Wolfgang Wodarg: “There Are Criminals At Work”

Last Thursday I posted a translated article about the varying toxicity of different batches of the mRNA treatments intended to mitigate the effects of the Wuhan Coronavirus. The differences are significant, and so clearly linked to the batch numbers that they cannot possibly be random. Some of the batches were deliberately made more toxic than others, for reasons that are not yet known.

The article was based on remarks made in a video by the German physician Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, addressed to the “walkers” who take to the streets of German cities on Mondays to protest the country’s vax policies. Dr. Wodarg has been deplatformed by various video services, but this clip was captured, subtitled, and uploaded to 3Speak.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   Hallo, dear walkers [demonstrators].
00:09   I am happy to be able to speak to you here.
00:13   I have
00:17   been thinking a lot lately and have
00:21   learned a lot of new things,
00:25   and after having dealt with viruses for many years.
00:29   I don’t really feel like dealing with this topic any more,
00:33   because there is nothing new about viruses.
00:37   There is something new in biotechnology. And biotechnology
00:41   is taking a tremendous upswing, because
00:45   it has pandered to those who want to change the world,
00:49   who want to expand their interests,
00:53   expand their power. They used to do it
00:57   with wars. Today it is difficult with wars:
01:01   whoever starts a war today must expect to become a victim himself.
01:05   Today they use other means
01:09   to make people afraid, and biotechnology
01:13   is very suitable for that. It makes very small things that you can only see with
01:17   special equipment, and you can believe in them or not,
01:21   and the effects of biotechnological interventions
01:25   are sometimes very delayed.
01:29   What is being conjured up for us with help of this PCR test,
01:33   this so-called pandemic, is in stark contrast
01:37   to what most people are experiencing.
01:41   They are experiencing — this winter also — a flu,
01:45   and it has infected a whole lot of people.
01:49   Some are dying from it again, but what is new this year
01:53   and this winter, is that, after a year
01:57   of these genetic-technical, bio-technological applications,
02:01   which are now being forced on billions of people,
02:05   the so-called “vaccinations” which are really genetic-technical interventions,
02:09   do have consequences. And…
02:13   at first it was quite unclear what the consequences were.
02:17   It did not always happen. There were some people who had very
02:21   serious side effects; others didn’t notice anything,
02:25   except at the injection site.
02:29   And there was a series of them where in an old people’s home
02:33   many of those people who had received the injection
02:37   died suddenly shortly afterwards. There are these many athletes, these young
02:41   muscular men, who got the injection into their muscles
02:45   and then suffered from myocarditis or heart failure.
02:49   But not everybody got that, so there were a lot
02:53   of different phenomena that we saw.
02:57   Now some light is shining into this darkness: After some
03:01   very very smart scientists analysed the data on side effects
03:05   at VAERS in the US,
03:09   they found that only a very few batches
03:13   are causing these serious side effects. Most batches
03:17   have hardly any side effects, no more side effects than other
03:21   known vaccines. But a few batches are very dangerous.
03:25   Some have been found to carry 3,000 times the risk of
03:29   of normal vaccinations. Others 1,000-fold, 2,000-fold.
03:33   And many hundreds, even thousands of people
03:37   have died as a result. That means
03:41   it should, in fact, never have happened, because the syringes that are sold
03:45   must contain the same ingredients,
03:49   and it cannot happen that a so-called vaccine
03:53   sometimes contains something dangerous and sometimes not.
03:57   We are now experiencing a completely
04:01   new technology that is supposed
04:05   to immunise us, but it does not do this,
04:09   because these injections into the muscles do not prevent us from continuing
04:13   to be infected with viruses nor from passing them on. The coronaviruses,
04:17   and also the Omicron variant, which is one of many
04:21   that are still to follow, are also passed on
04:25   and we become infected with them. But that is not
04:29   what ultimately makes us so ill, but what makes us ill,
04:33   what makes many people ill, are the side effects of these injections.
04:37   These are the thromboses that are caused by the spike proteins,
04:41   but these are also inflammations; it is immune weaknesses
04:45   that arise, these are all effects that are partly
04:49   caused by the… er…
04:53   the proteins
04:57   that are then formed in the body,
05:01   and that the immune system is then also redirected in the body.
05:05   So that the immune system is not
05:09   confronted with virus fragments where it usually happens, namely in the
05:13   Mouth and throat, but instead somewhere in the body. This irritates
05:17   the immune system, which confuses it, and this leads to many reactions.
05:21   In addition, the spike proteins, as we now know, can penetrate
05:25   into the nucleus of our immune cells and can lead to severe disturbances there
05:29   and to an immune deficiency. This too
05:33   is being observed more and more, but strangely this is not the case everywhere,
05:37   otherwise millions of people would have died already and millions of people would be ill by now.
05:41   We don’t know if millions of people might become ill later,
05:45   due to late effects, but what can be observed in the database
05:49   is that with some batches a lot of people get sick.
05:53   But this means that the pharmaceutical companies do not always
05:57   put the same thing in the syringes, and that must not be.
06:01   We actually have control authorities that make sure that there is a standard
06:05   that what is written on it is also in it. They do not do that.
06:09   And in my opinion this can be explained by the fact
06:13   that we now have the so-called telescoped procedure. We allegedly
06:17   have a pandemic, and a lot of things are allowed that are never allowed normally.
06:21   Normally there are phases where vaccines are tried out: Phase 1, 2, 3
06:25   and then the approval comes, and then there is an observational study in phase 4
06:29   afterwards. Actually we are in phase 4, where all the other stages should have been done,
06:33   but we know that many of these “vaccines”
06:37   are not really tested on animals, and many things have not been ruled out.
06:41   There have also only been trials with healthy people,
06:45   but now, these “vaccines” are recommended for sick people, and even for pregnant women,
06:49   which means that a lot is unknown here,
06:53   and a lot is being tried out here. This is of course a huge opportunity.
06:57   There are now 128 different vaccine manufacturers, conducting
07:01   clinical trials, some of them even with viruses that reproduce themselves,
07:05   i.e. self-replicating vaccines. That would
07:09   never have been allowed in the past. And the head of Bayer himself
07:13   said at the Global Health Summit in Berlin that it is astonishing
07:17   what people now put up with. Two years ago
07:21   nobody would have put up with what is being injected into them now.
07:25   The industry is thrilled. They have many patents, they can now try out
07:29   Everything, and nobody notices. The Ethics Commission is waving everything through.
07:33   We are in a pandemic and now many are already looking forward to
07:37   the new vaccines, the supposedly better vaccines, but they are also
07:41   trying out something that was not there before.
07:45   And they don’t know how to try it out. We have the
07:49   dose shrinkage studies, where the
07:53   vaccines are given in a weaker or stronger dose, and we have now seen
07:57   something like this, for example BioNTech has done this
08:01   with millions of people in the USA. They had syringes, batches
08:05   which had 3,000 times the lethality, 3000 times the toxic effect;
08:09   others then had 2,500.
08:13   Then they had one with 2,000 times the toxic effect,
08:17   then 1,500, 1,000 and 500, that is, they divided it up neatly
08:21   and that in Phase 4, which is usually done
08:25   with a few people only in Phase 2. And now
08:29   it is just being done without anyone noticing.
08:33   But dear doctors, you are going along with it! You give these injections.
08:37   You turn your patients into guinea pigs.
08:41   Did you know that something is being tested here? You can read about it;
08:45   it is published in the VAERS data.
08:49   I have also given the sources and presented it on my homepage.
08:53   It is a crime,
08:57   what is happening now. This is human experimentation that is being done,
09:01   and people are not consenting to it, they are being coerced into it.
09:05   It is a very bad thing to turn dependent people into guinea pigs.
09:09   This has happened before, in Germany, and it led
09:13   to the Nuremberg Trials. And those people who did it were sentenced.
09:17   What is happening there is not accidental.
09:21   What is happening there are experiments that are done deliberately,
09:25   on purpose. It is people’s fear, and the so-called
09:29   emergency situation, and the stupidity of politicians who allow this to happen,
09:33   and the corruption of the institutions that are supposed
09:37   to protect us from this, that are being exploited to expose us
09:41   to these experiments. Biotechnology
09:45   has insane possibilities, it can try out everything
09:49   that they have wanted to try out for a long time, now during the “pandemic”.
09:53   But the politicians
09:57   who are supposed to protect us, they obviously don’t understand,
10:01   or they participate, are corrupt. I can very well imagine
10:05   that some of them understand very well, and who are then particularly loud
10:09   and tell us: yes it has to be done, it has to be done!
10:13   And they have particularly good connections to the industry.
10:17   I am appalled by this criminal energy
10:21   that we are witnessing, especially
10:25   that the doctors simply accept it and participate in it.
10:29   I am glad that there is now a database
10:33   where you can look it up: “How bad is my batch”.
10:37   that’s the title if you google it, “How bad is my batch”; you can see
10:41   which of these batches were very dangerous, and which ones were
10:45   less dangerous here. Of course the future batches may not be in there yet,
10:49   but IF you have to have an injection, or want one, or are forced to have an injection
10:53   and then want to do it after all, then ask your doctor, if he knows which batch this is.
10:57   If it is one of the dangerous ones, or if it is a less dangerous one
11:01   that only contains table salt or… yes… which contains nothing harmful.
11:05   Ask your doctor; don’t let him give you just any injection.
11:09   Every doctor should know which batches are supplied to him, and be sure
11:13   that they have been checked for what is in them.
11:17   We now know that not all of them contain the same ingredients, and that is forbidden.
11:21   We know that it is done anyway.
11:25   We are coerced into taking these injections. And that is why
11:29   you should ask. Dear doctors, ask what you have been given.
11:33   Dear pharmacist, ask, “What did they deliver to me? How can I
11:37   be sure what is in it?” And dear patients,
11:41   say NO! Say NO to the syringe if you are not sure
11:45   that it contains what it says,
11:49   but even then: say NO.
11:53   Because you still
11:57   cannot be sure; there are criminals at work.
12:01   You do not have to hand yourself over to these criminals. I very much hope
12:05   that our justice system will get back on track. They could, of course, immediately
12:09   go to BioNTech, confiscate the computers, immediately
12:13   look into what is happening there, immediately look at their books, into the computers, everywhere,
12:17   see what has been done there.
12:21   They would rather go to doctors who try to protect the patients from these injections,
12:25   than to go to these criminals.
12:29   We live in a terrible world.
12:33   And the people who are responsible for all this,
12:37   who have planned this for a long time, who abuse the biotechnologists
12:41   and the virologists and the pharmacologists
12:45   to keep our fear alive.
12:49   Because the people who are dying now, in the hospitals, supposedly with
12:53   Corona, most of them are dying
12:57   from the effects of the injections. And when they say that people lying in the hospitals
13:01   are all unvaccinated…you know, the “unvaccinated” are also the people who
13:05   have had their “vaccination” injection within the last 14 days,
13:09   and they are not yet counted
13:13   as vaccinated. But it is precisely in these first 14 days
13:17   that the acute and severe side effects occur, that is, many people
13:21   are getting sick here, rendered ill by these injections, and they count as “unvaccinated”,
13:25   which is of course totally wrong, and which is
13:29   a deliberate blind flight that is being organised epidemiologically there.
13:33   It is unbelievable what we are
13:37   being subjected to, and I find it wonderful that you are taking to the streets.
13:41   I think it is wonderful that you are fighting back and that you are not
13:45   allowing yourselves to become victims of a criminal agenda.
13:49   I thank you so much for getting involved,
13:53   and I wish you all the best on your “promenades”, lots of health
13:57   and much delight in each other. You do not need
14:01   to be afraid of each other, nor do the “vaccinated” need to be afraid
14:05   who have survived this. I hope and wish that there will be no long-term effects
14:09   for those to whom nothing bad has happened yet.
14:13   Let us band together, vaccinated and unvaccinated, and let us hunt these criminals
14:17   out of the house, so that we can, once again,
14:21   agree and argue with each other democratically, according to our Basic Law,
14:25   in lawful living conditions, as we are used to.
14:29   Remain courageous,
14:33   stay engaged, stay together,
14:37   see you next time.
14:41   Wiedersehen, your Wolfgang Wodarg.

8 thoughts on “Wolfgang Wodarg: “There Are Criminals At Work”

  1. Wonderful analysis from thus smart doctor what is really happening, pure evil pure evil , this man is telling absolutely truth and only truth ..

  2. Thank you, Oz-Rita, for the giant translation, and Vlad Tepes for the video work. We greatly benefit from your contribution.

    • Don’t kid yourself Bar, the bloody commies did far worse than anyone in the Reich, and to this day, all parties use that German research to this day. So to think the allies were pure as the driven snow is bunk. Hell look how the bloody Czecks shot hundreds of thousands of German civilians on their own lands.

      • Well – like you say, all parties use “german research” to this day… I am sure they are researching a lot of terific stuff with the vaccines today as well.

        And as far as the Communists and Nazis go, I don’t see any difference between National, and International socialism. They are all same to me. Although – some difference is there, when it comes to Czechoslovakia;

        The Nazis killed c. 360,000 Czechoslovaks.
        The Communists killed c. 7,000 Czechoslovaks.
        The Czechs killed c. 30,000 Germans after the war, which is about 10x less then the number of Czechoslovaks killed?

        I say this only because you mentioned it. I don’t understand anyone worshiping the Third Reich like it was something good. I feel sorry for the millions of Germans who fell for the lie and died on the Eastern front – and for what? For the Glory of the Reich?

        Sorry, but I am not a fan of neither the Nazis, nor the Communists.




        • Sorry mate, but you Czech’s killed over 150,000 Germans after the war, these are just conservative numbers. I am not a fan of naxi’s, I just like to point out things to be accurate. I will say this though, we will get nationalist’s like Franco or Pinochet quite soon as soon as things go south. The communist’s wiped out the German populations of East Prussia and German Silesia. Oh by the way, your numbers are reversed where communists killed over 360,00 and the Germans killed 7,000, thought I would fix that for ya.

          • where do you get your sources for your figures? 150,000 germans killed by the Czechs? Where, when, how?

            Unlike the Czechs, who tried some payback after the war, the Nazis killed Czechoslovaks from 1938-1945 on daily basis. Names of the “executed Czechoslovaks” were told on the radio every day, and it was during a war. 360,000 Czechoslovaks killed by the Nazis under Nazi occupation is a fair number, well researched.

            Your numbers, however, don’t add up, and I think you believe lies.

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