Germany Plans to Secure its Future Energy Supply With Phlogiston

It might as well be doing that. How will importing hydrogen help the transition to all wind/solar? Is Kaiser Canute going to command the sun to shine 24 hours a day? Or tell the wind to blow constantly?

No more coal, oil, gas, or nuclear. Just wind and solar. Sounds like a plan.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of Epoch Times:

Habeck: Will have to import hydrogen

According to Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens), Germany will have to import hydrogen in the long term to secure the energy supply.

“If we don’t want to fill 5 or 10 percent of the country’s area with wind turbines — I also think that’s absurd — we need hydrogen imports,” said Habeck on Wednesday at an event organized by Tagesspiegel, Die Zeit, Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche.

Germany will no longer use fossil gas to generate energy forever, said Habeck. He referred to the so-called EU taxonomy — a kind of compass intended to guide investments in sustainable technologies. Accordingly, investments in new gas-fired power plants should be considered sustainable by 2030 if they replace dirtier power plants and are operated entirely with more climate-friendly gases such as hydrogen by 2035. “We need gas for these 13 years,” said Habeck. The federal government sees gas as a bridging technology after the nuclear and coal phase-out on the way to more climate-friendly energy production.

After that, the Federal Republic will have to import part of the hydrogen that is supposed to partially replace gas in energy production, said Habeck. But that is not a problem. “Why shouldn’t Germany also trade with other countries for energy?” It is only important to obtain more energy than before from different sources. Germany is currently very dependent on Russian gas imports. A similarly one-sided dependency should not arise with hydrogen, said Habeck. “Of course, Russia would be a welcome partner to also supply us with hydrogen or renewable energy, but not the only country.”

According to Habeck, fossil fuels are often extracted in monopolistic structures in the countries of origin, which are susceptible to corruption or abuse of power. A switch to the production of renewable energies could be an opportunity to promote changes here. In the future, hydrogen could possibly be imported from the Arab world, North African countries or other regions of the world. However, investment security presupposes the rule of law. [Does this moron know what he’s saying? — translator]

13 thoughts on “Germany Plans to Secure its Future Energy Supply With Phlogiston

  1. The windmills and solar are a joke of a technology, they were good in the 18th, 19th century for pumping water, sawing wood, and grinding grains. It does not make sense to go for this kind of technology unless:
    1) they have some kind of zero point energy/nuclear option in mind, and want to mask it by the windmills
    2) they plan on reducing the population by 90%. Because that’s what you get from wind, solar, and water: barely 5-10% of current energy needs.

    I don’t know if that’s true but the talk is that Germany is already dependent on Czech and Polish Coal and Nuclear. Maybe, Germany is meant to be a cow herding horse riding peasant land, according to the Treaty of Versailles? Who knows? Something’s gotta give, that’s for sure.

    • It is not the Treaty of Versailles.
      What you describe is JCS 1067 (Joint Chief of Staffs directive) aka Morgenthau plan.

      And as our leftwing red and green rulers hate Germany I wouldnt be surprised by one iota if this is their hidden agenda

      • yes, thatˋs right. And is there a misspelling
        when you wrote „ Morgenthau“ ?, a plan designed to reform Germany into an agrarian state with half the population in the wake of WWII?
        Well the first step is done: Jennifer Morgan(thau) – pun intended- of Greenpeace will have a high ranked job with Baerbock ,secretary of state.
        So a foreign person with a dubious past gets a government job for environment issues when there is already an existing authority sitting?

  2. Yes, nothing like leaving strongmen like Putin or Middle Eastern islamofascists in charge of one’s energy. Likely would be an improvement if Putin had the ability to squeeze them by the testes everytime they even glanced in his general direction in a manner that was displeasing to him.

  3. How long before german industry decides the politics of the country are no longer in their interests and leave , they can’t compete in the world with intermittent expensive energy and a unstable grid , how long does it take for a automated factory to re boot after a power dip/ spike /cut ? and how safe ? what happens when the power goes off and you are making say vaccines , automated welding of pressure vessels or have a steel works at a standstill with molten steel rapidly cooling in the system . As a agrarian country Germany will not need much electricity !

    • I am asking myself if the german company bosses would go Shadowrun (the Roleplaying Game): you know making sure that a few desperate people find some ah, “destructive toys” and enough information to use them.
      Resulting in a new government as the old one had a sudden case of death.

  4. Import hydrogen?
    Import the most common element in the universe?
    Why don’t they just build powerplants near the water and crack their own hydrogen?
    Oh, right. They’re limited to windmills, solar, and unicorn farts. If they could build nukes or burn coal they wouldn’t be having this problem, so they’re going to outsource the pollution somewhere else.

    • On earth it has to liberated. I worked at a refinery that produced 200 million SCF per day, but the feed was natural gas, the “reformers” used the same for the burners, and the byproduct was CO2. And I hear electrolysis takes a lot of energy also.

  5. Here is something amusing for you folks, all of those coal, gas, nuke plants are in mothballs, not dismantled. For those pesky Germans know that this is going to come to complete ruination of Germany as we know it. When people are cold and starving, it is amazing at how fast they will move to get things done then. This is how we will get the strongmen of Europe once again instead of these feminaxi led clown shows we have now.

  6. Why are the Germans closing down nuclear plants so quickly (or at all)? This started after Fukiyama, but Germany, unlike Japan (or the US west coast?) is not unstable, at least geologically!

    • Because the commie greens don’t like nuclear power and want them all shut down and dismantled. the smart company owners are just mothballing the plants so when the inevitable dark ages start they can switch them on again at a moments notice. Same for coal and natural gas plants.

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