Canada’s Tiananmen Square

A full-blown crackdown against the truckers and the protesters has begun in Ottawa. Police have cordoned off the area around Parliament Hill and are methodically tightening the perimeter, arresting people who don’t leave voluntarily and towing away the parked vehicles. The towing companies employed by the police have covered the logos on their trucks, and the drivers are wearing ski masks or other face coverings so they can’t be identified.

Gates of Vienna is not a breaking news blog, so I haven’t tried to keep up with minute-by-minute posting on what’s going on. Since he lives right there in Ottawa, Vlad Tepes is the best place to go for the latest information.

There were several live-stream reports running earlier today in Ottawa, but YouTube has been jamming or disabling them. I’m not sure what’s currently available. There was also a live feed on Twitter.

The two videos below are already out of date 24-48 hours after they were uploaded. They represent the calm before the storm, between when Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act and the beginning of the final crackdown.

The first video (on 3Speak, where it can’t be taken down) provides a street-level view of what the protest on Parliament Hill looked like two days ago. See if you can spot the racists, misogynists, homophobes, Nazis, Confederate sympathizers, and other types of deplorable people holding unacceptable views.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

The second video is a Fox News report featuring an interview the owner of a gelato café in Ottawa who was doxxed after contributing money through GiveSendGo to the truckers. She had to close her business temporarily due to threats of violence:

I don’t know how the situation will shake out in the long term, but my intuition tells me that Baby Doc’s political career will be drawing to a close fairly soon.

His declaration of war against the truckers will have downstream economic and social effects that are hard to predict. The removal of a significant number of rigs from service will further damage an already degraded supply chain. And what will happen if thousands of children are taken away from their dissident parents, as the regime has threatened to do?

Another interesting possible consequence is a run on the banks. The day before yesterday five of the six major banks in Canada went offline for a number of hours, preventing customers from accessing their accounts via ATM or online banking. There is some speculation that the banks were forced to shut down due to huge numbers of withdrawals by citizens attempting to rescue their money before their accounts were frozen, as ordered by the regime. It’s not yet clear how much of a ripple effect this has had on the international banking system.

19 thoughts on “Canada’s Tiananmen Square

  1. If you have skills, productive habits, or dreams of innovation, it is time to leave Canada.

    Bad Luck ala Robert A. Heinlein just hit Canada. Without any resistance.

    • Canadians aren’t going to reclaim their country by retreating and leaving the way clear for someone like Trudeau to re-fill it with imports from the Third World…. they’ll reclaim it by standing their ground and standing up for what they know is right.

    • The Canucks tried the peaceful route and ole Trudope went full on commie and is suppressing it with violence and taking peoples livelihoods from them, now the violent response comes, winter is here.

  2. A logical reaction to Baby Doc’s crackdown would be truckers refusing to deliver any loads to Ottawa. That would have a far greater effect than blocking the downtown and honking. Since peaceful methods don’t seem to be getting the attention of the virtual class, a constriction on meatspace is needed to focus their attentions.

    • Yeah, wrap the “supply chain” around the Baby Duck and then haul him off back to the roost where he waddled out from.

    • How would you justify this to the people who can’t, say, get their prescription drugs (which I believe has already happened as they couldn’t get to the pharmacy)?

      • Well the people should not have let it get to the point it is, if they vote communist, this is what you get.

  3. Trudeau is a Fop. He doesn’t have anything resembling the intestinal fortitude to go this far. Like Biden he was put in place to deliver a particular performance. How much he screwed up or screwed around before show time was irrelevant as long as he could deliver on demand. He fears something much worse than merely being voted out: someone much more powerful than mere voters. Who or what does he fear that would put this much steel in his spine? Who really holds the whip?

    One thing’s for certain, between the Ottawa/Ontario constabulary, the Capitol/DC PD, the RCMP, and the FBI/ATF lots of folks are having their illusions shattered about what LE will do when orders come down for confiscation, roundup, curbside justice, intimidation, and ‘fill in the blank’. Neither the NKVD nor the Gestapo ever wanted for recruits. Statements of, “They’d never do that to their own neighbors/kin,” are becoming ever more faint and much less declarative. It’s always done in the name of Public Safety and Political Stability, and it’s always legit. Just ask Liz Cheney.

    • Trudeau hasn’t the imagination to be more than a glorified bagman, like Biden has been throughout his entire public life.
      Not to put too fine a point on it, there is a good possibility that whom ever is really in control could give a fig about a general strike or any other counter move by The People. Could be to “burn it all down” is their intention.

      • Soros has spent millions on Canadian politicians and ole Schwaub is Trudope’s hero. If the Canadians burn it down, the Provinces go independent or join the US.

  4. @ Baron

    Re: “I don’t know how the situation will shake out in the long term, but my intuition tells me that Baby Doc’s political career will be drawing to a close fairly soon.”

    The parallels aren’t precise, but consider the fate of former Democrat rising star Andrew Cuomo, who was governor of New York until 2021. Powerful guy, right? Connected, wealthy, influential, even a celebrity… but as soon as he became a political liability to his bosses, he was run out of town so fast it probably made his head spin.

    That’s what happens when the hired help brings unwanted heat and attention upon his bosses, the billionaire oligarchs and other big king-makers. Make life easy for them, they’ll make it easy for you – but if you make life difficult or even inconvenient for them, they’ll turn on you with the sudden rapacity of hungry sharks. Cuomo got off easy in simply losing his job and maybe facing some criminal or other charges; look what happened to Jeffrey Epstein?

    All of this comes to mind when looking at the situation in Canada and the likely fate of Justin Trudeau. Will he step down because of the pressure being brought to bear by ordinary Canadians, or will it be because he got his bosses – his real bosses – upset and unhappy with him?

    What about the possibility that the oligarchs will attempt to stiffen his spine in some manner, perhaps by encouraging the prime minister to invite communist Chinese forces onto Canadian soil … for “humanitarian relief” or some such, of course! It’s not impossible, you know: Trudeau’s government already has pre-existing ties with the PLAN, People’s Liberation Army-Navy, which is what the PRC call their armed forces.
    If not them, then the United Nations. That’s another fever-dream of the communists, guys like Trudeau.

    Forcing the embattled prime minister to step down or otherwise be removed, may indeed be cause for cheers … but there is a darker possibility: That Trudeau will be removed in favor of someone stronger and more-ruthless, and willing to up the ante. Sometimes, better the devil you know, as the saying goes. The difficulty lies in knowing whether or not this is one of those times.

    I do not enjoy being pessimistic – I prefer the term “realistic” – but the globalists are not the kind of people who back down easily, if at all. Many of them are billionaires many times over, and are used to giving orders and running things as they choose – and not deferring to the wishes of others. They may lose a battle, but they’ll be back – and it is likely to be a long hard struggle.

  5. We are all caught in a process of transition from democracy to a new and improved totalitarianism. Not just Canada.

  6. Let’s see: parliament delays a vote on the emergencies act to implement it during a 3 day debate. Parliament cancels 1st day of debate because actual implementation of emergencies act creates a “dangerous situation” for members of parliament who are to debate whether or not it should be implemented. This is the same dishonest politics and democracy I have seen in alberta, all provinces and at municipal levels… This is global corporate imperialistic agenda being implemented…

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