Culture-Enriching Soccer Madness in Turin

Senegal won the African Cup in soccer yesterday, and this is the result in the Italian city of Turin.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Onslaught and chaos: Gangs of immigrants force police to flee

February 7, 2022

Madness and delirium in Turin after the victory of Senegal in the African Cup: Gangs of immigrants in the street and police forced to withdraw

by Francesca Galici

The security emergency is a problem not only in Milan, where today Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese will meet with Mayor Beppe Sala and the chief of police. Uncontrolled immigration into our country is leading to an increase in situations of hardship, ghettoization, and marginalization in all the large cities, with a resultant reduction in levels of security for the citizens. Problems very similar to those in Milan are also recorded in Turin, on the extreme periphery of the city under the control of criminal gangs, often of foreign extraction.

One of the recent cases is the maxi-brawl thwarted by the Carabinieri in Nichelino, a bedroom community at the gates of Turin, where a group of 100 young men of North African origin was about to clash with local youths. The 100 foreign youths had all arrived from the Barriera quarter, known as one of the “suburbs” of Turin [inhabited by immigrants]. And some of the young men under investigation by police for the New Years’ Eve violence in Milan came from the periphery of the Savoian capital. One of them is still in jail. Barriera and Barca are the two quarters in which Italian law seems to be suspended, where the State cannot assert its authority.

It is shown also by what happened recently in the Barriera quarter, where the streets were invaded by hundreds of people to celebrate Senegal’s victory in the African Cup. “Years of Pd [Partito Democratico] and M5S [5 Star Movement] government, and this is the result,” Augusta Montaruli, parliamentarian of Fratelli d’Italia [Brothers of Italy] and Maurizio Marrone, regional commissioner of Legal Affairs, charge. The images that were captured by ex-municipal counselor Raffaele Petrarulo speak clearly: The local police patrols in Turin were forced to flee. “While Lo Russo sleeps, Turin is already becoming a “no-go zone” in which the streets are devastated to celebrate the victory of Senegal in the finals of the African Cup,” the two representatives of Fratelli d’Italia charge.

For several hours, the quarter remained completely out of control with the police unable to intervene to restore order and safety: gangs of African immigrants who attack the police patrols in the quarter, forcing them to flee, and then generating chaos in the streets. Surely for them the mayor’s proposition of a street psychologist is a joke. The municipal administration also needs to take more serious action. For some time we have been reporting how northern Turin has been transforming itself into a maxi-ghetto in which the drug dealers of the African mafia are rampant.

The president of District 6 in Turin, Valerio Lomanto, echoes the report of Montaruli and Marrone: “This attack is not accidental; it is not a celebration of a victory. It is a regurgitation of Mafia drug dealers who, finally, are afraid of losing control of the zone. It is an indication that the efforts of the police are bearing fruit.”

3 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Soccer Madness in Turin

  1. I don’t think that this phenomena is allone the dominion of Africans when it comes to Football and Hooliganism.
    I don’t remember in which year it was when Football Fans from the UK trashed Luxembourg City and fought with the Police a full scale battle in the streets.
    Or on other occasions other Football Hooligans over the years throughtout Europe.

    But allowing the creation of No Go Zones and parallel Societies IS a recipe for desaster for any Country.
    Just look at South Africa how that has worked out for them.
    Corrupt Police, Bureaucrats and Politicians combined with rampant Crime, Rapes, Murder and Vigilantism – especially in the Townships.
    That’s the fate of Europe for some time to come until the Invaders have wiped out the last vestige of White Europeans or the Europeans grew a spine and wiped out the Invaders instead.

  2. I remember „ friendly“ soccer encounters with sunday morning turf meetings with teams from Yougoslavia in the seventies, maybe they were muslim Bosnians. Why do I think so in retrospect?
    When they played foul and you complained, they went to your throat! How could I have dared to question their chivalry?

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