at the Necker Hospital…
00:41   his discovery, with other doctors,
00:45   on AIDS, and I followed him for a long time
00:49   because he made us work in our group of [unclear] and he really
00:53   did us immense favours… he was a man who did research
00:57   off the beaten track, and I think that we must pay him the tribute
01:01   he deserves today, because he is really a very great scientist.
01:05   I am very honoured to be here,
01:09   because I heard about it through the social networks,
01:13   and so I had to be here, to honour him for all the work
01:17   he did, he is a great researcher.
01:21   He rejoins the greats like Albert Einstein, but also a courageous man
01:25   whom I compare to men like Churchill, like De Gaulle,
01:29   because for more than two years he stood up
01:33   to the media who treated him badly.
01:37   For a while now many people have realised what is going on in this country…
01:41   a very big manipulation,
01:45   and many people have themselves questioned, have stood up on the occasion of
01:49   Professor Montagnier’s funeral, have gathered
01:53   here at the Père Lachaise [cemetery]. I have known Professor Montagnier for quite some time,
01:57   on one hand for his great discoveries, of course, but also
02:01   because I have always treated myself using homeopathy,
02:05   and he did work on the “Memory of Water”, and so I was
02:09   very happy to see that a great scientist like him could, thanks to his work
02:13   on the Memory of Water, validate homeopathy, and then he did
02:17   other work that interested me a lot. I work a lot with children’s difficulties,
02:21   and I have worked a lot on autism, so he had made great discoveries
02:25   on this side, which were unfortunately also criticised, he
02:29   made great discoveries that were a bit avant-garde, revolutionary, and as usual,
02:33   those who discover things before everyone else are criticised.
02:37   Changing the paradigm is complicated.
02:41   “MONTAGNIER — GRATITUDE!” I think that in the history of what is happening
02:45   in this pandemic, Luc Montagnier’s funeral today
02:49   will remain a moment where really the ensemble of all resistances
02:53   have united themselves, all the living forces
02:57   of France, conscious forces of France have united,
03:01   to try to take back all his history, to take back all he taught us.
03:05   Montagnier’s work is gigantic; it is a really a very great man who leaves us.
03:09   He had this extraordinary competence of a true scientist who goes looking
03:13   for where others do not do research, and today we are in this fiction that there is
03:17   a scientific consensus (which is false), a scientific consensus consisting only
03:22   of what we know or think we know, and to be interested in other fields, which was true
03:25   in his case, like the Memory of Water, homeopathy, electromagnetic forces
03:29   in our cures; it is shameful because we do not have the right to go and look there,
03:33   but which is exactly the ideology of the Church at the time of Galileo,
03:37   whereas Luc Montagnier had this extraordinary ability to ignore this kind of advice
03:41   and to go where his intuition led him,
03:45   and with a baggage of intelligence that obviously impresses us all, because he was
03:49   really an extraordinary person who had this mixture of rational intelligence
03:53   and creativity, and when the two co-exist in a person
03:57   it makes for an immense savant.
04:01   He was the first to say that it was a virus that came from the hand of man,
04:05   so at the time obviously he was beaten up by the mainstream media,
04:09   but today everybody says that’s the reality, so
04:13   he is really one of the figures of the Resistance today, so you find a lot of people
04:17   who are resisting this oppression, this completely senseless deprivation of freedom.
04:21   Fortunately he is not the only one. There are many
04:25   great scientists like him who are present to pay tribute to him, and they
04:29   are very precious, all these people, whether it is [Prof. Christian] Peronne,
04:33   or many others, we thank them, all of us citizens.
04:37   If we did not have great scientific personalities
04:41   who support what we feel as people,
04:45   who are not specialised in the field, thanks to them
04:49   we can really reinforce our critical spirit and really be
04:53   in the fight of everything that happens. So we thank them very much and we pay him tribute.
04:57   I wonder a lot about freedom, freedom of thought.
05:01   He was a free-thinker, a great scientist.
05:05   necessarily these people are [free thinkers], it seems to me fundamentally,
05:09   so I am here before all for freedom
05:13   and freedom of thought, which is being seriously damaged
05:17   and trampled by this government.
05:21   A death like his, in a country like France, is damaged
05:25   by the shameful silence of the authorities and the mainstream media
05:29   who (what’s more) continue to sully his memory in a moment where the sacredness
05:33   of the transition from life to death should be respected. This reinforces for us
05:37   the importance of the battle we fight, so that the values that Luc Montagnier
05:41   incarnated — that is, honesty, creativity,
05:45   competence, generosity — can survive during
05:49   a period where they are under attack. Professor Didier Raoult said it:
05:53   “All those who attack him today will be forgotten, but in 200 years,
05:57   one will still speak of Luc Montagnier.”

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Luc Montagnier

  1. While the Mainstream Medias over the last two years have been fighting Prof. Luc Montagnier with two methods: a) one that the Germans call “tot-schweigen” – pointedly ignore him where ever possible – b) attack/defame/discredit/censor him, he has become the hero of the Resistants and especially of “the people” (euphemistically referred to as “deplorables” by some with a limited vocabulary).

    While no politician paid him the last respects, and the Mainstream Media improved the place by their near total absence, the “people” were there, including a group of “yellow vests” (gilets jaunes), a presence that I found touching.

    • It makes me wonder, too. On one hand, Montagnier was 89. If I live that long, I’ll be grateful. On the other hand, he was a healthy fellow for his age until he recently began debunking the globalist pandemic narrative.

      Either way, he’s gone to a much finer place than this now. We’re the ones who have to continue dealing with the globalist parasites.

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