Bavarian Culture-Enrichers Are Skeptical of the Vax

Good Germans respond to government initiatives, and eagerly roll up their sleeves to be “vaccinated” with the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. But “New Germans”, especially those of the Islamic persuasion, are not so readily induced to get the jab.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Bavarian public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk:

Miltenberg: Few visitors at Arabic vaccination day

The Miltenberg vaccination center invited people to an Arabic vaccination day on Saturday. Arabic-speaking people could come by for advice in their mother tongue and then be vaccinated. But the response wasn’t very high.

An empty parking lot in front of the Miltenberg vaccination center; the vaccination booths often remained unoccupied. After almost four hours, the organizers could count the number of people willing to be vaccinated on two hands.

The vaccine doctor Alhasan Al-Shammari was also very disappointed with BR24 by the low response to the Arabic vaccination day: “I’m very sorry, because I’m here, I’m doing my best, but you can’t influence everything.” An exact number of visitors should enable an evaluation in the next few days, according to the head of the vaccination center Björn Bartels to BR.

Interested parties were informed too late about vaccination day

The vaccination campaign was launched a good week ago — probably too quickly: the message most likely did not reach the Arabic-speaking people in time, at least according to the vaccinator. Attempts were made to reach people via radio, newspapers and social media, but only very few had apparently noticed this offer; that was his impression.

The Miltenberg district office put a lot of heart and soul into the Arabic vaccination day. For example, the vaccination information forms were translated into Arabic. However, they were hardly used because of the lack of interested people and people willing to be vaccinated.

The head of the Miltenberg vaccination center, Björn Bartels, is also disappointed by the lack of visitors. In any case, finding supporters for a short-term vaccination project is not the problem, he explained to BR24: “The commitment is still really high a whole year after the start of the vaccination campaign. There are always new applicants from very different directions, both in the medical as well as non-medical area, who still say: If there is a need — we are there, we will help, call us, we are there.”

The district office of Miltenberg is not discouraged

Despite the initial difficulties, the Miltenberg district office is considering a new edition of the Arabic vaccination day. It is simply very important to inform people in their mother tongue, stresses the vaccinator Alhasan Al-Shammari. That would assuage their insecurities.

Miltenberg’s District Administrator Jens Marco Scherf is not discouraged either. He would like to achieve an even better vaccination rate for the district, and is already working on new ideas: “The vaccination rate in the Miltenberg district is currently 75 percent, and we are now considering how we can achieve 80 percent. We have special campaigns, such as children’s vaccination days. We then have paediatricians in consultation. We also have the idea of a vaccination taxi. We make a specific offer for those who are not mobile. We transport them to the doctor or vaccination center so they can get vaccinated.”

8 thoughts on “Bavarian Culture-Enrichers Are Skeptical of the Vax

  1. So, nowadays Arabs have more common sense than Germans? I no longer have any doubts that they will soon replace Germans. And I can’t help feeling a bit of Schadenfreude.

    • Sad that the intelligence level of Germans has fallen to the point that arabic speakers surpass them.

      What is a worse pity is that they couldn’t have committed mass suicide prior to inundating Europe with hordes of arabic and african orcs. Three times in one hundred years that the German people have been the bane of Europe and western civilization.

      • If you want to know how stupid some Germans are, go to

        there you can see some leftwing loonies singing a children song
        (translated into english)
        dont you think
        Let get yourself jabbed
        let get yourself finally jabbed
        Pieks Pieks Pieks
        (the word Pieks is a childish way of saying that the syringe penetrated your skin)

        When I saw this I knew Germany is doomed.
        I am desperately looking for the red button that will engulf all of Germany in nuclear fire.
        Better dead than this stupid.

      • It’s not about intelligence, it’s about compliance.

        The Germans had run for a collective suicide on the Eastern Front once, so why not second time?

        The German propensity to follow government propaganda is a common theme in Czech jokes…

        • “There is no more good-natured, but also no more gullible people than the Germans. No lie can be conceived treacherous enough, the Germans believe it. They follow a slogan which was given to them, to act against their own countrymen, rather than the real enemies of their country.”
          >Napoleon Bonaparte<

          Summs it up nicely.

          • yes – it is a double edged sword, source of great strength when they are governed well, but also a source of terrible weakness when their leaders betray them, imho

  2. Miltenberg is hundreds of kilometers from where I live, but they could have skipped advertising in the local newspapers if the folks who do not read ours are typical. I let my subscription lapse over five years ago and have been reading the copy hung in the front windows of the editorial offices. In that time, many thousands of “southerners” have walked past, as I have been reading, and I have not seen a single one who has even glanced at the news, let alone learned it.

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