Three Cultural Enrichment Tales From Germany

Below are three articles that highlight the latest mischievous high jinks of exuberant young culture-enrichers in Germany, all translated by Hellequin GB.

The first article reports on the German government’s imminent release from prison of more than thirty Islamic terrorists.

From Die Welt:

More than thirty Islamists are about to be released in Germany

In the coming months, an exceptionally high number of criminals who are being held in German prisons for crimes related to Islamist-motivated terrorism will be released. This worries the security authorities.

German authorities are preparing for the release of more than thirty Islamists this year. Specifically, the Federal Ministry of Justice has knowledge of “fifteen to twenty people” who are currently in German prisons for acts in the area of Islamist-motivated terrorism and are expected to be released in 2022. This was announced by a spokeswoman at the request of Welt am Sonntag.

In addition, there are eighteen other people from the “phenomenon of Islamism or suspicion” who are currently under special surveillance by the law enforcement authorities and are also to be released this year. The release of extremists is often a concern for security authorities. Some inmates have become further radicalized behind bars — and strike shortly after the end of their incarceration.

The Ministry of Justice does not yet have an overview of right-wing and left-wing extremists who are about to be released. In the past few years, only the numbers of affected Islamists behind bars have been statistically recorded, the spokeswoman said. However, an expanded questionnaire on the numbers from right-wing and left-wing extremism was sent to the federal states in November 2021. Results should be available soon.

Afterword from the translator:

Thirty detention cells will soon be free, which creates space for vaccine refusers who do not want to or cannot pay the fines imposed should vaccination become compulsory. After all, these people are the real ENEMIES of the state.

And the lovely German interior minister, Nancy Faeser, is meticulously focused on the country’s greatest threat — right-wing extremism, which must be fought on all fronts and at all costs. A home secretary can’t take care of all extremist groups equally. You have to set a priority, and that’s what she seems to be busy with, considering the first few weeks of her tenure.

The second article describes horrific knife attacks by a man impersonating a postman. We know he’s a culture-enricher, because he spoke broken German, although he was said to look like an “Eastern European”. That description does not preclude the possibility that he was a Kosovar or a Chechen, however. And not all Maghrebians look “Southern”, so jihad cannot be ruled out.

From Hamburger Morgenpost:

Disguised as a postman: man brutally stabs seniors

With unbelievable brutality, a knifeman seriously injured two elderly people in the northwest of Rostock on Sunday afternoon. First of all, a 65-year-old woman was ambushed in a middle-class housing estate in the Evershagen district in the afternoon and then dealt several stab wounds and cuts to the neck and massive blows to the face. A little later, the perpetrator attacked a 70-year-old man in an apartment building just a few streets away.

At around 2:30 p.m., a 65-year-old woman wanted to leave her family home on Kranichweg to get a newspaper from the mailbox. Suddenly, as she was able to tell the investigators later, the man in a parcel delivery uniform stood in front of her, brutally pushed her back into the house and then stabbed her several times with a knife. He also repeatedly punched the woman in the face, knocking out several of her teeth. The victim collapsed, covered in blood, and the man apparently left the house immediately.

The two victims required emergency surgery

While the emergency services and the police were still taking care of the seriously injured victim at the first crime scene, a second emergency call came in from the immediate vicinity: a man covered in blood is reported in the stairwell of an apartment building on Ehm-Welk-Strasse.

As it turns out, a little later the same perpetrator apparently attacked the 70-year-old man there and also left him with stab wounds. The senior suffered a large gaping wound on the right side of his neck. He was also seriously injured and was taken to a Rostock hospital by the ambulance service.

The police have not yet been able to say what condition the two victims are in after the emergency operations that have been initiated. Investigators and forensic technicians secured extensive traces at the crime scenes. Witnesses and local residents were interviewed. At the same time, the police launched a massive manhunt for the perpetrator. A tracking dog was used, numerous patrol cars and civilian vehicles fight through the entire district. So far, however, there is apparently no trace of the brutal perpetrator. He is described as a 35 to 40 year old man of Eastern European appearance. He is said to have spoken only broken German.

Afterword from the translator:

Could it be that I’m missing some significant information here? Did he then rob those he attacked, or did he simply stab them out of murderous lust? If it is the latter, which is what I have come to believe because of the omission of theft, then this was a typical Islamic terror attack. Stabbing in the neck gives that impression.

But what do I know? I only read Islamic scripture.

The final article concerns the gang rape of a teenage girl by eight “youths”. Ethnicity is not mentioned, but gang rape is almost unheard of among native German men. It is, however, the favored pastime of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.

From TAG24:

Rape: Group of Young People Are Said to Have Attacked 16-Year-Olds and Violated Them

Pirna — Terrible crime in Saxony: A group of young people is said to have attacked and raped a 16-year-old girl!

According to a report by the Dresden police headquarters, the whole thing happened yesterday evening at 8:30 p.m. in Pirna [district of Saxon Switzerland-Osterzgebirge, in Germany]. The 16-year-old had just left a shop on Robert-Koch-Strasse when she was suddenly “surrounded by several attackers and dragged into an open space nearby,” according to the police. A total of eight young people are said to have been involved in the crime. They held the girl down and stripped off some of her clothing.

At least one of the young men then tried to “enter” the victim, the report said. A short time later, the group fled the scene, leaving the 16-year-old behind. The alleged perpetrators are all unknown, but they were dressed in dark clothes and wore black masks. The criminal police are now investigating the case and are asking witnesses for information about the terrible act.

Anyone who has seen anything or knows the perpetrators should please call the Dresden police department at 0351/48 32233.

Afterword from the translator:

Again, just a “single case”. But the perpetrators at least wore masks as required.

The muzzles have proven to be extremely practical for criminals of all kinds. The risk of being recognized and found has been significantly reduced. In normal times, if a person wearing a mask entered a bank, the alarm was activated immediately and the police arrived. In these times, does a person dare to enter the interior of a bank without a mask?

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