How Dare You Tell the Truth About Cultural Enrichment in Sweden!

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Joakim Lamotte reported for his reporting on Swedish pupils in minority

February 21, 2022

Joakim Lamotte spoke to a girl who reported that she was bullied, beaten, and harassed because she was Swedish. Now the school’s Center Party principal is reporting Lamotte to the media ombudsman and the presses’ professional ethics board.

In Joakim Lamotte’s reportage on Facebook, it is described how Swedish pupils at the English School in Västerås are harassed simply for being Swedes.

The Swedish pupils at the school have turned into a minority since a large number of pupils from the Third World have applied.

Joakim Lamotte interviews the former student Emelie, who reports that as a Swede, she was beaten, bullied, and isolated, and that in the 7th year she was forced to change to a school with more Swedish pupils. Those who bullied her come from Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan, and Africa.

“I was bullied because I didn’t have a large family, I was bullied because I didn’t speak their vernacular. I was pale and green-eyed. I was everything they weren’t. I was isolated because I was Swedish. They said I was a Swedish pussy and called me things in their language that I didn’t understand,” says Emelie in the reportage.

It went on so long that Emelie was forced to spend all her time outside of class in the school restroom. She even sat there eating her lunch.

“We finally took Emelie out of the English School. Had we not done so, I don’t know whether she would have survived this,” says Emelie’s mother in the reportage.

According to Lamotte, he has heard many pupils from the school with similar reports about how they are bullied and harassed because they are Swedes.

But when Joakim Lamotte contacted the principal, Maud Segerstedt, who is active within the Center Party, she hung up. Then she emailed him and stated that she would report Lamotte to the media ombudsman and the press professional ethics board.

“This is completely absurd. A principal’s job is to answer reporters’ questions when it comes to misconduct in the school. But as usual, certain people in power do everything to shoot the messenger instead of solving the problem,” writes Joakim Lamotte on Facebook.

9 thoughts on “How Dare You Tell the Truth About Cultural Enrichment in Sweden!

  1. Likely the sow of a principal is one of those childless Swedish cat ladies who travels to Africa for carnal reasons. It’s difficult to believe that someone can be that cruel, vindictive, and evil without an ulterior motive.

    • Linda Snecker (V) is caught on film in Gambia

      Published February 13, 2022 in Fria Tider

      During his visit to Gambia, Exakt24’s reporter Christian Peterson suddenly came across the left-wing Member of Parliament Linda Snecker.
      – Are you here to avoid all white men? Peterson asks in his video from the incident.

      Christian Peterson, known for his revelations about left-wing extremists, is currently traveling around the African country of Gambia.

      Among other things, he reports on middle-aged white women who go to The Gambia to have sex with male African prostitutes.

      At a hotel, he suddenly collided with Linda Snecker, Member of Parliament for the Left Party. The 39-year-old politician has been noted for her attacks on white men and for her proposals to impose harsh punishments on white men who buy sex from women.

      Linda Snecker explained to Christian Peterson that she was in Gambia together with female colleagues from the Left Party.

      Peterson, who filmed the meeting with the V-profile, can be heard on the video asking Linda Snecker what she is really doing in the infamous African country.

      – You usually say quite negatively about white men. Is that why you’re in Gambia, because then you avoid all white men? he says.

      Then Linda Snecker’s smile solidifies, her eyes begin to flash and she grins:

      – Please, darling. Fly back. Fly back to where you came from.

      Then the female politician turns her back to the camera and marches with quick but determined steps away from the place.

      • I would say that childless leftist cat ladies are a self correcting problem but for the fact that they seem to do far more mischief and damage to their nation through the ballot box than through their barren wombs…

  2. Why are so many Swedes so dead set on racial and cultural suicide?
    And why do the ones who are not so mentally ill find themselves so helpless?

    • Because we let women vote, we let them do whatever the hell they want without repercussions and responsibility or accountability and this is what we get.

  3. It looks like in Sweden the person that points out the dirt is more dangerous to “Society” than those that are polluting it.

    As my grandfather always said;
    “The truth never hurt anyone… except the one who speaks it”

  4. “shoot the messenger instead of solving the problem,”, there are 2 answers to this statement, (1) what problem? and (2) beliefs systems, (ideology) obscures reality and truth. Incomplete thinking as well as a debased mind requires not solving a/the problem/s by the governing mob, but perpetuating a/the problem/s to enhance ineffective rule.

  5. If that had happened to one of mine, that principal would have gotten more than a nice chat. When these feminaxi’s fear you, they will respect you.

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